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How To Help Your Favourite Artists Through the Coronavirus Crysis

The Coronavirus pandemic is now responsible for the cancellation of Sziget, among a lot of other major festivals. Artists will be some of the most affected people in this situation. However, here are a few suggestions if you want to help them.

Artists’ main revenue source in 2020 is touring. Therefore, with the pandemic in full swing and tours and festivals cancelled, that revenue takes a major hit and some of them will seriously struggle to make ends meet for the foreseeable future.

Provided you have some income you can spare, there are ways you can help them. Here are a few of these.

Keep the tickets

Got tickets already booked for a show or a festival and the options are to get them refunded or keep them for the rescheduled date? If the latter option is available, keep them. It will make a huge difference.

The same goes for festivals that are rescheduled for next year (like Sziget is). This is a huge financial burden on organisers. If you want to make sure that they stay in business and the festival goes ahead next year, hold on to the tickets (provided you can afford to do so).

Buy merchandise / vinyl / CDS

This is a great time to buy an artist’s latest album on CD or vinyl or to get that t-shirt you’ve been meaning to get.

You can get almost any possible album, in all available formats, on Amazon.

Artists’ websites that have webstores will offer special editions in some cases and the artist will get a bigger margin. If that option is available, even better.

Stream and promote!

Even if you can’t afford to do any of that, you’re certainly listening to their music on a streaming service or on YouTube. Play their music as much as possible and share what you like with your friends.

Streaming revenue is very little, but it’s still better than nothing and, who knows, maybe the friend you are sending that song to ends up buying some merchandise or a ticket for that rescheduled show.

Buy tickets / donate for streaming performances

Lots of artists have been doing streaming performances from their homes during this time. A lot of them also offer the option to buy a virtual ticket or to donate when doing so. You know what to do do, if you can afford it.

Stay safe!

Last but not least, stay safe, don’t travel unless you need to and wash your hands as much as possible. You’re not helping your favourite artists if something happens to you and you can’t get to their gigs in the future!

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