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How was Sziget 2013 for you?

Another year, another Sziget Festival has passed, with band we liked more or less in the lineup, but, as always, with tons of fun.

And if you weren’t there, you could always get in on the action through live streams.

Since some of you have already started sending in their thoughts, we thought we’d do a special post, where you can leave comments telling everyone about the way you experienced Sziget 2013.

9 thoughts on “How was Sziget 2013 for you?

  1. I have had a great time ! Seen some nice bands and every day was a big party. See you next year (and i hope they have more rock acts).

  2. Sziget was a BANGER this year, altough the line up wasn’t that good like other year i went, every show I saw was from such a high quality! The decorations on the Island were awesome, and they pulled it of again. Even Guetta suprised me with an unexpected great set! See you definitely next year!!!

  3. Epic, my fav sets were Skunk anansie, nick cave, blur, woodkid, bats for lashes, franz Ferdinand, mystery jets, regina spektor and empire of the sun, All like headline concerts.

    Loved some of the new setup. Sziget feels more and more like your a VIP each year. you don’t queue for anything, beer is cheap, place had a really nice chilled vibe. Loved the new beach, and new look for world music stage.

    will be back for my sziget number 5 next year

  4. my 7th sziget. was awesome as always. lineup contained a lot of my fav names. so i had amazing concerts and time to chill and go around with friends. atmosphere with all lights – wonderland. my personal music highlights:
    1st day: alex clare, skunk anansie, chase&status (good party, don’t like music), TEED
    2nd day: dizzee rascal, nero (good party, don’t like music)
    3rd day: !!!, little boots, woodkid
    4th day: editors, mika
    5th day: empire of the sun, tame impala

  5. Funny… where did all the line up haters go?? Did they go to the festival and have such an amazing time they are embarrassed to start commenting again?? Haha… My first time to Sziget this year and WOW i was blown away. The decorations, layout/set up, ticket/passport specifics were abs brilliant – best organised festival I have been to easily. I’ll add that I managed to lose my voice for a full week after the festival from all the singing along and screaming at the AWESOME lasers, fireworks, smoke, ribbons, coloured flour and fire stage stuff. OMFG some seriously great memories for life <3

  6. This year was probably my last, it was fun but not near as fun as previous years. The only thing that can happen is that Sziget puts up such a good line up next year then i’ll consider it

  7. It was my 4th Sziget in a row


    . lights and atmosphere in the island
    . sziget beach: amazing chill spot
    . electro line up: quality & diversity
    . music in the bars: less electro than last year and more rock music
    . animations like the color party or balloons
    . hello wood + colosseum : 2 amazing venues for partying
    . amazing & unexpected moments: hungarian dance lessons, big party at roma tent

    . main stage line up (4 slots + relatively poor artists)
    . some acts should have been on the mainstage: floging molly, chase & status, parov stelar

    My highlights: Flogging Molly, Blur, Woodkid, Empire Of The Sun, Calexico, Leningrad, Franz Ferdinand

  8. I went as well to Reading festival where you don’t have to complain about the line up.

    And the experience was extremely poor compared to Sziget.

    After Sziget experience, every festival seems weak, whatever the line up is…

    It depends on what your are looking for at a festival… for me, I am looking for good concerts but as well surprises, discoveries, relax moments and unexpected events every night

    for the moment, and after exploring different countries for festivals (UK, France, Deutschland,..), Sziget is the best experience I have ever had and that why I am coming back every year, whatever the line up is.

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