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Hudaki, Klezmofobia self-confirmed for Sziget 2010

A few more interesting acts have confirmed their presence at this year’s Sziget Festival via their websites or MySpace pages.

First, there’s Hudaki, from Nizhne Selyshe, Ukraine. Their presence is confirmed on their official website and you can check out their MySpace for a few songs. They play great traditional music, straight from the Carpathians!

Then, there’s Klezmofobia, a band that calls its music “New York Klezmer”. Their presence is confirmed on the Klezmofobia official website.

Also self confirmed on their MySpace pages are two Hungarian acts, Gyongyi Salla (for August 12) and Dalkloid Sound (August 13)

(thanks, chudo_pahan)

16 thoughts on “Hudaki, Klezmofobia self-confirmed for Sziget 2010

  1. Yes, they both would seem open at that time. Do you have more info or is this only based on current dates they have scheduled?

  2. Dont you think theres a chance for The Craberries as well? Theyre in Austria and Czech Republic in July…

  3. No more info unfortunately…..but they’re two bands that they had already played at Sziget the past years…..and usually the bands who have already played at the Sziget have a good chance to return when they are on tour in Europe

  4. They seem quite possible, so do Iron Maiden – they are also close and have some free dates at that time.

  5. The another “Sziget brother”: 🙂
    It’s the dance/electro one…

    Balaton Sound (Hungary, Zamárdi):
    2010. July 8-11.

    CHEMICAL BROTHERS. JAMIROQUAI, Paul Kalkbrenner, Paul van Dyk, Sven Väth.

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