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Igor Do’urden at Sziget 2014

Igor Do’urden is the latest name to self-confirm a presence at Sziget 2014.

The DJ has confirmed the date on his official Facebook page.

The quoted source mentions August 15 as the performance date.

In other news, the Sziget official website says that what’s been announced so far only represents 7.44% of the whole program. A meter has been put in place, which shows the percentage of the Sziget program already unveiled.

So there’s a whole lot to look forward to!

6 thoughts on “Igor Do’urden at Sziget 2014

  1. that 7% also includes art and activities right? How many bands can we expect? and will Sziget announce these self-confirmed bands in an announcement? 🙂

  2. Sziget Serbia says: Slede?e nedelje objavljujemo nova imena, a podsetimo se headlinera ovogodišnjeg Szigeta

    Google Translate: Next week we publish new names and recall the headliners of this year’s Sziget

  3. there are 40 band and djs already announced so far. if that is 7%, that means we can wait for another 500 bands to be announced..

    so yeah @Noeliam, we must suppose some other kind of activities are included in that percentage (otherwise, we would need three islands and two months of festival!).

  4. It’s confirmed on Sziget Official Facebook page! 😀

    We will be flooding you with news, programs and all sorts of interesting info on Monday! Stay tuned!

    I want prices for the tents XD

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