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Important news tomorrow!

UPDATE: A user on the Sziget page says Foo Fighters, Klaxons and Arctic Monkeys will be announced tomorrow. Hopefully, that’s not just wishful thinking…

It actually was wisful thinking, but who knows? 🙂

The official Sziget Festival Facebook page is announcing the fact that “New names for Sziget Festival 2011 line-up will be announced tomorrow!”. This should be the second big announcement, featuring, most certainly, lots of interesting names.

On the other hand, the official Sziget France Facebook page has announced the schedule for days -1 and 0. Day -1 – August 8 – will be the day of the “European Sziget contest” (with 30 groups in the competition), while Day 0 – August 9 – will be dedicated to Hungarian bands + some surprises on the Main Stage.

15 thoughts on “Important news tomorrow!

  1. Concerning the rumours on Amy Winehouse. I hope She wont be a headliner.. only on Day 0 if really necesarry.

  2. I have a feeling about Lostprophets 🙂

    Official Lostprophets facebook:
    Oh, hello. We’ve got a bit of news for you tomorrow. Hamarosan találkozunk!

  3. If she did come is she big enough to be a headliner? It would be a miracle if she even turned up?

  4. @Gabor: We had an information about Karoly Gerendai (the head of Sziget) saying that Foo Fighters will not come to Sziget. Where did you get the news?

  5. sorry my lovely sziget friends! i write him and now he write me back…..its just your wish

  6. Amy Winehouse would pretty probably be a headliner! But there is nothing to loose: If she’s reasonably sober we will get an amazing concert and if she is completely blind we will get lot’s of laughs! 😉

  7. But… if Dizzee is not a headliner, I dont think Amy will be. Hopefully, we will get some fantastic names today! 🙂

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