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Iron Maiden – Sziget 2010’s Saturday night act

Iron Maiden has posted the Sziget 2010 date on their official website.

According to the “Tour Dates” section on the Iron Maiden official site, they will play Sziget on August 14. This might be important news for people that only want to come to Sziget for the week-end.

That’s because they’ll be the main act for this Sziget’s Saturday night.

7 thoughts on “Iron Maiden – Sziget 2010’s Saturday night act

  1. This means that they will not play the day0, like last time in 2008 when it was way too crowded.
    Hopefully they will put some shitty metalband as well on an other stage, such that all the annoying metalheads will not destroy our fun at the main stage!

  2. And Muse will be the (mainstage) festival closer on the 15th!

    I guess the weekend will be hardcore crowded!

  3. for me the problem with Iron Maiden’s gig in 2008 was not a crowd, but the fact, that lots of people didn’t know it was moved at the earlier hour 🙁 or they knew? concert was on Tuesday, I’ve been in Budapest since Saturday, cause it’s one of my favourite cities, sleeping at the island, without access to net. what’s more, when I’ve heard Doctor Doctor, we were returning from the trip and my girlfriend demanded me to guide her to the tent, cause she won’t find it herself. i’ve missed first three songs because of that. but she’s not my girlfriend anymore. 😉

  4. iam in to metal but i love the fact i can see diffrent bands i made up that iron maiden are playin again and am sick of these music nazis moaning about metal music just enjoy it all !

  5. @brajt: cool story, but too bad for the first three songs… 🙂
    @alan: everybody wants their favorite act, but pleasing them all would be impossible, even with such a big festival. Even though I’m sure the organizers are doing their best.

  6. As long as it is on their official website, we tend to believe it’s still on…
    And the Hungarian site still lists them, so it must be some mistake, we hope.

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