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Korn, dEUS, LMFAO & more

UPDATE:  Festivalinfo also adds Ministry (but we knew about them for a while), Bebel Gilberto, Axwell and The Vaccines.

UPDATE: Sziget Italia says on Facebook that there was a problem and that the official announcement should follow shortly. They also say that some names have already surfaced via unofficial channels. Hopefully, there will be more.

Even if the announcement was postponed for another hour, has managed to get a hold of names to be announced.

And it’s quite interesting, if Sziget confirms it.

It starts with Korn, continues with dEUS (that we told you about a little while ago) and continues with LMFAO.

Then, Beatsteaks (which we already told you about), Two Door Cinema Club, Steve Aoki, as well as Caro Emerald.

Hopefully, the official announcement will have even more names.

10 thoughts on “Korn, dEUS, LMFAO & more

  1. Come on sziget! Give us names that matter! Vaccines is for me the only name that’s interresting in this list. I thougt it would be the best line up ever! But(besides Stone Roses)i don’t see this in the line up so far!!!

  2. Which names would be on Main Stage?
    Vaccines and Two Door Cineman Club?
    Or more?
    Korn will headline Rock/Metal stage I guess.

  3. Beatsteaks, dEUS and Caro Emerald could be Europestage headliner, mainstage acts or perform at A38/WAN2… Caro Emerald also World Music Stage.

    Korn = Metalstage
    Ministry = Metalstage or Mainstage
    Bebel Gilberto = WAN2 / Party Arena / World Music Stage
    LMFAO = Party Arena
    Steve Aoki = Party Arena
    The Vaccines = Mainstage or WAN2
    Two Door Cinema Club = Mainstage or WAN2
    Axwell = Party Arena

    But in the end, at Sziget everything is possible.

  4. I hope so that there will be new names soon.
    I already have tickets.
    But.. this is not worth going.
    I’ve already seen some of them…

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