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Kultur Shock live

There’s still no news about who the last act playing on the Main Stage on August 15th will be and whether there will be one.

Until we find out exactly who that will be, you can watch a video of a very interesting band playing Sziget Festival this year, Kultur Shock. The band will play Sziget on August 13th, at the A38 Stage, starting at 23:00 hours.

What about you? Who would you like as the last name on the Main Stage?


15 thoughts on “Kultur Shock live

  1. Santogold. Or something electro. Or indie. As long as it is a good band, and it wouldn’t hurt if it were a band that was recently hyped.

  2. Sigur Ros is pretty busy in that period, if you take a look at the tour section of his site. So that’s probably not gonna happen….

  3. serious lack of electronic acts; i would like to see something like simian mobile disco, mstrkrft, underworld, aphex twin,…
    i also wouldn’t be dissappointed with gogol bordello

  4. Fun Lovin’ Criminals or the Beatsteaks. Both bands have got nothin on the 15th and are in the area.

  5. I would love for Rage Against the Machine to be playing. They are the one band I really wanted to see this year. So disapointed that they weren’t anounced for sziget.

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