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Our reader ouaso makes an interesting comment, here on Szigetnews. He thinks that “If you are disappointed about the booked bands on this year’s sziget, just look at the sponsors… Warner is one of them and many of the labels artists are on Sziget… I think that’s a reason:-)”. What do you think? Could a label impose artists on the line-up of such a huge festival?

8 thoughts on “Label-influenced?

  1. I think the another reason for the line-up could be that another major festival is at the same weekend, the V festival in the UK, and practically all relevant festival bands of 2008 are going to be there… It’s just the case of unfortunate timing…

  2. label influenced ? – Yes. Every Major Festival is influenced from the labels.
    There are not only 2 warner acts – who said this ?
    Festivals are big plattforms.
    if you want a superstar from a label – you have to book many other no names from it.

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