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Libertines, The Good, The Bad & The Queen, Franz Ferdinand on Day 0

IMPORTANT: Sorry to says this, but seems to have been very wrong writing this and something got “lost in translation”. We just quoted them. We’ll keep this post just because we don’t want to lose your comments. The admin on the Italian Sziget forum also confirmed that this was a mistake by caboodle. (thanks Dkm).

You wanted some more important names on Day Zero, here they are. According to, quoting activist and part of the organising team Sam Duckworth, Franz Ferdinand, The Good, The Bad & The Queen and Franz Ferdinand will play on Day Zero, “Rock Against Racism” Day. These bands are added to Bloc Party, that were already confirmed for this year’s Sziget Festival.

Also playing will be quite a few Hungarian bands – Kispal es a Borz, Heaven Street Seven, Quimby and Bori Peterfy will be present. There will also be a “Hungarian Jazz against Racism”, concerts by star performers from Hungary’s jazz scene.

22 thoughts on “Libertines, The Good, The Bad & The Queen, Franz Ferdinand on Day 0

  1. Finally an announcement which can really make me happy, I have been wanting to see Franz Ferdinand for quite some time. Yeah!

  2. Why can’t I believe this.!?

    If I get it right Bloc Party will play two shows at this year’s Sziget festival?

    The Good, The Bad & The Queen will play a one-off show in Budapest, while they haven’t played a single other show this year and Albarn is busy with the Blur reunion.!?

    Franz Ferdinand aren’t touring at the time – but this could be okay…

    AND THE LIBERTINES??? It’s rumoured that they might reform one day, but does anyone believe in it?

    IF this billing is true than we will have an enourmous cool Day Zero!!!!


  3. the thing says franz ferdinand, good the bad and the queen and franz ferdinand, i suppose one of the franzes is libertines?

    woow libertines back together?:O if this is true it’s very awesome:P

    franz too by the way!

  4. This lineup would be great, but I jut can’t beleive it until they announce it on the official site. (I really hope they will)

    FF 2times in hungary one year, libertines reunion – quite unlikely

  5. after reading the source i’m a bit less optimistic…

    by stating bloc(k) party is coming too that day it just looks like the guy puts band with mixed races (bloc party, libs and good bad and queen all have one black member) together without even knowing that bloc party is already playing another day

    i guess the libs reuniting is just too much to hope for..
    but i still hope he’s right!


    fot the ones who speak hungarian

    short translation:
    They cannot say ANY foreign names for sure as they are jus tstarted negotiating with the bands.

    So where did these names came up?

    Sam Duckworth only said, that these bands (FF, the good the bad& teh queen, libertines) are the most ant-racist english bands. Thats all.

    I hope they will get them for day zero, but is just not correct, no bands are booked yet.

  7. The Good the bad and the queen really isnt gonna happen with blur reforming cos daman albarn will be way too busy.
    Libertines reunion? I would love it to happen at Sziget, but surely theyd play in the UK first? after all most of their songs are about Albion, so i think they would start there. They turned down a million to headline reading and leeds this year……. and pete doherty has just been arrested (again). So unlikely I think.
    Franz could be, but are playing The Volt Festival (anyone?) so will they come back?
    Bloc Party, well its a bit pointless them playing AGAIN at the same festival……….

  8. cant believe that news..the libertines arent back together-pete doherty is touring his solo album and blur have reformed meaning damon alburn isnt with them at the for franz ferdinand that could be true but dont get ur hopes up anyone…when are they gonna announce more dance names?

  9. They could have moved Bloc Party to Day Zero, seems like they’d make a good Rock Against Racism band…also if they’re in discussion about being moved then that could explain their absence on Bloc Party’s website because they were definitely there before.

    As for the others they all seem incredibly doubtful. Alas we can but hope.

  10. Also looking at the line-up for the R.A.R concert in Stoke I’m thinking it would be very cool if Eddie Izzard were at Sziget.

    Maybe they need a comedy tent?

  11. Yeah, there are several bands which would make me happy (The Specials, The Beat, Beautiful South, VV Brown, Get Cape Wear Cape Fly,…)

  12. Satyricon are confirmed as replacement for GWAR (if I understand the hungarian text right).

    Source: official Sziget site

  13. I just read that Alice In Chains are on tour in August… It’s a little bit unclear if they are performing in Amsterdam on the 11th or 12th of August, but after these dates there are no other confirmed! So perhaps at Day Zero or as headliner on one of the following days in the rock tent.!?

  14. Satyricon is confirmed now also on the official Italian Sziget site….and the admin of the italian forum says that the news on……it’s unfortunely a mistake!!:(:(:(

  15. According to Alice in Chains’ myspace they’re playing Melkweg on the 11th so a zero day appearance is possible. They would be pretty awesome.

    Shame that Libertines etc won’t be there but there are still plenty of good bands they could get.

  16. @Non: Alice in Chains state they play Amsterdam on the 11th, but the venue (and Ticketmaster) say they play on the 12th…. Would be tough to travel from Germany to Hungary for Day Zero and back to the Netherlands in three days – but it’s possible! 😉

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