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Lineup Announced So Far – Daily Breakdown (38.3%)

UPDATE: all of this information and more, in our traditional lineup page for Sziget 2015, which will be updated on a constant basis.

A lot of things about the lineup of the Sziget Festival 2015 have been announced these days, and there is a lot of speculation going on about who will fill the rest of the over 60% of the empty spots this year. We won’t speculate – we have only compiled a list of the acts already announced with their dates and stages.

Here we go:

Day -1 (August 10th) lineup

  • Robbie Williams (Main Stage)
  • Apollonia (Colosseum)

Day 0 (August 11th) lineup

  • Florence & The Machine (Main Stage)
  • Gentleman & The Evolution (Main Stage)
  • Selah Sue (A38)
  • Jungle (A38)
  • Future Islands (A38)
  • Infected Mushroom (A38)
  • Hernan Cattaneo (Colosseum)
  • Yellow Claw (A38)
  • Kensington (A38)
  • Babylon Circus (A38)
  • Asaf Avidan (stage not yet announced)

Day 1 (August 12th) lineup

  • The Script (Stage not yet announced)
  • Arty (Stage not yet announced)
  • Enter Shikari
  • Alt-J (Main Stage)
  • Gogol Bordello (Main Stage)
  • SBTRKT (A38)
  • CRO (A38)
  • Tyler the Creator (A38)
  • Michael Mayer (Colosseum)
  • Soja (A38)
  • Jaguar Skills (Telekom Arena)
  • Typhoon (A38)
  • Halestorm (A38)
  • Antwerp Gypsy Ska Orchestra (World Music Stage)
  • Dakhabrakha (World Music Stage)
  • Che Sudaka (World Music Stage)
  • Boban i Marko Markovic Orkestar (World Music Stage)
  • Canzonerie Grecanico Salentino (World Music Stage)
  • 13.00-13.45 Eyesburn (SRB) (British Knights Europe Stage)
  • 14.15-15.00 Erotic Market (F) (British Knights Europe Stage)
  • 15.30-16.30 L’aupaire (D) (British Knights Europe Stage)
  • 17.00-17.45 Après la Classe (I) (British Knights Europe Stage)
  • 18.15-19.00 June (MKD) (British Knights Europe Stage)

Day 2 (August 13th) lineup

  • Ellie Goulding (Main Stage)
  • Foals (Main Stage)
  • Interpol (A38)
  • W&W (Telekom Arena)
  • The Ting Tings (A38)
  • The Maccabees (Main Stage)
  • Ella Eyre (A38)
  • MØ (A38)
  • Dixon (Colosseum)
  • Camo & Krooked (A38)
  • High Contrast (A38)
  • Fred V & Grafix (A38)
  • Danny Byrd (A38)
  • MC Dynamite (probably A38)
  • Kadebostany (A38)
  • Julian Jordan (Telekom Arena)
  • My Favorite Robot (Colosseum)
  • Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble (World Music Stage)
  • Parno Graszt (World Music Stage)
  • Roy Paci Aretuska Allstars (World Music Stage)
  • Labrassbanda (World Music Stage)
  • Taraf de Haidouks (World Music Stage)
  • 13.00-13.45 The Dumplings (PL) (British Knights Europe Stage)
  • 14.15-15.00 22-Piste pirkko (FIN) (British Knights Europe Stage)
  • 15.30-16.30 theAngelcy (ISR) (British Knights Europe Stage)
  • 17.00-17.45 Wailing Trees (F) (British Knights Europe Stage)
  • 18.15-19.00 Mydy Rabycad (CZ) (British Knights Europe Stage)

Day 3 (August 14th) lineup

  • Avicii (Main Stage)
  • Kasabian (Main Stage)
  • Marina and the Diamonds (Main Stage)
  • Knife Party (A38)
  • Blasterjaxx (Telekom Arena)
  • Dropkick Murphis (A38)
  • Jamie Woon (A38)
  • Awolnation (Main Stage)
  • The Gaslight Anthem (A38)
  • The Subways (A38)
  • Gramatik (A38)
  • Marcell Dettmann (Colosseum)
  • Dotan (A38)
  • Sidney Samson (Telekom Arena)
  • Function (Colosseum)
  • Stadium X (Telekom Arena)
  • La Chiva Gantiva (World Music Stage)
  • Szalonna és Bandája (World Music Stage)
  • Imam Baildi (World Music Stage)
  • Mariza (World Music Stage)
  • Besh O Drom (World Music Stage)
  • 13.00-13.45 Frequency (SK) (British Knights Europe Stage)
  • 14.15-15.00 lohaus (B) (British Knights Europe Stage)
  • 15.30-16.30 Lo Stato Sociale (I) (British Knights Europe Stage)
  • 17.00-17.45 Naadia (RUS) (British Knights Europe Stage)
  • 18.15-19.00 Wattican Punk Ballet (ARM) (British Knights Europe Stage)

Day 4 (August 15th) lineup

  • Major Lazer (Stage not yet announced)
  • Alesso (Telekom Arena)
  • Paloma Faith (A38)
  • Hollywood Undead (Main Stage)
  • Nero (A38)
  • Foxes (A38)
  • Beatsteaks (A38)
  • Bassjackers (Telekom Arena)
  • Ellen Allien (Colosseum)
  • Vitalic Live (Colosseum)
  • Jett Rebel (A38)
  • William Fitzsimmons (A38)
  • Lucas & Steve (Telekom Arena)
  • The Egyptian Project (World Music Stage)
  • Noura Mint Seymali (World Music Stage)
  • Ladánybene 27 (World Music Stage)
  • Goran Bregovic Wedding and Funeral Band (World Music Stage)
  • Romango (World Music Stage)
  • 13.00-13.45 MÖWE (A) (British Knights Europe Stage)
  • 14.15-15.00 Fast Animals and Slow Kids (I) (British Knights Europe Stage)
  • 15.30-16.30 Splendid (NL) (British Knights Europe Stage)
  • 17.00-17.45 My Baby (NL) (British Knights Europe Stage)
  • 18.15-19.00 Haydamaky (UKR) (British Knights Europe Stage)

Day 5 (August 16th) lineup

  • C2C (Stage not yet announced)
  • End Show with Martin Garrix (Main Stage)
  • Limp Bizkit (Main Stage)
  • Sigma live (A38)
  • Nervo (Telekom Arena)
  • Passenger (A38)
  • Milky Chance (A38)
  • Fauve (A38)
  • Sander van Doorn (Telekom Arena)
  • José Gonzalez (A38)
  • Kraftklub (A38)
  • DJ Marky & Stamina MC (possibly A38)
  • Damian Lazarus (Colosseum)
  • She’Koyoh (World Music Stage)
  • HK & Les Saltimbanks (World Music Stage)
  • Dhoad Gypsies of Rajastan (World Music Stage)
  • Paso (World Music Stage)
  • Söndörgö (World Music Stage)
  • DJ Nakadia (possibly Colosseum – thanks Noeliam)
  • 17.00-17.45 Delafé y Las Flores Azules (E) (British Knights Europe Stage)
  • 18.15-19.00 Always Drinking Marching Band (E) (British Knights Europe Stage)

(for the new names at the BK Europe Stage thanks to Kylian)

The list was compiled from previous official announcements made by Sziget and their Italian website. There are no exact starting times for the performances available at this time.

Remember – we’re still at 38.3% – or a bit over.

(Photo: WikiPedia)

363 thoughts on “Lineup Announced So Far – Daily Breakdown (38.3%)

  1. This line up is getting me worried now. About good headliners, but also, Like mentioned in the previous post it really needs more guitar bands + rock/metal. The line-up needs a bit of this variation. Al lot of EDM now.

    I’ve mainly tried to look for acts that are actually touring in Europe that period. Makes it more possible and realistic to book them. Enough cool acts out there I would love to see:
    Eagles of Death Metal
    Linkin Park
    Limp Bizkit
    Rob Zombie
    Danko Jones
    Within Temptation
    Black Label Society
    Royal Blood
    The Dillinger Escape Plan

  2. @Captain_Chunk thanks, added.
    Interesting, though, that neither the official Enter Shikari website, nor their Facebook page list their performance at Sziget…

  3. @Sziget_News
    They posted picture so far in instagram that they play on Sziget

  4. On the main page of Sziget website the names are like this:

    Robbie – Avicii – Florence –
    Garrix – Goulding – Kasabian
    Limp Bizkit – The Script – Major Lazer – AltJ

    If The Script was headlining wednesday wouldn’t they be before Bizkit? Especially that they are more “mainstream”. Maybe the wednesday can be Gogol Bordello – Alt J – The Script – X (for the big headliner).
    And a smaller headliner like Noel Gallagher before Major Lazer on the saturday.

  5. Has anyone yet just try to ask sziget at social media at what stages the new names will play? I don’t think it’s a big secret because we already know the stages of all the others.

  6. @Sziget News: anything you can tell a poor Canadian to reassure me that there MIGHT be a bit more left to marvel at?

  7. Also, just a heads up for everyone… the Program page on the website no longer has a % indicator, so it’s probably at much more than 38%. They probably took it off so people would stop assuming that 60% of the lineup remains.

  8. Of course it’s not it’s at like 80% when you include the Volt and Europe stages, and most of the gaps left will be Hungarian acts too

  9. I still believe that Elie G. , The Script and Major Lazer won’t headlining, and sziget will come up with some real headliners!

  10. @mr. johnes: who are you? you literally showed up and have had nothing relevant or constructive to say at all, only insults and wise cracks.

    as far as sziget and the lineup goes, i’m pretty defeated. i don’t think we have anything else to look forward to… maybe a small band, but nothing big. i think we have our “headliners” for this year’s edition unfortunately.

    all we can do now is pray, and hope the sziget gods answer them.

  11. The line-up goes so slowly , I don’t know if to look for another festival instead of this one. it will be my first time in SZIGET , I love the fact that it’s in Budapest it self , but the line-up… so frustrating. I truly don’t know what to do , I already bought the ticket for the whole week..

  12. I guess I’ll giving all of myself to the sziget-experience rather than enjoying true music.
    Yes I’m sad about it, but there are anyway a lot of bands who worth the price of the ticket, at least to me, like Infected Mushrooms or Florence, even if I state that people make the sziget what the sziget actually is, not only good musicians

  13. I think The Offspring are ruled out for sziget now. They got dates on 10/11/13 and two other festivals from 14-16 august so that means that they will have to play 6 times in 7 days if they add sziget to the schedule. Can’t see that happening.

  14. i think that even though this year’s lineup is not the best, there are many very good bands, and a lot of them never played sziget before. it’s still much better than 2013.

    the last two announcements sucked, but we should not forget the good bands we already have. it is the same every year, people start complaining because sziget can’t announce a big band every 2 weeks.

  15. I’m complaining because Sziget used to book bands like Judas Priest, Motörhead, Deftones etc etc and now nothing like that. Stil looking forward to it though

  16. Volt better than Sziget ???!!! It’s a joke !! We already have Guetta, motorhead and rise against.

  17. Every guys in this forum get mad (for happiness) il Sziget announce Motoread, Slash, Rise Against or Fatboy slim.
    Don’t be fanboy!!!this year (al this moment) Sziget sucks.

  18. Rise Against make a USA tour in August.

    We can get Linkin Park, Muse, Metallica, Noel Gallagher and The Strokes. 2 or 3 of them would be awesome.

  19. Also, someone wrote there, that Sziget booked a band, which not touring this year.
    I don’t know believe this or not, but maybe it can be Green Day.

  20. Well they messaged me last week saying they hadn’t got bands booked who they haven’t released.They don’t hold names back.

  21. Hoping for one of them would be more realistic. 2-3 of that list would make it the best sziget ever.

  22. Basically says that Gerendai is still trying to find acts/bands, and that at this point only the most expensive remain.

    “Gerendai isn’t worried. There are still empty seats in the lineup because Sziget is looking for sellers who are currently on tour. This means that Sziget still has the potential to have a better lineup than anywhere else. He added, however, that these types of acts don’t come cheap”

  23. So they are trying to find a cheap solution but in the end they might be forced to pay stupid money to a big headliner like Linkin Park or Muse if they can’t find anything.

  24. Why would it be stupid if it’s what everyone wants! I’d cut my fingers to get to see Muse as they will never comme to Lebanon. Same for LP!

  25. Not really. Gerendai states that they are looking for bands that are NOT touring at all now. It will make Sziget bill genuine. However these bands are mega expensive.

  26. I just bought my ticket for Pinkpop to see Muse. I prefer Linkin park at sziget 😛

  27. @Noeliam Not stupid for us of course, but from a business perspective. I think they will have to pay a huge premium if they want to convince a big artist to come to Europe in August since practically June now. But if they are out of options I think it’s the best thing to do if they still want to be a big festival next year…

  28. They have a bigger budget this year, why not? I guess they secured a sold out Day -1 with RW. If they will have profit from that day, that would open another gate for an exclusive band. Or maybe I’m just too optimistic 🙂

  29. That’s a thing I didn’t understood. Latest year Sziget sold out, they have been choosed as the “Best European Festival”, this year they raised the ticket prices, even raised to 65 € the day -1 ticket forecasting a sold out, now I ask myself: why the hell wouldn’t they call better names?
    It’s ok, Sziget is an indipendent festival and can’t afford the Glastonbury’s names, we’re on about this, but I feel a little cringe knowing that where last year played Skrillex this year will (probably) play The Script.
    I don’t know, in February, when me and my friends started to talk about the likely band in our opinion, I hoped in names like Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, Chems, Ed Sheeran, Black Keys and Arctic Monkeys, nowaday I gotta settle about a tribute band of Arctic Monkey, and it’s all a say, I guess.

  30. Yes i also don’t understand what kind of stratagy they are using. But i can’t wait for the monkey that comes out of the sleeve!

  31. My opinion is that this year Sziget will focus more on theatre show (Fuerza Bruta has to cost a lot, imho) and on the structures (I read that they will make the A38 and the World Stage even bigger and they will add the Telekom Arena), more than on the names.
    Watching stuff this way, I assume that this one will be a transition year and that, if this year the audience will remain at the standards (85-95% of ticket sold), next year will be the boom.

    Sadly this will be my last Sziget for awhile so this tickle me up, but whatever…

  32. About day -1, some times ago Sziget Italy said on facebook that tickets for that day has paid the cost of Robbie Williams completely, and gave them some extra cash to book some good undercard names, which are obviously more than last year, as they added the Telekom Arena. Knowing that, the increased budget of this year could be spent on 1 or 2 really big names, as the big ones they have now are all pretty cheap, excluding RW (which is “0-cost”), Florence and maybe Avicii and the Script (sadly).

  33. When I went in 2013 there was a Party Arena which had acts at day AND night. Did that not happen last year? Have they then replaced it with the Telekom Arena? If so, will there be day time bands there? Have any of the Sziget pages said?

  34. Yes the old Party Arena had afternoon slots in 2012 (but those slots replaced the missing of Europe Stage and disappeared again in 2013 with the italian PugliaSounds Mambo Stage and the dutch Holland Meets Hungary Stage that now are together in Europe Stage again), but most importantly it always had the 19.30 slot for live electronic bands. Looks like that slot will not be part of the new Telekom Arena cos there are no live bands in there like Nero or Infected Mushroom that play in A38. Both Nero and Infected Mushroom played in Party Arena in previous years (Nero 19.30 slot in 2013 and IM 1.00 slot in 2010)

  35. No, there wasn’t a Party Arena last year, so I think that part of the positive gap they have this year will be spent calling more dj’s
    (For sure I’d prefer a Metal/Rock stage, cause there’s already Colosseum dedicated to electronic/Dj’s Act, even if only Trance music

  36. The Colosseum line up is house and techno?

    When I last went to Sziget in 2013 I remember seeing Empire of the Sun and The Joy Formidable do slots in the Party Arena and both were before night time

  37. Any reasons to why they are leaving it so late to announce more smaller acts? Seems a fair bit missing from the Party Arena.

  38. However Gerendai said they will book a band not touring to save the situation.
    In my opinion there is only one band can do this:

    Kill the script and goulding and book

  39. Hate to be the voice of negativity, but where exactly did he said they’ve booked such a band? Most of what I’ve seen says they’re *trying* to book a non-touring band, which to me just sounds like a marketing ploy… if people think a bigger band is coming, they’re more likely to risk buying a ticket.

    If they’ve said “we’ve booked a non-touring band to save this festival”, on the other hand, then they have to release a name sometime soon, otherwise we’ll all consider them liars.

    So have they said it outright? Or just that they’re “trying”?

  40. Yes still trying!

    It can also be someone that’s not touring but isn’t that massive. I’d happily take Sigur Ros (not touring) or The National (only one concert announced so far, in july in the US).

  41. The Libertines are heading festival in Paris in 28-30 August.
    It can be they, cause they’re big enough and very cheap.
    I’m going on his concert in Moscow in June and price is about 20$.

  42. Libertines would be another joke. They are the size of Interpol in Europe, even smaller I think.

  43. are you crazy? the libertines are huge here too, much bigger than interpol 😀 they are headliners almost everywhere in europe. they would be the best for sziget!

  44. Don’t think it’s realistic anyway. Sziget is right in the middle of the only 4 week free period in their schedule. They probably booked their own holiday for that period.

  45. @finge: same for Linkin park, muse, Kol, metallica.. Nobody has other shows during sziget week, but nobody’s at sziget.. Everybody on holiday 🙂 sounds like a joke but could be possible ahah.

    Anyway, the most likely non touring act we could have is kanye, he has nothing to do because he cancelled his tour with rihanna, needs some money. Muse are not touring in August, I think they asked for something like 2 millions to make a show. Green day are working on new album in USA, why should they come to Budapest if it’s not for a abnormous amount of money? Impossible in my opinion, I can’t see sziget talkin al day about “it not only about headliners” and then paying so much for a concert. They’ll get some more headliners (touring or non touring) only if they don’t have to pay much more than the normal price. I can see kanye doing sziget and pukkelpop

  46. Sziget have to book a real headliner. I don’t think is a “money” question. Book deadmau5, skrillex, Calvin Harris, QOTSA, Placebo, Outkast, Imagine Dragons, The prodigy, Lily Allen, macklemore (worst show have seen in my live) is more expensive than Elle Goulding, The Script etc.
    They have a good residual budget and they can try to book something like Green day. You don’t save a lineup with the national or the libertines (ok they headlining Reading, but every single person will go there would kill the management for this choose ).
    Book Kanye mean don’t diversificate the lineup (they book all pop mainstream artist) and they exclude underground and rockers. And after the petition launched to remove Kanye from Glastonbury ‘s mainstage (signed by 300.000) i don’t think Sziget will spend a big part of his budget for a “risk artist”.
    They have three needs:
    – book a big artist or band
    – rock or underground genre
    – they have to save the poorest line up in Europe with an “effect wow” name
    And doesn’t matter if they are in tour or not.

    Kanye, The Libertines etc don’t respect all this condition. And green day?

  47. I like when people are not happy about hungarian bands at hungarian festival!

  48. Well, honestly, why the hell would I travel for thousands kilometres to hear people singing songs in a language I don’t like and don’t understand in one of the “official” smallest set, while on other stage maybe there are some of the bands i would die to see?
    Man, some people just makes it harsh

  49. send your conditions to sziget, i’m sure they will listen to you 😀
    peaple are getting really retarded over here

    ok we get that you are a big rocker and you like pop bands like green day too, and although they are really good live and I’d love to see them too, they will definitely not come to sziget this year

    yes they are trying to book bigger names, but it’s not that bad, and it’s definitely not the worst lineup (look at exit festival for example…)

  50. @art: A friend of mine went to Riotfest last year. It was great, but he still calls it the sweating men fest :p.

  51. haha i can imagine, that’s the problem with an otherwise great rock lineup.

    the best festival i have been to is definitely inmusic, 3 days +a week of camping for less than a sziget day ticket. their biggest headliner was forence but she has cancelled, but it’s still a great lineup as always.

  52. yeah, green day and kings of leon at NiFi fest in U.S. 28-30 august
    At the moment is still very difficult, but if we’ll get a rock headliner it will be one of these two in my opinion. both have a lot of spare time next summer, and (as we can see now) both are doing festivals.

  53. today’s news: sziget (and co.) will recieve some extra money (cca. 1,6 m euro) from the hungarian government

  54. let’s hope they build the longest woodenship of the world, having a rollercoaster, and post patomines on every corner of the Island off that money. Don’t book quality artist, people come for the feeling!!!

  55. @Art: i know you won’t like my answer, but i’ve been to those festivals and they lack the atmosphere that i’ve been told sziget has. riot fest (originally based in chicago) has a toronto and denver edition annually as well. i’ve been to both chicago and toronto, been to amnesia. i’m missing WayHome this year, a brand new festival with a great lineup, put on by the organizers of Bonnaroo just outside of toronto.

    but yah, coming from a non-european, i don’t think you realize just how commercialized american festivals are (including canada)unless you’ve been to a few of them. i’ve heard the atmosphere at big european festivals like sziget and glasto destroy the american competition (even coachella seemed a bit too corporately done up for my liking). you’ll all say sziget is just as commercialized, but trust me when i say it’s not.

  56. @Art: and yah, i agree, this years’ riot fest lineup in chicago is absolutely off the hook. i’m sad i’ll miss it, as i’m roaming around europe for 2 months after sziget ends.

  57. Pukkelpop’s third headliner is Alt-J (already playing Werchter and not even headlining)… hard time for august festivals!

  58. I Never been to a north american festival, but I understand your feelings. We are different. for me the stacked line-up brings the atmosphere not the side events.

  59. @Art: you’d be surprised. the best lineup ever can still feel underwhelming if the atmosphere isn’t right. i go to festivals to be wow’d, to feel my jaw drop at the visuals and the general scale of the production. sziget seems to be at the top of the game when it comes to the sheer amount of things to do.

    maybe its the fact that i’ve been to so many festivals, but the lineup just doesn’t do it for me anymore. it’s important, sure, but if a festival doesn’t have something to make it stand out from the rest, it just feels plain. the reality is that any festival in europe or america can obtain a killer lineup with the right moves, but there are only a select few that can really wow their patrons every year… sziget seems to be one of them.

    that being said, i’m still pretty disappointed with this year’s lineup. was hoping to scratch at least a couple acts off my bucket list.

  60. @thetrootroo
    Yes, we have different mindset. Groezrock has the best line-up every year in Europe, it has 4-5 stages with awesome bands all day, who clash and you need to have serious decisions what to miss. And that’s it. And yet i have the best times there every year because the concerts are awesome, so it’s safe to say it has the best atmosphere too. And I don’t need visuals and side entertainment, because they are just don’t need to be there. And that’s the point where Sziget andmits it’s lack of quality artists, they way how they concenrate the side-things stuff instead of booking a quality line-up first. A festival is about music, everything comes after that. I the shows can’t creat the vibes, then nothing should.

  61. @Art: point taken. i would argue that while a music festival is solely about music, an “arts and culture” festival, as sziget is marketed, is not. the bands are just a bonus on top of everything else. but hey, like you said, different tastes. i’ve been to the biggest and best festivals on the planet line-up-wise, and they weren’t worth the money. period. as you said, you end up missing a favourite or two due to clashes, there are always regrets, and it ends up just being a blur of running around trying to cram everything in.

    sziget seems relaxing, more like a holiday than a festival. it’s more leisurely. i work 60+ hours a week in an extremely stressful profession, so this appeals more to my lifestyle. i would go to caribbean or the mediterranean to sit on a beach for my “vacation”, or i could be trapped on an island in the middle of the danube with 80,000 like minded individuals. it’s really about preference.

  62. @Art: it can be boiled down to this… do you want to:

    a) go watch concerts for 4 days

    b) go watch concerts in addition to a slew of other activities for 4 days, all while being immersed in one giant art exhibit

    i know what i would prefer. but i know people who don’t give a shit about that stuff, and would legitimately prefer standing in the hot sun for 40 hours over the span of 4 days just watching bands. to each his/her own.

  63. Hi guys, do you think that Sziget bring some hiphop on festival? just Tyler yet. thx for your opinion.

  64. @mickey it’s your second name Gerendai? You look so sure about lineup and headliner…

  65. @Radek: people talked about Kendrick Lamar or Kayne West, but I got doubts about each. Both would be headliner and it looks like Sziget this year doesn’t like expensive headliners, so…
    Well, let’s talk when the games are over.

  66. I think one you’ve been to a number of festivals and your band bucket list is 95% ticked off, you tend to look for more. I do anyway. I’m happy if a festival has three of four quality acts I’ve not seen plus fifteen to twenty that I have seen. If Sziget delivered that I’d be delighted. As it is, Sziget hasn’t announced a single act this year that I like and haven’t seen before. That takes some doing. There’s a couple I may watch out of interest (C2C, Major Lazer, Milky Chance) but I can’t say I was looking for them to play on any level. Kendrick Lamar, Linkin Park, Run the Jewels and a few others are touring and appear as though they were feasible, but no luck.

    I’ve been to Werchter four times. I’ve seen people compare Sziget to Werchter on here a few times. Werchter is great, particularly if you haven’t been to many festivals, because the line up is always huge. It doesn’t appeal to me any more though, because a. I mainly listen to electronic music now and Werchter doesn’t have much of a night time programme and b. I’ve already seen most of the line up and it’s a festival that relies entirely on the strength of it’s line up.

    So I went for Sziget again. The issue Sziget has, is that it sells itself as an arts festival, but it doesn’t come close to touching Glastonbury for the arts side (or the line up, in truth, but Glastonbury has an unfair advantage there because it hardly pays the bands compared to other festivals). So then people look at the line up, and it’s nowhere near a number of festivals including Werchter. So what is it best at?

    Well, the weather is always great. Big plus. It’s in a city. Big plus. It’s cheap. Big plus. The crowd is great (it really is, people aren’t lying). Big plus.

    Is that enough? I’m not so sure. I’m assuming ticket sales haven’t been great this year because the line up hasn’t appealed, and they can’t very well claim that they’re the Glastonbury of a Europe and a great arts festival because Glastonbury sells out 9 months in advance without announcing a single act every year because people trust it to deliver. Sziget aren’t trusted yet, and they won’t be until they deliver on the line up side.

  67. On another level, I do think it’s worth pointing out the financial side of things. Glastonbury tickets cost £40 more than Sziget ones and they sell up to three times as many tickets. Add that to the fact that Glastonbury pays acts significantly less money and it’s fair to say that they have a lot more weight to throw about that Sziget does (though I’m sure Sziget receives a significant amount of cash from the government as has been mentioned on here before).

    The way you get around all that is by realising that Spotify plays do not equal ticket sales. This is the single biggest crime that Sziget has committed this year. You can’t sell out a 7-day festival with 415,000 tickets when your line up is targeting one demographic, which is the 16-25 year olds (and 25 is pushing it). I haven’t seen a festival with a line up like this year’s Sziget sell out before. Just look at the headliners; Alt-J have two albums, The Script (in the UK at least) are a pop band with teenage fans, Ellie Goulding is the same, Avicii is a pop act, Major Lazer are essentially a pop act and Garrix is a teenager himself! The undercard follows a similar theme with a handful of excpetions. There’s one main issue with attracting younger fans. Money. Younger fans spend less money at the festival because they have less disposable income so you take less money at the bar. They’re also less likely to be able to afford flights, accommodation and a ticket. You’re writing off selling tickets to people aged 25+ who do spend money at the bar and form the core of most festival audiences.

    This isn’t a case of older fans not listening to new music and Sziget has targeted new music. It hasn’t, it’s targeted pop music that’s played on the radio which transfers to Spotify plays and believed it’s booked exciting new music. Times have changed, the best bands aren’t necessarily the ones that get played on the radio. The most popular bands aren’t necessarily the ones who are played on the radio. Look at Dropkick Murphys, they’ll get the biggest crowd in the A38 all weekend and they’ve got a fraction of the Spotify plays of most of the acts on the line up.

    Touring bands with critically acclaimed albums (and therefore hardcore fans) that are touring during Sziget but haven’t been booked: Tame Impala, Pond, Caribou, War On Drugs, The Offspring, Kendrick Lamar, Hot Chip, Run the Jewels, Linkin Park. I’m fairly sure people weren’t expecting Sziget to book all of these acts, but there’s surprise that they haven’t booked ANY of them. They are the hot bands to book, the ones that get the older fans off their backsides because they know they’ll get a show full of quality music that runs for an hour plus without any filler.

    Bands who are famous due to radio play singles that Sziget has booked: The Script, Ellie Goulding, The Ting Tings, Ella Eyre, Avicii, Paloma Faith, Martin Garrix, Passenger etc. Most of those will actually resort to playing covers in their sets because they can’t fill their allotted slots with their own tracks.

  68. @Eddie: i think your articulation of the issues is near perfect. still, my comparison of glasto and sziget was merely to suggest a drastic difference in attitude between american and european festivals. a comparison between the two is unfair, as i honestly think some artists, even bigger ones, essentially pay glasto to have their name on the bill (i don’t mean literally, but after the band pays for the logistics of making it happen, and after they cut their normal asking price way down for the organizers, they’re essentially playing for free in some cases). sziget doesn’t have the international draw that glasto does, but i think it may one day. as you said, though, we need to KNOW beyond all doubts that it will provide a good music line-up year after year.

    i’ve also heard that one of the differences between sziget and glasto is the restrictions and rules in place. i’ve heard sziget is very “everything goes” and glasto is a bit more restricted. i’ve also heard the people are no where near as nice and friendly. naturally, having a large array of activities is way more worthwhile if you can turn strangers into good friends while doing so. i’ve heard this is one of the ways sziget stands out; you really feel separated from “reality” so to speak, and everyone is more willing to embrace the entire week together, rather than stick to what you know and are comfortable with.

    what i don’t understand is this: how does sziget go from last year’s lineup to this year’s? last year, sure, they had some “popular” acts, but very few who weren’t deserving of their fame. they had MASSIVE acts and headliners from all genres, all surely expensive, all with spotify plays through the roof, but still all very talented and deserving. not as much pop crap like this year. so what’s with this disconnect? i know there is still more TBA, but it can’t be much, and there’s about a 1% chance that this year’s lineup will even come close to last year’s.

    don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of hidden talent in this year’s lineup, and it extends to the main stage. ella eyre is so so good live. but then again, i’m tranced by actual talent, regardless of genre. if the heart and soul is there, and if it sounds good, i’ll watch it. but the wow-factor is really missing this year. i would highly recommend gramatik if you’re into electronic/funk type stuff. really groovy and fun to watch.

    but yah, i’ve decided to take the high road and not bash it til i try it. i’m disappointed with the lineup, but the lineup was only a small part of the reason i chose sziget (and honestly, there’s not much more on offer in europe around that time anyways). as you mentioned, i knew that sziget couldn’t be “trusted” yet to have a stacked lineup every year, as i’ve been closely following it since 2012. i still decided to go. there is something wonderful about being on an island for a week, listening to music, playing games, watching circus acts, ect.

  69. to clarify, i know sziget was on a different weekend last year. i meant the types of acts they’re trying to book… completely different than last year.

  70. I don’t buy that Sziget is more everything goes than Glastonbury. An obvious thing to point there is the use of illegals. Glastonbury is second only to Coachella in terms of the amount of people taking various different types of you know what that I’ve been to. I genuinely didn’t even see someone smoking green at Sziget in the whole week I was there.

    I think in general people are nicer at Sziget and it’s easier to interact with them. This is for a few reasons though, 1) Glastonbury is almost a status thing in the UK so you get a load of nobs going who aren’t actually proper music fans and are there just to look good or just because it’s Glastonbury and everyone has to do it once in their lifetime, 2) Sziget has a much better thought our drinking system than Glastonbury (and any other festival I’ve been to, in truth) as it has more tables/benches, and many of them are long ones that encourage communication with others. At Coachella due to the strict drinking laws, drinkers are penned away which just feels odd. 3) Sziget is genuinely international. It’s on another level to any festival I’ve been to. It doesn’t feel as though one country is represented by more than 10% of the crowd, which is just nuts!

    Sziget definitely had the best feel good factor of the festivals I’ve been to, but I don’t think that that translates to anything goes at all. Glastonbury wins for that hands down, there’s a real freedom to do what you want there, in ways Sziget attendees wouldn’t really understand I don’t think. The different areas of Glastonbury are far more defined and original than those at Sziget, and I think there’s much more room to express yourself all round.

    There’s good stuff at Sziget, but most of it’s at night. I’m going to be bored during the day a lot of the time I reckon. There’s not enough other stuff going on at Sziget to kill five days with. At Glastonbury I left feeling I’d hardly scratched the surface. I watched twelve bands on the first day alone and I still missed people I wanted to see. If anything, I didn’t have the time to go and discover. At Sziget, I had too much!

  71. As for act advice, all about Dixon for me. He’s a DJ but he’s ALWAYS amazing. I’ve seen him a few times but the best was New Year’s Day this year. He played a 3 hour set from 7-10am and he was so good my mate didn’t even leave to go to the toilet!

    This playlist includes his own stuff and tracks from his label, would advise it to anyone who’s in to electronic music.

  72. @Eddie: touche, i wasn’t really talking about drugs and substances though, although that’s certainly part of it. i meant more “burning man v. coachella” type thing, but i haven’t been so i can’t really say for sure. glasto = coachella, sziget = burning man.

    i have a good buddy who is, by definition, a burner (attends burning man every year), and when he went to sziget he said it was comparable, but a bit more commercialized, and not as “free roam”. the way he put it was that, like burning man, it’s sort of like you’re just dropped into a wonderland.

    another thing for me is this is a vacation first and foremost, and the kick-off to my extended eurotrip. i didn’t want to blow a large sum of money on 3-4 days of fun,. i wanted to blow a small (ish) sum of money on 7 days of relaxation. allows some time to see budapest too, as i’ve heard it’s a fantastic city. it has a beach and so many relaxation zone… i just see it as more of a vacation than a festival like glasto.

    oh, and there’s the fact my friends are totally obsessed with the idea of going to sziget. my burner friend has wanted to go back badly since 2012, and he’s not the music festival type (aside from burning man, of course).

  73. @Eddie: Dixon, Dettmanm, Lazarus. Period. You actually mentioned Dixon in this forum (around 15 times, haha), so I finally checked him out and I’m pretty hooked. I’ll be in attendance for all three. I hope they play late at night / early in the morning. Colosseum looks wicked at night from what I can tell.

    I’m at a weird place where almost all electronic music is just super appealing to me, other than the party anthem mainstream stuff. I got into production after my band broke up and I’m just insanely interested in how they make and mix their sounds. So many people say there’s no talent but until you give it a shot you really have no idea just how much knowledge and tweaking electronic music takes to produce.

  74. I’ll keep mentioning Dixon because I really didn’t pay any attention to him before I saw him and he blew me away. And now I’m obsessed. He’s on another level. And also because there’s not really anything else I regularly listen to on the line up haha, though I have pretty niche taste these days and I was surprised I even got Dixon. There’s a huge difference between Dixon and Dettmann and Garrix and Avicii. It’s like comparing The Script and Metallica

    I don’t think Sziget is much different to Glastonbury from the freedom of access point of view. I’m not sure what your Burning Man friend is on about really. I’ve been to Coachella and both are much more open than there. But both aren’t bog standard festivals like Coachella is (even though I enjoyed Coachella more than any festival I’ve ever been to)

  75. Definitely worth the numerous mentions! He’s great. My friend has never been to Glasto, so maybe he’d be even more entranced by that.

    And agreed about Coachella, one of the best festivals I’ve ever been to despite being quite controlled and restricted. i think the desert setting, with palm trees and the like, contributes hugely to the atmosphere there. Not to mention the killer lineup year in and year out.

  76. Coachella has a great crowd, great weather, great art pieces, the most amazing camp set up ever, great food, great lay out, great line up, near perfection. I loved it.

    Sziget has the weather over Glastonbury, so the freedom at Sziget includes swimming and beach volleyball whereas Glastonbury is invariably covered in mud. Sziget is also better planned for relaxing, more bars, tables, shade, space (due to less people). So there are advantages

  77. @Eddie can you give me something to listen from youtube? We don’t have Spotify in Lebanon 🙁

  78. Even small festivals like Hard Rock Rising and Rock am See can book Kings of Leon. Gives me hope that the ‘Best Major Festival’ must be able to find at least one decent rock band to add to the current lineup.

  79. This line up needs to be metalled up; give us Lamb of God, Arch Enemy, Biohazard, Danko Jones, Hatebreed, Rob Zombie PLEASE! (Libertines are a crap live act btw)

  80. @thetrootroo

    I’m fine the b option, but why don’t you give your audience to deciede. I mean sziget always advertise it’s not just about music. which means they admit the line-up sucks, but come we here we have side events. IT’s bullsh*t. Make a decent line-up first, and then if there are available funds, spend on the visuals and stuff, and not first on that.

  81. @Gal: Canadian shit, so quality stuff my friend.

    I don’t think they’re anywhere near the same festival, but he said the vibe was similar at both. That’s all I meant to imply.

    @Art: You really do fail to see things from other perspectives, eh? I don’t understand why you just don’t go to Sziget? You’re clearly not the kind of patron the festival wants coming through its gates?

    Sziget’s lineup isn’t even that terrible, it’s just disappointing. Still lots of talent all over the map. The difference I see with Sziget is that, in the case they fail to curate a good lineup, they have a bunch of other things going on to save the festival. There are other festivals that are really suffering this summer due to the lack of available acts. You keep insinuating that Sziget purposely put up a disappointing lineup when it’s pretty clear that acts are just not plentifully available during Sziget week. They’re still trying.

    The difference between people like you and people like me, Art, is that I focus on the things that Sziget has direct control over. If I go to the festival and they impress me with other stuff, I’ll tend to not care as much about the disappointing lineup. You on the other hand are sticking hard to the lineup even though it’s pretty much been determined that it’s going to disappoint this year. Find another festival? For those of us who can look past a lineup (which isn’t even that bad) and on to the real value that Sziget has a festival (the ‘Sziget vibe’, as you keep mockingly referring to it), we’ll go and enjoy ourselves! The funnier part is that you come to Sziget for metal and hard rock? Do you think Pukkelpop’s lineup is good? What about Frequency? What about Lowlands? These are the festivals that Sziget shares acts with normally, and yet I don’t think you like any of their lineups either. So go to a f*cking ROCK/METAL FESTIVAL YA BIG DUMMY!

  82. For me I listen metal/punk music and electro.

    I don’t go to metal festival (Hellfest or Wacken) because I need electro to make party and I don’t go to electro festivals (tomorrowland) because I need guitars to jump everywhere and make a circle pit.

    So Sziget is perfect for me !!! I think we have more rock bands this year than the past years (Limp bizkit, enter shikari, Halestorm, Dropkick murphy’s, The subways, Beatsteaks, Hollywood undead) so please shut up and join me in the f*****ing pit !!!

  83. @thetrootroo The competitores of Sziget are not Pukkelpop, Lowland and Frequency (and also they have better lineup) but Glastonbury, Rock Werchster etc. Being in the same period doesn’t mean be competitores.
    Every year Sziget management try to giustificate the lineup gap with other festival saying “Sziget is not only lineup” etc. In all the passed edition i could accept this discussion because there were or one-two good name (Iron maiden etc.) or a lot of valid undercard.
    But this year lineup really sucks. Is the Frequency lineup better? Yes (Linkin Park, The offspring, The prodigy, Kendrick Lamar, chemical brothers etc). Also Pukkelpop has better lineup.
    So…ok the Sziget vibe but now is a really poor lineup for the Sziget. With the money spent to book Robbie Williams they could book people like Green DAY, Metallica etc (1.3 milion) (and everybody were happy) but they choose Robbie Williams and i really don’t understand why.

  84. @Ceasar: never said competitors, I said these are the festivals that Sziget normally shares acts with. And it’s to prove the simple point that some people aren’t accepting of diversity. Art’s main argument over and over is that Sziget hasn’t booked purely and only rock and metal bands… but they never have? At least not during the last 4-5 editions.

    I was merely saying, “Hey Art, look at the festivals who consistently have similar lineups to Sziget… if none of those appeal to you either, maybe you should stop blaming Sziget and start looking into a dedicated rock/metal festival”. He’s basically blaming Sziget for not booking only rock acts, despite the fact that Sziget is a multi-genre music, arts, and culture festival, not a metal/rock festival.

    And seriously, I thought the lineup was terrible, but after some skimming through, there’s some very solid acts from several genres, and there’s still some more to come. Anyone with a somewhat open mind and broad acceptance of music and art can appreciate the lineup and Sziget for what it is.

  85. you guys seriously misunderstood me every time. I DON’T WANT TO BE SZIGET ROCK ONLY FESTIVAL. I want it to have a current decent line-up, which include at least a rock/punk/hardcore stage at least before a crappy tribute stage. If you can’t accept that I can’t help you.

  86. guys!
    Muse has just posted this on facebook:
    if you press find location you can see a stick above Óbuda island where the sziget take palce.
    What does it mean?

  87. @thetrootroo i totally agree. But in this moment there is not that artist that trasform “maybe” in “for sure”.
    Last year for example, when they have announce Blink, Skrillex, Deadmau5 and QOTSA I instantanealy bought my week pass. Honestly they aren’t the best performance have seen during the festival but without their lineup name i’d never gone to Sziget (and so i’d never seen The bloody beetroots, Nofx and anti-flag – the best show in my opinions).
    Al this moment Sziget has really nice undercard (Goran Bregovic, Infected Mushroom, Knife Party etc) but there is no good headliner.
    Hope in a miracle ????????

  88. No when you click on Budapest on the map Obudai Island appears!! Surely not a coincidence!

  89. Are they new dates then cus there is no Vienna? I’m hoping not…that would be Saturday then surely.

  90. I’m afraid it doesn’t say much.
    There are dots missing in Belgium and Vienna while they are playing Rock Werchter and Rock in Vienna.
    There is a dot in Barcelona, but their only Spanish date is in Bilbao (northern Spain, no dot there), there is a a dot in Düsseldorf also no dates there.

  91. Is it not dots for the unannounced festivals? They’re nailed on. I don’t listen to Muse any more but that’s a big booking. They need more, this shouldn’t be the end of it, but it’s start.

  92. There are many dots that currenly match with dates that they already announced like Paris, Rome, Warsaw. In general, they are just big cities :p

  93. Yeah but if you go on to the website they have a pole linked to the ACTUAL ISLAND THAT SZIGET IS ON. I mean, if they aren’t playing Sziget they have to be playing the same island…

  94. The Muse drones thing is a sort of treasure hunting for the fans, you go to the marker and will find a qr code or something to unlock stuff. For example the new video for Reapers was revealed this way

  95. I just have to open my mouth now, I just cant understand the point these comments “WE NEED FEW GOOD ACTS”, how the hell few “good”/big acts (after all, its all about taste) would make line up good, if its so crappy as “everybody” are whining…

    Lets say Sziget is 7 days and 24/7 of fun (for me), lets add 2 or even 4 HUGE acts, their shows take approx 1,5h so those shows will be 6/168 of Sziget..

    IMO theres plenty, even “too much” to see, no those HUGE names but great acts and great gigs for sure.
    I totally agree fifidouste opinion, its all about daytime chilling @world music stage for example, then some rock/ska/etc @ main stage/a38 and heavy partying @ A38 or party arena.

    This years Sziget will be mine 9th in a row, and i have learned that its not about line up, its about sziget and sziget feeling (island of freedom, home a far away from home),so i have booked my flights many times in JANUARY, before even first acts. CHILL, relax and enjoy! Best things in sziget happens after dark or in between of gigs 🙂

  96. Your argument falls down because of the total lack of rock bands on the main stage (at a push you have four across the week, but I’m not sure that those four would even class themselves as rock) and very minimal rock on the A38 (take away the Friday and what do you have?). I think you’ve pretty much hit the nail on the head in terms of what the problem is really. There’s only so much chilling you can do at the World Stage because you go to hunt for some guitar heavy music, and there’s not a lot. Saturday and Sunday there’s pretty much zero.

  97. @Szigetlover

    Sziget marketing machine hit you so hard. so amazing and unbelivable at the same time to see it actully works.

    “and i have learned that its not about line up, its about sziget and sziget feeling (island of freedom, home a far away from home)”
    this line makes me cringe. your kinda festival goers is the thing why sziget and co not even try….

  98. I really like Florence, Jungle, Limp, Kasabian, Alt-j, Dropkick, Enter and many more. For the people like me this line up is amazing. And, if they add Green Day or KOL or Muse or what do you want, will be better but for me is enough and I will have time to live the island.

  99. To much people here are starting believing nonsence what Art writes. What Art wants is not what Sziget is. He must be jelous of Sziget having sucess with a formula that is not what he wants. I am amazed someone can be so blind not to see that he could better shut up and go to other festivals. It is same like ask for metal at Tomorrowland website or house at Hellfest website what he does. And it is very egoist to think the festival should change when many thousands people are enjoying.

  100. hey my fellow hungarian friend balazs. I don’t ask for metal, i ask for good line-up, ehy is that too hard to understand??? I have a ticket. so let me have an opinion. thanks.

  101. Hello Art. You do not understand me. Did I wrote you asking for metal? No, I did not. Read again.

  102. yeah my bad. sorry. still i don”t understand why i cant have negative opinion. oh and this is not the festival’s website.

  103. Muse tour,
    25 July Japan


    19 September China…

    but…yes the drone is on the obuda island near the main stage zone!

  104. Official Sziget said that tonight will be released the name of the hungarian band who’s gonna play before Williams at day -1.
    Beside the fact I dislike any of the three bands (also, I’d rather to hear Subscribe, Carbonfools or Ivan & The Parazol on the Main Stage, with Irie Maffia), it could be a chance to get new names. What d’ya think?

  105. About what is this website? So it is a Sziget website.
    Did I wrote you can’t have negative opinion? No, I did not. I wrote what you want is not what Sziget is. I explain. You sugest ‘make a decent line-up first, and then if there are available funds, spend on the visuals and stuff’. Open your eyes! Then it is not Sziget! Visuals, side-things, the Sziget feeling ect. is very important part of Sziget. And the line-up is what Sziget always is: mix of many kinds music. Many people like this formula, but you not. But you want the formula to change. So what you write is same like write about hardrock on Balaton Sound website or write about techno on Grozerock website. Or write festival must be free entry. Or write football must be with three balls and Formula 1 must be with throwing banana like in Mario Kart. You may do, but better if not. It is a waste of your time. Sziget has a formula, many people like it and buy tickets and it will crazy if they change formula for you.
    You wrote Sziget marketing machine hit SzigetLover hard. He goes to Sziget 9th time. So you think he has no brains to decide for himself during 8 times if he likes Sziget or what? I think it is offensive for SzigetLover, but for thousands who think same as well.

  106. So you are admitting the line-up is bad?Everyone who comes admitting the line-up is bad? Sziget is adkitting the line-up is bad? And yet my stupid formula changing idea is to get a good lin-up first?? Its so easy to please people with visuals at Music festival…

  107. Did I write the line-up is bad? I did not. In my opinion is a normal Sziget line-up with many interesting bands DJs and side-things and it’s not complete yet. I think not bad! Line-up is not as good as some other festivals, but they have different formula with no side-things, are in another month and have higher ticket prices per day. Festivals like Rock Werchter always has better line-up. You think line-up not good is clear, but you write that same every year. I not understand why you have a ticket?

  108. If we could go back to discussing possible additions to the line up, there is still a bunch of artists available in the week of Sziget. Given, some of them seems to have a “vacation” during Sziget, but money talks. I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw any of these added to the line-up; Ash, Twin Atlantic, Mariachi El Bronx, Frank Turner, Pet Shop Boys, Stereophonics, Twenty One Pilots, Volbeat, Band of Horses, Enrique Iglesias, Pendulum, All Time Low, Simple Plan, Little Green Cars & The Temperance Movement. None of these have been very much discussed.

    Of the headliners Linkin Park & Metallica are obviously the most likely ones if they pay up, while the somewhat smaller names like Libertines, Kendrick Lamar, Kings of Leon and Placebo could be alternatives. Note also that a few of the bigger rappers like Kanye West, Jay-Z and Eminem, has done quite a few single gigs before, so if they make it attractive enough something could happen there.

    What one need to remember though when complaining about the line-up (I agree it’s not the best and leaning on too many DJ’s), is the dollar exchange rate. Most band are paid in dollars and from what I can see the dollar has strengthened itself over 30% towards the Forint since August last year. Surely that takes something out of the budget..

  109. ding!!! ticket prices/day another crap sziget defend themselves every year. QUALITY over QUANTITY in my book (I know that’s not Sziget’s formula). this year’s line-up hardly can fill 1 day of quality music, but yeah keep it seven days long, we can rip off our visitors even more.

    I have a ticket because every year i have hopes and this year i got it for 50% discount (which price was about the limit i’d shell out for a festival i don’t know the line-up for), and after the purchase every announcment letting me down. so please let me complain if i have money in it.

  110. In my book Sziget have much QUALITY, many interesting bands DJs and side-things and much much much more than hardly 1 day of quality music. If you want festival with much of music you like, go to a festival with much of music you like. Better than buying a ticket for Sziget and complain as every year you do.

  111. Lollapalooza Berlin will announce it’s second headliner tomorrow, it might give us a clue for Sziget. Hurricane & Southside are also expected to announce a final headliner.

    @art+friends: you can complain but you are writing the same thing a hundred times. super boooooring! szigetnews, is it possible to open a thread for the people who just want to argue, so that the others could enjoy this forum too? thank you!:)

  112. yeah cause a forum is about only the positives and world is a great place, and everything is perfect. lol.

  113. omg you guys seriously pathetic. I never seen so many butthurt people defending their beloved festival. Cry guys cry. SZIGET IS BEST FESTIVAL, NOTHING SHOULD BE CHANGED!!!

  114. @art it has nothing to do with defending. People like different things and not everyone is like you. I agree that the line-up is below what one should expect from a festival like this, but Sziget still offers enough for me that I will be able to have plenty to do between the different acts I would like to see. If this had been Rock Werchter though, I would have sold my ticket, as they have nothing else to offer than three stages (with great bands) and some food.

    You have made your point plenty of times now, I don’t understand what you get out of continuing to repeat yourself and try to convince everyone that doesn’t agree with you. Also, it’s not like the line-up is complete, so stall your wining until it is and cross your fingers that they might actually pull something out of their hat.

  115. Hahahah omg… Yes, now i realized that im brainwashed by sziget org. and all the fun i have had in past years have been just a big fat lie.. 🙁 No, I have free will to go where I want, but sziget is the place to be. A

    This “conversation” is going circle, but its great to see that people kind a share my point of view.. well, it not surprise cos every year, despite these conversations, i meet wonderful, happy, life loving people in this island of freedom ond love.

    Peace (y)

  116. I am sorry guys, I overreacted. I’m just a retarded metalhead and wanted to enlighten you all, but I guess it is not working. Maybe if I shit more it could work? What if I f*** off for a while like I did before and everyone was happy? Should I?

  117. @eddie
    My dream headliners:
    Bjork, Beck, The Strokes, Kanye West, Blur, Fleetwood Mac, Muse or Paul McCartney (how cool would it be).

    Moreover i need:
    Azealia Banks (is it possible?!), The War On Drugs, Sufjan Stevens, The Chemical Brothers, Everything Everything, CHVRCHES, Empire Of the Sun, Jamie xx, Will Butler, Mini Mansions, FKA Twigs and obviously CARIBOU!!

  118. Muse are playing in China September 19 but Bellamy said in an interview that they’ll do Bestival (10-13 September). Tomorrow we’ll see if they’re doing Lolla Berlin too. So anything could be for sziget

  119. Came back from my 2nd festival of this summer. Berlin festival. It was superb! Had fun without thinking about quality of line up 😀

  120. @Eddie
    Thanks for your question!
    I never go to a festival for the headliners, I go for the good undergorund acts, so I list 2.
    1, the big bands top 5 headliners that i wouldn’t mind and have fun at them: Foo Fighters, Green Day, Linkin Park, Muse, Radiohead
    2, the bands would sold me a festival in a second: Brand New, Refused, Thrice, THe Get Up Kids, Alexisonfire.

  121. * obviously a second one is not too underground either, meant not mainstream 🙂

  122. that proves nothing…it’s just the dates until the middle of july.
    i think they will play on Sziget!

  123. @Ambassadeur Berlin festival had an INCREDIBLE line up so it’s hardly a surprise you enjoyed it so much

  124. ‘I never go to a festival for the headliners, I go for the good undergorund acts, so I list 2.
    1, the big bands top 5 headliners that i wouldn’t mind and have fun at them: Foo Fighters, Green Day, Linkin Park, Muse, Radiohead
    2, the bands would sold me a festival in a second: Brand New, Refused, Thrice, THe Get Up Kids, Alexisonfire.’

    I thought you were a metal head! Alexisonfire in particular I’d love. Not seen Thrice in ages, they used to be my favourite band back in the days of the Artist in the Ambulance.

    I reckon my dream five would be Radiohead, Daft Punk, Jamiroquai, Paul McCartney and Slipknot (I’d say System of a Down but they’ll never play Hungary). Largely because out of those bands I’ve only seen Radiohead before.

    Five undercard acts I’ve never seen who I’d love to see: Kiasmos, Ame (live), Marek Hemmann (live), Kendrick Lamar, Faithless

    Five undercard acts I’d love to see again: Hot Chip, Caribou, Tame Impala, Weezer, Alexisonfire

  125. @kaco
    ‘My dream headliners:
    Bjork, Beck, The Strokes, Kanye West, Blur, Fleetwood Mac, Muse or Paul McCartney (how cool would it be).
    Moreover i need:
    Azealia Banks (is it possible?!), The War On Drugs, Sufjan Stevens, The Chemical Brothers, Everything Everything, CHVRCHES, Empire Of the Sun, Jamie xx, Will Butler, Mini Mansions, FKA Twigs and obviously CARIBOU!!’

    I’d be more than happy with any of The Strokes, Blur, Muse, Paul McCartney, War on Drugs, Chemical Brothers and Caribou. Sufjan would be an amazing addition but I just can’t see that happening. I saw Jamie XX before Christmas and he was rubbish. Played on a bill with Jon Hopkins, John Talabot and Modeselektor and they all blew him away.

  126. As expected… unfortunately it doesn’t change anything to the situation.

    If Sziget had Muse they would have announced it already 🙁

  127. I agree with you! I expect no more big headliner… But the lineup is already pretty cool and it’s gonna be an amazing week as usual!! 🙂

  128. Without wanting to sound overly hopeful (not really in tune to the line up posts on here), a lot of Muse’s dates are getting announced late. They were the last Lolla headliner to be announced, they’re still not announced for Bestival and we know they’re playing. It might be a part of the marketing for Drones (every announcement = mentions of Muse all over the internet and more interest in the album) and so they may get announced for a festival every couple of weeks. I guess the issue is that these festivals are in September and they don’t have any August dates yet, but you never know.

    If Sziget are to have something up their sleeves as they keep suggesting they do, Muse would be a headliner that would satisfy the needs of most of those with issues. Big? Huge. Rock? Yes.

    Personally, I’ve seen them five times, so I’m not desperate to see them again, but they always deliver a good show and are worthy headliners of any festival really so I wouldn’t complain.

  129. @Eddie
    I never was a metalhead you just me one here. I listen to punk and hardcore.

  130. @eddie. I also like limp bizkit(i don’t understand the hate for them) and i’m not a metalhead. And I also like bands like foals, maccabees, kasabian etc

  131. Sarcasm! You can tell from my own selections that I don’t believe you have to stick to one genre.

  132. no, there was only a listening party on the island. it was discussed here already…

  133. Already discussed seems unlikely. Any news this week do we think?

  134. seems unlikely? -_- just scroll back, and never go full retard

    “Ricciarrdo says:
    May 29, 2015 at 6:57 pm

    Muse has just posted this on facebook:
    if you press find location you can see a stick above Óbuda island where the sziget take palce.
    What does it mean?”

    “JumboJack says:
    May 30, 2015 at 1:14 am

    The Muse drones thing is a sort of treasure hunting for the fans, you go to the marker and will find a qr code or something to unlock stuff. For example the new video for Reapers was revealed this way”

  135. yeah it was pretty unfortunate, they could hide it anywhere else in Budapest but on the Island.

  136. I don’t think that if Sziget had Muse they would already announced it. This Lollapalooza announcement is something big, Lolla is an international festival involved with the music industry, and labels and things like this… so obviously this announcement had priority over anything else in this period. They wanted to make this announcement big, isolated.

    My opinion is that they’re still working on this thing of a good “big” headliner and they will do it until august if this is what is required.

    As sziget italy said in different occasions “will we have more big names? we hope this, we’re workin on this”. I think that everyday they’re tryin to communicate with people like muse, green day, kol, u2, LP etc to find out if they can reach an agreement. It could be anybody, anytime. It’s just useless trying to guess 🙂 And if they can’t they’ll find someone to fill the mainstage for saturday night, and if it’s shit we’ll have fun elsewhere, no problem 🙂

  137. Big quote for @eddie and his five undercard acts: Hot Chip, Caribou, Tame Impala, Weezer, Alexisonfire would fit the Sziget atmosphere perfectly.

    Other acts I would love to see gracing the Sziget stages: St Vincent, Songhoy Blues, Jamie XX, Four Tet and M.I.A. (not sure she’s touring this year though).

  138. Weezer are amazing live, Muse are good too. Radiohead would be a dream.

    Im still hoping for Jamie T but it looks like I may have to go elsewhere for him.

  139. @Reeno I’m secretly (well not anymore) hoping for st.Vincent at Sziget. It would make me very very happy. And i hope because she strangely have just one date in Europe announced for august so far, and it’s on 23rd, just in the middle of her US tour. It’s pretty strange i thing 😀

  140. @cazati good story but the reason that the Muse announcement for Lollapalooza was on 1 June is because it was after 2 other German festivals that took place on 28 and 29 may.

  141. I’m pretty sure that that muse drones site has to be a great clue that Muse wil play at Sziget. If i’m rigt at every other city where a pole is, they’re playing. Would be great to see them again. Last time at Amsterdam was surreal how good it was.

  142. They don’t have a Barcelona date or a Manchester one. It could go either way this one.

  143. well Muse are always great, so why not, but will see them in june and may be in september at Lola (if I’ll go). the only one big name that now on tour that I would add to the line up is Faithless

  144. @Eddie I would say it’s incredible for small festival. main thing for me was Roisin Murphy, Fritz Kalkbrenner, Panama. Other bands just a good bonus

  145. @Ambassadeur- did you see/enjoy any of… James Blake, Dixon, Marek Hemmann, Tale of Us, Ten Walls, Ame, Recondite, Ellen Allien or Mind Against? I’d have gone for those guys and Fritz Kalkbrenner. How was he? I’ve never seen him

  146. @Eddie I was too tired to stay after 2am so Dixon, Marek Hemmann, Ten Walls, Ame no. Ellen Allien is always great, Tale of Us were nice too. Fritz Kalkbrenner – I just love him and long time had a dream to see him, finally this happened. James Blake is talented guy, but his music isn’t for me. same with Chet Faker. In general,I don’t like djs so much nowdays. If it’s about electronic music, I would prefer to have singing electronic artists like Underworld, Howling, Sylvan Esso, Tiga (actually it was his first live show ever and it was good)

  147. @finge i know my dear, I know.. that’s the reason why they’re waiting after Download to announce Bestival. What I was trying to say was that even if sziget has booked them they are not allowed to announce them so close to Lolla Berlin, because Lolla have to make the announcement sound big.

  148. 2008 was one of the best lineups

    REM, Iron Maiden, Serj Tankian, Babyshambles, P.U.S.A., Sex Pistols

  149. Nice! Even though reviews of their live show are mixed I’ve always wanted to see them.

  150. If they are TV on the Radio I’ll wear as Heisenberg during DLZ yelling to anybody to stay out of my territory for the whole song

  151. I… expected a real rock name, guess this makes me a sad boy, if true…

  152. just posting for JD comment notifications. Would much prefer TV On The Radio to The Offspring.

  153. @Istvan how did you go from the hint to Kings of Leon?

    I’m really happy but I’m not because I wanted it to be Muse!

  154. Well he gave a positive smiley to the Kings of Leon comment, so probably it’s them (I really hope it’s not)

  155. I don’t get the connection between T.O. and Kings of Leon.
    The kings Of leon (you serious? lol)

    Don’t know, a part of me hope that John Doe was sarchastic with that smiley face

  156. There’s is no “the” in “kings of leon”. And john suggested that “T” doesn’t stand for The

  157. Lol, guys. It’s just a joke, why da f you talking about Kings Of Leon, when john doe give us T.O and said nothing when somebody said TV On The Radio?

  158. @Noeliam actually it’s a pretty funny story, but you have to be Hungarian to get it.
    T. O. Teas is the pen name of a well known translator in Hungary who got the job of translating 50 Shades of Grey into Hungarian. His translation was in the middle of a huge scandal back in the day, as he translated Kings of Leon to “The Lion King” (Oroszlánkirály)…
    So, my twisted mind made the connection instantly 😀

  159. Hahaha thanks for answering! Makes sense! 🙂

    Who else John? thank you too btw!

  160. @Istvan: so it is King of Leon, then?

    @john doe: thanks for the hint. more plz?

  161. @ Cap Chunk: Just having a chat, no need to be that harsh.
    @ Istvàn: LOL

    Analyzing the names that come to my mind thinking of “t.o.”, I see:
    – The Offsprings: they got only 12th for free, so I’m not that hopefully
    – Tom Odell: SongKick says he got a empty hole between 07/28 and 08/20. I hope not, even if a comeback is possible (consider Ska P)
    – The Outlaws: good old southern rock band, for sure unexpected, they got a hole between 12 and 28 of august. But I guess that no one in Europe listen to an USA not-so-famous country rock band, so whatever
    – TV on the Radio: totally could be, they ain’t playin for almost august and the 08/24 they are in Amsterdam.

  162. @thetrootroo I have no idea. It is just my twisted mind, as I said before… but imagine the grin on my face 😀

  163. I think it’s next week if it’s KoL. they usually say something like “new names soon” 2 or 3 days before to create hype, even when they announce undercard, am I wrong? Also if it’s Kol I think they’ll be saturday night, otherwise they could have been also at pukkelpop 🙂 just saying

  164. @john doe: can you clarify when the new names are coming? a weird time for you to show up if there is no announcement tomorrow.

  165. KOL dates:

    24/7 Barcelona,Spain

    28/8 Sparta,Kentucky

    4/9 Konstanz; Germany

    … imo another boring act,i prefer Offspring!

  166. maybe john just told us as soon as he was 100% sure of the booking, very kind 🙂

  167. I don’t get why people say kol is a boring band…
    I’d be really happy if they’ll play at sziget

  168. Because Kings of Leon live is just boring ( saw them 2 times). No interraction with the crowd. Even looks like they dont have fun. Just playing the songs. Thats it

  169. Guys…John has said something on a Wednesday everytime before a Thursday announcement. If he stays silent it’s likely to be just KOL.

  170. think kol deserve that headline spot, very good announcement for me. I just hope for someone after ellie, or after limp bizkit, or both.. even if I know it would be too much for this august festival circuit 🙂

  171. Yes, I see now. It would be a little inappropriate, but I’d rather watch to TV on the Radio than Kings of Leon (my opinion)

  172. I’d be ok also with TVOR.
    I’m not really sure it will be kol because of the hint “T.O. Teas”. No connection..

  173. It’s clearly Kings of Leon, I don’t even get why people are doubting it. JD did the grin, that’s biblical.

    I’d have preferred other acts, but my wife is happy and their first three albums were good so it’s fine for me. I’ve seen them live a number of times and they may just ‘stand and play the songs’ but they do that as well as any band I’ve seen do it.

  174. I’d rather have a good shit instead of wachting Kings of Leon again…. But thats just my opinion 😉 I was hoping for something better….

  175. TVOTR would be better than anything else, but it’ll be great to finally see KOL. Not the best live band, it’s true, but they have many many hits, it’ll be a great show for sure.

  176. Kings of Leon would be shit. Boring as hell. Fingers crossed for Muse. But with the JD hint it doesn’t looks very promissing. Still hoping for some cool heavy undercard acts like Lamb of God, Parkway Drive, A Day to Remember, Truckfighters, Moonspell, Hatebreed, Dank Jones, Biohazard, Mastondon, Refused, Epica, Rob Zombie, Marmozets, Within Temptation, Sick of it all, Soulfly, etc…

  177. @Agony- when you say hope… do you really think any of those bands are in any way feasible? There’s been nothing like any of them in the past three years at Sziget, if not longer. It seems pointless even suggesting them.

  178. @Eddie: i think he was insinuating that we could still see a heavier band show up this year, contrary to your comment that said there has been “nothing like any of them in the past three years”.

    But yah, I think it’s pretty unlikely at this point. Although last year NOFX and Korn were both announced really late, mid-June i think, so anything is possible up until the very end with Sziget it seems. Really hoping Kings of Leon isn’t the only headliner remaining, although I’m okay with seeing them for sure.

    For me, this lineup needs a few more rock bands (one massive, preferably, like Muse), a solid rapper (Kendrick or Kanye would be solid), and some solid live electronic acts… Porter, Klangkarussel, Disclosure, ect. (NOT more djs, so we’re clear). I’d wish for a handful of heavy bands, but I don’t think that’s likely to happen.

    Top 3 wishes though: Alexisonfire, Disclosure, Kill The Noise

  179. Snoop Dogg is awesome 😀 but I don’t really understand, if he plays the same day he has to play in the afternoon. thats quite unlikely

  180. Do we know that this announcement will be him? They could be trying to space new headliners out to create a bit more hype… plus the clue given by john doe has no relation to Snoop Dogg, does it?

    I’d bet we’ll get Kings of Leon tomorrow and Snoop will get announced next week… seems as if john doe has essentially already told us Kings of Leon will play, unless he’s intentionally curveballing us as Eddie implied.

  181. It might be a mistake on his website … So … I guess he won’t …

  182. How is this possible? Maybe they have the same manager or something? But yeah it’s too weird it’s written in the same way etc.

  183. No more Snoop 🙁
    His actual dates aren’t on his own site, it’s Awolnation’s. Congrats to those who noticed, I have no idea how they did!

  184. So … Tomorrow we can think they’ll announce Muse or The Offsprings or King of Leon … But for the clue YSN I have no idea

  185. There’s no ‘or’ about it. It’s Kings of Leon. Stop speculating. John Doe smiled, it’s written in stone.

  186. Look at Snoops Facebook, he plays Musikfest in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania on Aug 15 so I don’t think it’s possible

  187. YSN was posted by a troll john doe (john moe) account… not the real one. We’re only getting Kings of Leon tomorrow

  188. I am not a fan of Kings of Leon. I don’t mind attending a band that I do not know or I do not like, but I could stay and watch them if they are energetic and are awesome live. I read everywhere that KoL are bad live, and that makes me sad. A headliner that is monotonic and boring… I really, really hope it’s not them… If it is, well, I guess I’ll be playing the playstation 4’s while they are on 🙁

  189. oh no we are going to miss you so much 🙁

    finally we get a big rock headliner, big enough to headline any festival in the world. you are still whining because they don’t interact enough with the crowd. go and see some f***** djs then, they are asking how are you feeling every five seconds -_-
    they are not one of my favourite bands, they are not the best live band, but it’s better than almost every other option.

  190. Ok dudes. It’s Kings of leon 100%. Sziget italy posted a very small part of a kol photo. Ex: “hands with a watch” and said that the name leaked

  191. Kings Of Leon are a great name to me. I waited for them for years cos for some reason they never come to Italy. I’m so happy with this name.

  192. Alright, we’ll sing Sex on Fire like emotional teenagers while slightly jumping and pretend to have fun… If Kings of Leon are a true rock band, then the world has gone mad

  193. at least an instrumentally driven band. which is rare at sziget nowadays. Still an awful band though.

  194. oh and the snoop self-confirmation. that dude shuldn’t be allowed near any stage.

  195. Ok, so we got two news for today:
    Kings of Leon will play, and Major Lazer will play on Main Stage.

    To me 2 bad news, for someone else maybe it’s gonna be a huge party. I tell you why.
    – Kings of Leon are a really good name, tho. They are significant famous and are for sure better than the latest release: they got more than 2 albums (and this year, this one is a notable point) and they usually play guitars, also (other notable point, I might say). BUT I’ve seen some live show of ’em: they are good at it but very very quiet. Good or bad? Your decision, I’d rather to party at night – last year the more quiet headliner were Blink 182 (and it was awful, but because they suck live).
    This leave 2 headliner blocks free, and now we have 4 headliner, than: Robbie Williams, Florence + The Machine, Kings of Leon, Avicii, that Garrix’s thing. Ahem… weeeeeh…

    – Major Lazer at the Main Stage. What the actual f***. They would be great at party arena but evidence says they got some problem to fill the Main Stage this year. Not because Diplo and Co. are bad live, but cause I would have seen them better in the Telekom Arena rather than on the Main Stage, playing during the day or worse, the sunset.

    Well, whatever…

  196. i’m very dissapointed.. and if you read the facebook reactions, i’m not the only one

  197. Major Lazer are massive though. Way too big for the Arena, much bigger than Alesso. I don’t really see the issue with Major Lazer playing if you book a big, older dance headliner too like Chemical Brothers or Faithless. As it is, their other dance headliners are also relatively new and poppy in Garrix and Avicii. It’s not critically acclaimed dance music, it’s radio friendly chart music. Of the three, Major Lazer are the one I’m happiest with to be honest. I actually like some of their songs.

    Kings of Leon have three great guitar albums, which they then followed up with a rubbish album that had Sex on Fire on it and made them famous and the majority of people who dislike them do so on the basis of their music from then on. The bulk of their setlist will be from those first three albums though, and there’s some great tunes on there. I know they’re not all over the stage live, but they’re tight as hell and I’ve always enjoyed them. In fact, I got in to them having seen them live, so I don’t agree with people saying they’re rubbish at all.

    Neither are great selections for me, but I wouldn’t criticise the festival for either. I’d be more inclined to complain about The Script and Martin Garrix

  198. Meh – really struggling this year for acts.

    So Snoop playing before Avicii leaving Kasabian to play the 6pm slot????

    Could we possibly have 5 main stage acts again like the good old days? or possibly the curfew has been lifted and the DJ acts ect can play the mainstage after 11pm ay night?

  199. I’m not a big fan on KoL but at least we have a band and real instruments, and i’ll go to see their live.

    It’s impossible to find someone everyone likes, and people asked for a rock band, i guess they booked the closest thing to a rock band available…for sure they tried Muse before them or whatever

  200. snoop dogg is NOT coming, he is in the usa on the 15th. it was only a mistake on his website. as mentioned about 10 times already.

  201. the headliners so far:
    10th: robbie
    11th: florence
    12th: the script? 🙁 maybe the have something better, but it’s unlikely, alt-j would have to play in the afternoon
    13th: ellie 🙁 i can’t see them booking a bigger name
    14th: kasabian/avicii
    15th: KOL
    16th: ? (hopefully NOT limp bizkit)

  202. @Eddie: I dunno, they are big, you are right. But i sill can’t accept the fact that Main Stage aloud so many dj’s act this year.
    Last year there was 3 of them, all of them headliner, and if Calvin Harris was sh*t and Skrillex was so-so, Deadmau5 was the big thing.
    This year we got Garrix that is deep-fried sh*t, Avicii that is at the level of Calvin Harris (I dare anyone to tell the opposite) and Major Lazer that IMHO aren’t on the Mau5′ Level.

    Ok, we still got a probably electronic headliner out there to be assigned but if they ain’t Chemical Bros I can’t see good electronic act around that can draw the level I told you

  203. 16th is Martin Garrix, i don’t think there will be a headliner before him.
    I really hope there will be a real headliner on 13th, not Ellie. The Script are for sure headlining 12th

  204. I think Muse will take a break in August or they’ll play some gigs in the US. I heard there was a radio competition for a gig in Los Angeles on 1st August. And I’m sure Sziget tried to book them before anyone else!

  205. Eddie I agree but unfortunately the bulk of their set now is the last three, Only By the Night Comedown Sundown and Mechanical Bull only A handful from the others. See from Lolla Chile, should still be alright though. Not a bad name but not the band they were in 2007.

  206. @Jumbo Jack: The Script opening the party? I really don’t think, but it’s unpredictable now…

    @Marcu: That would let the Drones’ mistery unsolved

  207. If they can’t book a dj who plays after them, they are for sure headlining. I still have little hope for Chems, they could fly to Japan the day after on the same plane with The Script, lol

  208. @Marcu the evidence doesn’t suggest Sziget tries to book bands first. Quite the opposite. I think they leave it too late. Glastonbury have already booked their headliners for NEXT year and Sziget are still trying to find acts to play this year

  209. last year outkast played before the end show, so I am expecting a real headliner for the sunday

  210. That’s why Sziget Italy wrote btw :

    ? MAIN STAGE ?
    – Major Lazer
    – Kings of Leon
    – Hollywood Undead

    Could KOL play at 19h30 then?

  211. It depends if there’s an electronic act after (QOTSA, Placebo and Outkast played at 19h30 last year).

  212. Dance acts play last because they use bigger light shows. Kings of Leon are headlining. This is just general knowledge. Are people being purposefully awkward with their comments?

  213. No, people just got disappointed by the fact that 3 out of 5 end-day shows could be electronic act, I suppose, and have difficulties in accept this.

    I’m with them

  214. @Yelo they usually do, but with new idea of sziget party – they put after real headliner dance act to have party…

  215. this idea is just strange. if it will be allowed to play after 11 pm at main stage, than I don’t mind to have headliner at 9.30, and after electronic act.

  216. The day time line up is so rubbish, it’s just as well the headliners are on early haha

  217. It’s possible there will be one after Ellie because when Foals were announced they were billed as the afternoon slot. My problem there is that, if it’s anyone good, they’ll clash with Interpol probably. I wouldn’t expect much else though. Sziget said today there were more stages to be announced but didn’t say there’d be more big acts. I think that that’s a telling sign.

    Did they have four main stage acts on every day last year? If so, I reckon Wednesday will just have an opening band, Thursday has one act to be announced which could bewhere, Friday is done, Saturday has one opener and Sunday has one either opener or headliner.

  218. @Yelo, Are you seriously saying that Skrillex and Calvin Harris wher shite? They (especcialy Skrillex) gave amazing shows. Deadmaus was boring as hell. just the special effects where cool.

  219. Am I only one who thinks Alt-J will headline? They also headline Pukkelpop and numerous festivals. They’ll have the last a lot instead of The Script.

  220. I’m sure their is NO CURFEW because SZIGET states “24hParty”…

    But I miss some Names in the Line up on this Page but mentioned on other SZIGET Pages/Newsletter…

  221. Yes Major Lazor Main Stage – sorry for not mention which one..

    If People like Chemical Brothers: Just go to Werchter as well – they play their!

  222. Will Goran Bregovic Wedding and Funeral Band perform with the Chorus?
    Will Mariza, Florence and the Machine and Robbie Williams perform their FULL Show?
    Means together with the Symphonie Orchester and everything that happen when they perform not at a Festival (special Robbie Williams has a High-tech Show)?

    It would be interesting to know, their is ANYONE, that have known all the Bands and DJ’s performing…

    Whatever I searched all of them on You Tube, but somme of them I did not find or I’m not sure:

    not found: UK Europe stage: June from Macedonia, L’aupaire (D) BR Plus band, My Baby (NL)

    not found: Function

    About the “The Egyptian Project” I found only a GREAT DJ with the Name “The Egyptian” not sure he is that that will come to SZIGET15

    Could someone post Video Examples or tell more about their Style?

    The following Names I found in Line Up BUT NOT IN THE LIST ON THIS PAGE:

    Gui Boratto (Brasilia) / DJ Tagada
    World Music Stage – a MUST for me: DJ Luca Vaga, GypsySoundSystem / nearly a must: DJ Borzin
    Techno must for me: Laura Jones

    That List may be not complete as I did not search this Page for artists I likely will Skip…

  223. Last for now:

    If anyone is Set Up like me – Hearth is pounding for EDM, Energetic Balkan Music and unuseally Voices/Performances here are my Suggestions for each day:

    After Final times are published build in on 1 of the days where it fits best…

    12./13./14./15. oder 16.08.15:00 MAYBE Circus/Tanz Grotesque Gymanastics
    12./13./14./15. oder 16.08. 18:00 Circus Cirk La Putyka
    12./13./14./15. oder 16.08. 23:00 Circus Klaxon
    Fuerza Bruta

    Following is sorted each day in MUST SEE, WONT also to see and if nothing else to do…

    Apollonia (F) (Colosseum)
    Robbie Williams (GB) MAIN

    Infected Mushroom (Israel) (A38)
    Hernan Cattaneo (Colosseum)

    11.08. if possible:
    Gentleman & The Evolution (Main Stage)

    11.08. if time permits
    Jungle (A38)
    Asaf Avidan

    Gogol Bordello (Ukraine/NYC) (Main Stage)
    Michael Mayer (D) (Colosseum)
    Jaguar Skills (GB) (Telekom Arena)
    Dakhabrakha (World Music Stage) (RU?)
    Canzonerie Grecanico Salentino (I) (World Music Stage)

    12.08. if possible:
    Arty British Knights Europe Stage
    Enter Shikari (GB)
    Boban i Marko Markovic Orkestar (World Music Stage)

    12.08. if time permits:
    Tyler the Creator (A38)
    Halestorm (A38)
    14.15-15.00 Erotic Market (F) (British Knights Europe Stage)
    17.00-17.45 Après la Classe (I) (British Knights Europe Stage)
    The Script 7 out of 10
    Che Sudaka (World Music Stage) (ESP/COL/ARG)
    Alt-J (Main Stage) auch Werchter
    SBTRKT (A38) auch Werchter
    Antwerp Gypsy Ska Orchestra (World Music Stage) (Lowlands 2011 13 “So early not normal”)

    W&W (NL) (Telekom Arena)
    Camo & Krooked (Oe) (A38)
    Dixon (D) (Colosseum)
    Danny Byrd (GB) (A38)
    Julian Jordan (NL) (Telekom Arena)
    Foals (Main Stage)

    13.08.if possible:
    13.00-13.45 The Dumplings (PL) (British Knights Europe Stage)
    Labrassbanda (World Music Stage)
    Taraf de Haidouks (World Music Stage)
    Parno Graszt (World Music Stage)

    13.08 if time permits:
    15.30-16.30 theAngelcy (ISR) (British Knights Europe Stage)
    17.00-17.45 Wailing Trees (F) (British Knights Europe Stage)
    High Contrast (A38)
    Fred V & Grafix (A38)
    MC Dynamite (probably A38)
    My Favorite Robot (Colosseum)
    MØ (A38)
    Ellie Goulding (Main Stage), 5 out of 10

    13.00-13.45 Frequency (SK) (British Knights Europe Stage)
    Blasterjaxx NL (Telekom Arena)
    Marcel Dettmann (D) (Colosseum)
    Sidney Samson (NL) (Telekom Arena)
    Marina and the Diamonds (Main Stage)
    Besh O Drom (World Music Stage)
    Avicii (Main Stage) TECHNO
    Knife Party (A38)
    Dotan (A38)
    Stadium X (Telekom Arena) Techno muss SEHR GUT

    14.08. if possible:
    14.15-15.00 lohaus (B) (British Knights Europe Stage)

    14.08.if time permits:
    15.30-16.30 Lo Stato Sociale (I) (British Knights Europe Stage)
    18.15-19.00 Wattican Punk Ballet (ARM) (British Knights Europe Stage)
    Kasabian (schon RW, 6 out of 10) (Main Stage)
    Gramatik (A38)
    Dropkick Murphys (A38)

    13.00-13.45 MÖWE (A) (British Knights Europe Stage)
    Bassjackers (US) (Telekom Arena)
    Jett Rebel (NL) (A38)
    Alesso (Telekom Arena)
    Paloma Faith (A38)
    Vitalic Live (Colosseum)
    Ellen Allien (Colosseum)
    Lucas & Steve (Telekom Arena)
    Nero (A38)
    Romengo or Romango (World Music Stage)
    The Egyptian Project (World Music Stage) (if it is the Video I found..)

    15.08. if possible:
    14.15-15.00 Fast Animals and Slow Kids (I) (British Knights Europe St.)
    Major Lazer MAIN
    Goran Bregovic Wedding and Funeral Band (World Music Stage)

    15.08. if time permits:
    15.30-16.30 Splendid (NL) (British Knights Europe Stage) 1 out of 10
    18.15-19.00 Haydamaky (UKR) (British Knights Europe Stage)
    Noura Mint Seymali (World Music Stage)

    Sander van Doorn (NL) (Telekom Arena)
    Damian Lazarus (Colosseum) TECHNO
    Nervo (Telekom Arena)
    End Show with Martin Garrix (NL) (Main Stage)

    16.08. if possible:
    DJ Marky & Stamina MC (World Music Stage)
    Dhoad Gypsies of Rajastan (World Music Stage)

    16.08.if time permits
    Sigma live (A38) 5 out of 10
    Kraftklub (A38) 6 out of 10
    C2C 6 out of 10
    She’Koyokh (World Music Stage)
    HK & Les Saltimbanks (World Music Stage)

  224. Hi Holger, you’re German right? Function is a famous (in the underground) German techno DJ. He’s a resident at Berghain.

    Gui Boratto is playing the Colosseum on the Wednesday with Michael Mayer 🙂

  225. How you know I’m German?

    Yes my Technotime started with one of the first (or was it the first?) Underground GOA-Partys from Georg Roll next to the later known TUNNEl. Today I life on Pico…

    I added now to my must see Timeline: Function Berghain Resident (Colosseum) Thanks!

  226. @Sem (June 4th):
    Yes, I actually hated the Calvin Harris’ gig. I was really that pissed off I passed all the time affronting everything, cause I felt betrayed and offended by that show. It was the biggest show and probably one of the most expensive in all the 2014’s edition and that sort of a joke of Harris passed all the time putting his anthems without neither do a little mix or something: song starts – song proceed – song ends – silence – song starts – song proceed – song ends, and so it has gone for all the show I’ve seen (luckily I put myself togheter from the shock and went to watch a real show like the La Roux’ one was).
    It’s not the light that makes a dj set good.

    About Skrillex, I didn’t appreciate that much his mix, for sure it was a good choice of songs, for sure it was a skrillex-style show, but I expected for much more, so I enjoyed it but I can say that the Borgore’s Show (which was the most similar artist to Skrillex in that edition, IMHO) was way way way better.

    For last: Deadmau5. Ok, he had some problems with mixing (music sometimes just glitched) and he ended his show like 15minutes before it had to end. But it was immense: lights, music (of course if you like his genre, I mean) and the conversation with the adience he had, like when everyone sit down during the beginning of Strobe – one of the best moment in the whole Sziget, to me

  227. @ Eddie For me “Techno” is a Oberbegriff like EDM for many different Styles of “Techno” For ME that works, it mustn’t for others that need a Special Worrd for every Nuance of EDM..

  228. Yeah, electronic genres are really hard to pigeon hole. I have no idea what I’m listening to most of the time, particularly when comparing house and techno. And then there’s techno house as well which is something even different (I think). I don’t really say I listen to techno though, because I don’t listen to guys like Dettmann, Klock and Function who are supposedly the techno purists. I’d happily sit through a set of theirs, but I wouldn’t sit at home and listen to one.

    I don’t think most of the music I listen to has a genre. I know in the States a lot of it is called IDM (intelligent dance music), but that’s pretty insulting to other dance music, saying it’s not intelligent.

  229. @Eddie: as someone from North America, IDM is basically used to distinguish the difference between “electronic music” and popular “EDM” (DVBBS, Blasterjaxx, ect… simple big room trash).

    You’d be surprised. Over here, electronic music as a whole is still dismissed as talentless. I’ve had top-tier musician friends of mine listen to intricate, well composed music with crazy harmonic layers and insanely well thought out sound scapes, and proceed to dismiss it as “just a guy pushing buttons on his computer”. People therefore cannot comprehend the difference between a simple big room track and a musically driven concept album… if it was produced using a DAW then it’s all trash to most people.

    So yah, IDM is meant to distinguish guys like Aphex Twin from guys like Borgeous. A vision with intelligence and artistic expression layered throughout vs. a party anthem that’s only purpose is to make people jump and clap.

  230. Eddie: That Video you’ve send me from Damian Lazarus is quit interesting. It fits in not any Genre for me beside it’s mostly Electronically and even on that I’m not sure. It was a Journey thru diffrent Genres! At min 24 it had even Reagea!

    I saw a very different one.

  231. Yeah, it’s totally crazy. I love the track on there called You Are Amen by Polyester. His new album is really crazy too.

  232. 2 h Damian – that Track just before half time…

    But most is more Downbeat – more to listen

    Do you know Peru / Nova from the time before Techno was born but Electronic Music already been out.
    Or Rivers from Claude Larson? Or “Pictures of an Exhibithion”?

  233. A lot of that sounds really cheesey now, even though at the time it was really cutting edge! I quite like the track ‘Savannah’.

    If you like house and techno, I’d strongly advise DGTL festival. It’s the most eco-friendly festival I’ve ever been to and the line up is basically all the best underground house and techno DJs. There’s one in Amsterdam and one in Barcelona (that one’s at the same time as Sziget). I went to the Amsterdam one this year, and it was great. They also have the coolest aftermovie ever!

  234. Friends , I’m thinking of selling my ticket to sziget in favour of “FREQUENCY FM4 FESTIVAL” there are some massive shows in short period of days. I know Budapest is crazy , I’ve been there just last week , but the line-up…my god.. any thoughts ? should I wait for more announcements or just go with the frequency?

    thanks 🙂

  235. Sziget has one more headliner TBA at the most I reckon, maybe three biggish acts in total. Frequency looks to be a more bog standard festival whereas Sziget is a bit different. Do you like to party late? Sziget is a much more night time-based festival than Frequency. If you’re looking for just a bigger line up and a programme that ends at 11pm, Frequency is probably for you. If you want a more relaxed experience during the day and a party at night, Sziget.

  236. @Eddie, @TOM: just for the record (i think), Frequency has a “day park” and a “night park”, one full of live acts, the other mostly djs. i’m not sure if this actually means it goes through the night, but i’m pretty sure i’ve heard from people that the day park is just that, a day time stage, and the night park starts up once darkness falls. so don’t come to sziget just for night time festivities, as i think frequency offers the same thing.

    having said that, sziget will be a much better festival all around. anyone who has been to sziget doesn’t stop talking about it. frequency will without a doubt feel like “just another music festival”, whereas sziget will be a vacation / special experience. so it depends what you’re looking for.

  237. i could also be totally wrong about the day park / night park, but i don’t see why they’d name them that way. it could be just a dark stage (in a tent, hence night) vs. an open air stage, but i doubt they’d name them in such a misleading way if that were the case. plus i know they offer a tent (NOT the night park) during the day in addition to their main stage. i’d ask them to be sure.

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