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L’Oeuf Raide and Interlope at Sziget 2009

Two more interesting acts are 100% confirmed for Sziget Festival 2009.

According to the official MySpace page, L’Oeuf Raide will perform at Sziget Festival 2009 on August 13, at the Meduza electro stage.This is the project of Fred, ex-drummer of hardcore-punk band Tong!. Usually, Fred mixes music, while a VJ mixes images.

The second confirmed act (on their official MySpace page) is Interlope, the French drum & bass band. They’re set to play Sziget Festival 2009 on August 13.

UPDATE: ZÔL is another artist listed on his MySpace for the Meduza Stage, as well as the official French site to play at Sziget 2009.

22 thoughts on “L’Oeuf Raide and Interlope at Sziget 2009

  1. i cant see this line up anymore!! is sucks!
    only offspring is worth waiting for.. and thats so sad.
    what about arctic monkeys? limp bizkit (and i dont care they are playing at volt fest), pearl jam, chris cornel, papa roach, coldplay, oasis, and other good shows?!
    we had rise against but they cancelled!
    im so sad, but with this lazy line up, im not comming!!
    at 5 or 6 days we have just 1.5 good acts and im talking about the offspring and faith no more that are not a headliner but they are good.

  2. or other boring acts! the prodigy, fatboy slim, pandulum, all are pop and dance.
    there is such a hude different between this year and last year, when we had r.e.m, iron maiden, the killers, and even sex pistols (whos im not a big fan of), and alanis morissette (that do pop, but its better then the prodiyak).
    i hope that some good names will come up cause i really want to come to sziget.

  3. sziget’s main advantage is diversity. it’s festival for open-minded people. if you want only rock bands like those mentioned by you, try nova rock, and stop crying here.

  4. Last year was better, yeah. But its not just about the lineup. Nobody cares if you come or not, anyways.

  5. I love the way you complain at the number of pop acts and then go and suggest that they could improve the line-up by bringing in Coldplay, Oasis and the Arctic Monkeys who are all pop acts.

    Also there isn’t much difference in the line-up between the years other than this year has more dance (and since The Prodigy, Fatboy Slim and Pendulum are all amazing dance acts there’s really nothing to complain about).

  6. well, I definitely prefer Prodigy, Fatboy Slim & Pendulum, than Roisin Murphy & Jamiroquai.

  7. I like sziget!last year was amazing/first time i feel like i’m in heaven////its hard to belive but in my country,Ukraine,we dont have a lot of good foreigener bands concerts/i’m a fan of old school rock&metal&punk,but i d like to see all this bands(like placebo or Pendulum)/i love sziget cause of it atmosphere & people/but i m still hope that it would be more rock & metal bands =)))))

  8. there will be more rock&metal bands. but you shouldn’t check only mainstage artists. most of greatest acts take their place on other scenes.

    few years ago in Poland it was the same – just a few big gigs per year, ten years ago we could count on just one or two of them. so I know your situation.

    anyway – if you’re fan of harder rock&metal, you should definitely try nova rock or something like that. of course not instead of sziget. 😉

  9. To brajt:
    if i would have a chance -of course i would check another festivals…but this year on Sziget i wanna see Offspring & FNM(this 2 bands i want to see from along time ) & the Subways are very interesting band?and Ska-p/I’ve listend to some Hungarian metal bands and they improve me///

  10. Yay for Vova and Brajt having the right idea about festivals. I think Sziget has a pretty good mix of music as it is, although I would like to see Pearl Jam, Eagles of Death Metal and Mad Caddies added to the line-up =p

  11. Some good hungarian metal/rock band, that will be on Sziget (I hope):
    Bridge To Solace -DA BEST-
    Blind Myself
    Superbutt (confirmed)
    Chief Rebel Angel
    Watch My Dying

    Indie, if not enough the main stage: 🙂
    The Kolin
    Amber Smith

    DnB, electro, world, folk – live:
    Korai Öröm
    Besh o droM
    Anima Sound System


  12. Colorstar, Korai Orom, Masfel & Besh o droM are all very nice for me, i’d like to see them once again.

  13. does any one knoes about some rock acts rumers?
    are there headliners left? is there a day zero act?
    so far the offspring are huge, ska-p are pretty good, fnm are great, some of the hungarian bannds are nice, bloc party are good, and placebo are ok (im not a huge fan of them).
    what happened with travis? they are not coming at the end? i wont cry if they will not come
    szigetttttttttttt 2009!!!!!!!

  14. On the day Zero i wanna some huge act like it was year ago with Iron Maiden///Maybe Metallica for day 0?It would be great to see Slipknot,Slayer,Trivium,Soulfly or Megadeth…or Lamb of God….Waith have an idea – maybe for day ZERO headlainer will be one of this bands:ACDC,KISS or Aerosmith….

  15. vova my friend, u dont know how much i wanna see most of the bands you wrote at sziget, but mettalica are way too expensive, acdc are in europe until the end of june so i dont think its possible (if its possible, i will pay as much as you want! i will f***ing go crazy if they will come), aerosmith is on a tour at the us that time, and i dont know about kiss.
    pearl jam is an option, but i dont know if they will play in festivals on the europien tour (i sure hope so).

  16. kevin i hope that some good band will be on day zero///maybe somedreams come to life

  17. What about Mad Caddies? They’ll play in Germany on august 14 and in Belgium on August 22……

  18. Can’t see Metallica tbh. They charge £1m appearance fee, which would be a complete waste of money, mind you looking at the other acts they haven’t spent much anyway… I personally think it will be either Basement Jaxx who are on tour of europe at the same time and have a gap between the 10th and the 13th with no dates…slightly suspicious, or Kaiser Chiefs who will be back from the USA on the 10th, and are in Switzerland on the 15th…perhaps they could fit it in.

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