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Lostprophets at Sziget 2011

Another interesting one for you guys (thanks to Meh for signalling this). Lostprophets will (almost certainly) play Sziget 2011.

Why do we say this? Well, the official Lostprophets Twitter account features a rather interesting update, and we quote:

Oh, hello. We’ve got a bit of news for you tomorrow. Hamarosan találkozunk!

In Hungarian, the last phrase means “meet you soon!”. This sounds like a very good hint to us, especially since tomorrow is the next big lineup announcement!

13 thoughts on “Lostprophets at Sziget 2011

  1. Sziget France has Linkin Park between its Sziget-bands-likes. Do you think that means something? 😀

  2. Sziget Szervezoiroda (the management of Sziget) likes The Maccabees and Amy Winehouse. They are coming! They always like those things before announcing new names (the same for Balaton Sound and Volt) OH MY GOD !!! The MAccabees! YES!

  3. WtF they cant be serious what a bounce of shit bands!
    Good Charlotte, Kid Cudi, seriously??

  4. What a disappointment!!!! Who cares about Good Charlotte or a drug addict Amy Winehouse? WTF? This is a joke! Where is a band like Arctic Monkeys for fuck’s sake!

  5. Hopefully none of these bands will be a headliner on mainstage, only kasabian is nice. I’m affraid that Amy and Good Charlotte will become a prominent place on main stage as wel… Within Temptation will be playing at the European Stage I guess.
    Slightly disappointing these names…

  6. Good Charlotte were headliners a couple of years ago, so I guess they are the only headliners with Pulp and The Chemical Brothers, yet.

  7. Within Temptation and Deftones at Rock/Metal Stage
    Kid Cudi and Peter Bjorn and John at Party Arena (I think the headlining slots at party arena are full now)

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