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Love Revolution and the Thoughts of the CEO

Next year’s Sziget Festival will be all about acceptance of diversity and a life without threats. This is why it has chosen “Love Revolution” as its slogan – it expresses the event’s hope to live in a world with no wars and nuclear threats, no discrimination based on skin color, religion or sexual identity, one that’s sustainable and has a clean environment, and filled with the utmost respect for human rights.

The topic of the festival will be expressed by a number of art installations meant to express the ideas driving next year’s edition, submitted by artists and groups for approval through the Art of Freedom tender. Sziget expects concepts of artists of all kinds – beginners to professionals – to submit works like installations and sculptures, decorations, resting tools, and designs for ticket booths and fence covers, among others, to be submitted until the 15th of February 2018.

Artists will receive festival pass to install, maintain (secure) and dismantle the work. In case it is necessary we will provide the artist with an advance payment on the account of the tender value. In addition, the exact location of the installation will be decided together.

In the meantime, concert industry publication Pollstar has reached out to a number of festival professionals to say a few words about this year’s situation and make a few predictions about the next. Here is what Tamás Kádár, CEO of Sziget Festival, told the magazine: “The main issue for us in 2017 is still the rise of artist fees which is hard to follow with ticket prices. The few real headliners, which are to be considered for an international festival like Sziget, are getting more and more expensive and with this it is a real challenge to keep up the quality of the lineup and satisfy the expectations of the European crowd. However, we feel positive about the upcoming seasons as our brand and location is outstanding on the European festival scene.” Be sure to read the other professionals’ opinions, too, as they provide valuable insights on the state of the modern-day festival industry.

42 thoughts on “Love Revolution and the Thoughts of the CEO

  1. @Stanley reality sucks sometimes.

    Don’t expect anything different when they try to sell the festival with pointless “art” instead of great music.

  2. I think that the thread should be really sensitive to Hungary, considered what went on in the latest years and in recent times about migration flows in the country. But yeah, it’s always nice to see that the hard core of the festival is always so compelled to whine about the lack of the Werchter/Bloodstock Open Air line up.

    Anyway, what is really interesting in a lineup optic (since I think that art installations are useful to bring a valid message but not to make a festival a winner in the circuit) is the following quote:

    “The main issue for us in 2017 is still the rise of artist fees which is hard to follow with ticket prices. The few real headliners, which are to be considered for an international festival like Sziget, are getting more and more expensive and with this it is a real challenge to keep up the quality of the lineup and satisfy the expectations of the European crowd. However, we feel positive about the upcoming seasons as our brand and location is outstanding on the European festival scene.”

    It means nothing, because of course they cannot say “festival sucks, except lowkey main artists this year as well” if that was the case, but it is nice to see that mgmt consider the period they are having the festival a dead one, which is usually saved by one-two big names that tour in that week (RW-KoL-Muse-Rihanna-nofuckinbodylastyear), and maybe this will bring the festival to be moved to a more florid period in the next years. Who knows.

    (Just gimme Gorillaz, NIN and Arctic Monkeys and I’ll spend my ass off for the festival)

  3. sorry Yelo but these “love revolution” campaign solves as much problems as when Miss worlds say they want world peace. cool but so weightless.

  4. Actually Gorillaz is highly likely, and I could also see AM performing (since they had a show at volt feszt 3 years ago). Can someone explain why won’t sziget and volt switch times?

  5. So, it’s official:

    Sziget Festival Official
    13 mins ·
    Dear Szitizens! Due to the Sziget Festival line up confirmation taking a little longer than expected the team has decided to extend the early bird ticket window through to January. Enjoy the rest of the year, and prepare for an even better one! See you at Sziget 2018! ????

  6. It would be interesting if they’ll do it the Glasto, Coachella & other festivals way: releasing a poster with the entire line-up and with no further announcements.

  7. Britney Spears would be hilarious, lol.

    She doesn’t really suit Sziget or festivals in general, but she is an icon and will draw a big audience. Sure she lipsyncs, but I think it can be quite an entertaining party. Hell, if Justin Bieber can do festivals, surely can she? lol. If they book her, let’s hope they book big quality acts as well though.

  8. Britney Spears even with her lipsync belongs more to a festival than any pathetic djs playing laptops on the mainstage in the recent years…

  9. @Patrick Bateman why don’t you just go to Volt instead of Sziget?

    I think that Sziget attracts so many people no matter who’s playing also because it’s in August instead of June-July. For example, I don’t know how’s the situation in other countries, but I’m Italian and in Italy we have university exams till the end of July and then again in September. The final oral exams in the last year of high school are at the beginning of July and may reach the middle of the month. That’s why sziget is so popular it Italy. A great festival experience in the only free month students have.

  10. The point of your comment is that Sziget and Volt should exchange their dates so Sziget would have a better lineup. First of all I find this comment totally disrespectful to Volt that is actually ANOTHER festival. Why should Volt get worse name in order to make Sziget better? Then I answered in that way as you probably don’t understand that surely Sziget won’t have that appeal if it was in another period of the year using by example the italian market (which is one of the main markets for Sziget) as I am Italian, I studied communication and marketing and I wrote my degree thesis on festivals with a special focus on Sziget. Sziget’s strength is also being in that time of the year. Or at least it surely is for the italian market. None of the people I know would go to Sziget if it was during Volt week.

  11. in short:
    Who cares about Italian students?

    longer version: Shifting the destival dates are as valid as even the organizers were thinking about it years ago. (sorry can’t/won’t find the source). The reason: August festival climate is dead in Europe, especially during Sziget’s time, while June-July is pretty much the best time for it. Volt is a smaller fest, with more limited budget/space for people etc. The shift would be more than ideal, as Volt still could get boring Djs and prodigy for the 30th time in August and sziget might have a better chance to book actual music. (probably they won’t live up that, but still). Also, there students outside of Italy in Europe who can manage to go to festivals in June, all you have to do is planning and making decisions…

  12. @Fsfsf please, go to one other festival and stop your stress about Sziget. It is not the festival for you. There is the world out of this screen

  13. @why

    reasoning 1566th time. I go to other festivals, but i live in Budapest and I have the right to have an opinion on my local festival. Thanks for advice though.

  14. Obviously everyone is entitled to express their opinion. But why spend so much time and energy bad mouthing a festival you clearly don’t like?

  15. I guess because he’s sad that something he liked is slowly but steadily turning to crap

  16. There wasn’t a time when i “liked” sziget all together, I just approved it. But the line-up went downhill so badly that it’s just not justifable.

  17. Sziget CEO just tweeted “it’s an achievement to know that Fsfsf once approved Sziget. We need to make Sziget approvable again”

  18. I wish the ceo care enough to check this place out or even facebook to realise the mostly negative comments over the recent years…

  19. Although I’m not planning on going this year. I like the Sziget feeling and arts stuff and think they are heading in the right direction. For example, I Saw loads in the dance stage last year which was awsome and world class. The classical stage opera show I loved as well. Magic mirror was disappointing in 2017, make local clubs host each night to get the local lgbt crowd down. They don’t need bigger acts for the main stage just more diverse and less edm. I’d like to see 5 acts on the main each day again. Also would like to see a38 have bands till the morning not become another dance arena.. a rockier/ metal / punk stage would be fun as well. Why don’t they use the arena during the day for bands like they used to. It would also be good to have a nightly indie /rock disco somewhere clearly marked on the map.

  20. And they shoud move the musicbox to the quiet side of the island…
    …by the way….til now…the management is not better than last year…I hope they do the further decisons much better…

    And…here in the forum…its a bit like a mashine that runs dry….

  21. Happy New Year szitizens & I hope that we won’t have reasons for hate comments about Sziget in 2018!

  22. I think they ‘ve already done that movement, I bet Eminem and Gorillaz will be in the first announcement … however the coachella lineup is a bit disgusting.

  23. nice to see coachella took notes from sziget how to book crappy, popintless, boring pop acts at a live music festival. So so bad….

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