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Many more acts on the Hungarian site!

The official Hungarian Sziget site confirms a whole number of new acts (most of them for the World Music Main Stage, we presume). Sziget News already told you about some of them.

Here they are (thanks, chudo_pahan):


Amparo Sanchez


Csík zenekar és vendégei

Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird

Dirtmusic & Tamikrest

Jaune Toujours


Los De Abajo

Mahala Rai Banda


Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club & Omara Portuondo

Parno Graszt


Rupa & the April Fishes

Shantel &  Bucovina Club Orkestar

Söndörgo + Ferus Mustafov

Tony Allen

Where there’s a link, you will be taken to the relevant post on Sziget News.

Of course, the whole lineup so far can be found in our constantly updated lineup page.

14 thoughts on “Many more acts on the Hungarian site!

  1. Nothing yet. The moment we know something, one way or the other, we’ll tell you. We still think there are chances, since thhave just announced some Europe dates for August. It seems plausible.

  2. im still begging you for 2 many dj’s, bloody beetroots or any other great electro dj!! 🙂

  3. Blink seem to play on “every” festival in August / September (Independend Days, Two Days A Week, Rock en Seine, Reading, Leeds, Chiemsee Rocks, Highfield, Lowlands, Area 4, Pukkelpop) plus clubshows, so there are pretty good chances that they’ll play Sziget, too and that the promoters just didn’t give it away, because it was too obvious.

    BUT there is the possibility that they decided to start their european tour on August 19, so that they don’t have a full week of offdays between Sziget and their first other show… (with a 99% guarantee they will not play before Muse and I don’t see them before Iron Maiden as well, so that they would have to play on the 11th – 13th)…

  4. Who knows? Still, some of their fan Twitter accounts seem to suggest that they will play Sziget. And since they are doing almost all of the big festivals, it does seem quite plausible. We’ll just wait and see. We think that, in Sziget tradition, they should be there if they’re touring at that time around the area.

  5. Any chance that Wolfmother will play at Sziget? That would be so awesome! I can’t stand that their myspace doesn’t show any gigs in august…

  6. Usually no band playing at Volt or Balaton Sound do play at Sziget, because these festivals are from the same promoter and they want to have the bands exclusively on each festival..!

    This way we will not get Billy Idol, Massive Attack, The Prodigy, Pet Shop Boys, Klaxons, Chemical Brothers, Tricky, Pendulum, Jamiroquai, 2manyDJs and others…!

  7. aaah! 30 seconds, Delphic, Hot Chip, La Roux, Portugal. The Man, Skunk Anansie and White Lies or Pola Riot are coming to the Frequency Festival in Austria (19-21) august… I think they could come to Sziget as well.. there is a big chance

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