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Metal bands for Sziget announced in two weeks!

In case you’re a metalhead coming to Sziget and waiting for the names on day zero, good news!

The organizers have answered a comment that asked when the bands would be announced on the Sziget Festival Official Facebook.

The answer was: “in two weeks”, as you can see below (provided you understand a bit of Hungarian).

Let’s hope for some interesting names!

metal bands in two weeks

(thanks, mellowmaniac!)

60 thoughts on “Metal bands for Sziget announced in two weeks!

  1. lambo says:
    May 24, 2012 at 10:48 pm

    I truly dont get you. Do you just shout out bands and thereby hope it would make a difference? I got some great news for you.. you should check the line-up page on this site.. Lacuna Coil is already on there. Next time you can leave the caps lock key on off mode. Thx mate, Have a great Festival

  2. Lacuna Coil have already been announced.
    And Enter Shikari are shit. I saw them before they got signed, they were shit then and they are shit now.

  3. right im confused, what date is day 0? is it the 5th or the 6th? im flying in at midnight on the 5th and really want to be there for metal day! am now stressed ive booked my flight a day later than i should! arghhhhhhhhh! hate all this day -1 day 0 crap! confuses me every year! haha

  4. Correct me if Im wrong but Lacuna Coil have only self confirmed – nothing official.

  5. yeah lacuna coil havent been announced theyve only self confirmed, im not an idiot!

  6. Can we expect big metal bands for day 0?? I think the MR2-Petofi is not as big to host big bands… What do u think?

  7. i’m expecting a big co-headliner and a huge headliner for the metal day! if you consider that the metal line up will be 1/5 of the last year (cause the metal stage was playing 5 days) this headliner must be really big!

  8. @diseasefire Yes! I’m agree with you! but what in the MR2 and not in the Main Stage?? For example, I’m not seeing Guns’n’Roses or Marylin Manson Iron Maiden or Ozzy in this Stage and Akos in the Main Stage at the same time. I don’t know how big is Akos in hungary.

  9. @Kapaopango:
    The “new” MR2 is the former Worldmusicstage, which is not much smaller than the mainstage (if they keep the size of the stage). The area in front of the stage is narrower than the one of the mainstage, but not limited to the back so that LOTS of people can be hosted there.

    I think the billing will depend on the availability of good metal bands. Last year Sziget had surpisingly big metal headliners (Judas Priest, Deftones, Motorhead) and I’m sure they will try to get bands as big as the mentioned – at least to calm the people complaining about the loss of the metal stage, but it’s not sure if they will get them.

    They could try to book bands like Opeth, Dimmu Borgir, Napalm Death or Scorpions, plus many other exclusive bands, but we will see in about two weeks time. 😉

  10. @Kapaopango:
    Akos is one of the biggest stars in Hungary (as far as I know) and will do a special show on the mainstage. I think that’s fine, because the other stage is fine for metal, too.

    The metal-lineup isn’t 1/5 of last year’s.
    – Last year 20 metal bands were performing on the metal stage.
    – About 50% of them were international metal bands – and usually “no one” here cares about hungarian bands when the quality of the lineup is discussed.
    – This year we already have Korn, Ministry and Amon Amarth on the mainfestival and will probably get 5 to 7 international metal bands on Day Zero (if they can sign that many international bands).
    – 2011: ca. 10 international metal bands
    – 2012: ca. 8-10 international metal bands
    -> the difference isn’t that big, if you just count the bands.

    But: I think it is a BIG loss that there aren’t metal bands (and the metal stage & cage) on the island every day!

  11. What do you think about In Flames ? They are near me in Belgium the 5th ! Saxon maybe too ?

  12. ive never really listened to in flames, caught abit of them at soni last year but didnt take alot of notice, there is quite abig hype about them though

    i know hatebreed are about n was hoping they play at a festival im off to, they playing once in the uk at a smaller festival as a uk exclusive so that sucked!

  13. @mellowmaniac you can’t count korn ministry and amon amarth because they are using slots from normal line-up (so they are taking money intended for the normal line-up) like korn! they are headlining the main stage! you have to compare the old metal stage with the new metal day (the money they have saved from metal stage will now go to metal day). Last year we had 4 headliners, motorhead judas priest deftones and lost prophets this year we’ll have just 1 or 2 so they got to be good names..

  14. In Flames would be nice =) Btw, it would be awsome to see big stars like Metallica at Sziget, but that is sooo not possible T__T

  15. I agree with @diseasefire. It’s like in 2010 you count Iron Maiden as a band for the Metal Stage.
    Korn are just like Killers or Stone Roses. Metal Stage is a huge loss…

  16. I disagree with diseasefire and Bender. In 2010 there were 11 international metal acts, including 9 on the Metal Stage and Iron Maiden and GWAR on Main Stage. Last year there were 9 international metal acts on the Metal Stage too and Suicidal Tendencies on A38. If Mellowmaniac is right that there will be 5-7 international metal bands on Day Zero, the total number of international metal acts will stay about the same.

    Indeed Korn, Ministry and Amon Amarth are using slots from normal line-up, but this year the number of slots on A38 and Arena is higher than in previous years, which is the case for the World Music Stage too. So in the end the number of slots for international acts that are not metal acts will not be less than in previous years.

    In terms of money I think it’s the same story. If indeed the number of international metal acts stays about the same, the total amount of money spent on metal acts stays about the same and this doesn’t influence the total amount of money spent on international acts other than metal acts.

    One can complain about Korn taking a headline slot, but I think Korn is a much better headliner than 30 Seconds To Arse (who are sh*t) and White Lies (who were not that bad, but still a very weak headliner). And two years ago we had a metal headliner too!

    This year it’s certainly not that bad as many people say. The only thing that misses is the icing on the cake like Prince last year. But for me personally that doesn’t matter, since the World Music Stage line-up is fabulous.

  17. KoRn are an amazing live act with 10studio albums under their belt and are a headline worthy act

    i think the deal with the possibility of bigger bands on metal day isnt due to the fact of the amount of interenational bands being able to play etc.. they will be saving alot of money through scrapping the stage itself throughout the week and just having one metal day

  18. I agree with Oskar.. Korn wasn`t good in the 90s.. they were Awesome!!

  19. @ diseasefire, I really don’t think that we will have such big names for the metal day

    because this is not on the main stage and because Akos is supposed to be the biggest act for this day

  20. Ákos is bigger than Limp Bizkit or Scorpions in Hungary. He is supposed to be the biggest hungarian musician, like Vasco Rossi in Italy, for example

  21. akos is the only real bad thing about the line up this year! there’s not just hungarian people in sziget! i would never put vasco rossi as a headliner (and i’m italian) because nobody could understand his music except for italians and it SUCKS compared to limp bizkit or any other international metal band! with akos it’s the same.

  22. 90% of all not native english speaking people don’t understand or listen to english lyrics and still love bands which sing in english. 😉

    Give Akos a chance (or go somewhere else that night), but don’t be so arrogant not to grant the hungarian people one of their biggest stars on THEIR biggest festival.

  23. if at Day Zero it would be in a the mr2 stage …… i’m going to think Iggy & The Stooges are headlining? no big stage needed and still pretty damn good

  24. well it seems we have different opinions on that.. its def not a problem for me by the way 🙂

  25. apparently the metal stage is not much smaller than the main stage on day zero, just a little smaller capacity?

    @diseasefire.. would love limp bizkit!

  26. It’s not a little smaller capacity, It’s almost half capacity! The Main Stage is so much bigger!!

  27. Don’t overestimate the attraction of metal music. Not that many people will go and watch a day of metal bands. Headliners like Iron Maiden or Metallica (which would draw an unusual amount of people to the stage) are not realistic and therefor there should be enough space for everyone.

    Last year was the first year with an openairstage and the area was MUCH smaller than the Worldmusicarea, where this year metal day will take place.

    The years before the metal area was ALWAYS a tent, which was even smaller than last year’s area.

    If stage is the same stage the worldmusicstage always was, the size of the stage is about the same as of the mainstage, and even if it is smaller it doesn’t mean that the bands performing there have to be “small”.

  28. With metal acts performing on the new MR2 Stage/old World Music Stage on Day 0, I think not as many people will be camping on the field close to that stage as in previous years. Therefore I think the capacity will be bigger than in previous years. 😉

  29. The 2 weeks are over !
    If you look at Graspop in Belgium there are good bands in the running.
    Ozzy, Thin Lizzy, Limp bizkit, Moterhead, Megadeath, Slayer,
    Machine head, Slash, Godsmack,

  30. @Peter
    Of those bands Thin Lizzy and Machine Head are the only two that have European shows scheduled for August according to their websites, so I think the other acts can be ruled out for that reason. Especially Ozzy, Megadeth, Slayer and Slash, since they all have shows planned in the USA in the beginning of August. I also don’t think Machine Head is in the running, since they have a show in Hungary a few days before Sziget. And last, Thin Lizzy, are they metal? I would say they’re a hard rock band, but I won’t rule them out for that reason. With Sziget you never know.
    But in general I think the bands performing at Wacken Open Air, Metal Camp or Brutal Assault are more likely for Sziget than the bands performing at Graspop. Some of the bands at Wacken, Metal Camp or Brutal Assault already have shows planned elsewhere for Tuesday 7th August though.

  31. Dimmu Borgir

    from Wacken

    (Sadly, The Black Dahlia Murder & Electric Wizard are elsewhere on the 7th)

    Machine Head, why not…?

    Sziget isn’t just Hungary or Budapest – it’s the world at play 🙂

  32. So when are we getting this over due Announcement? Anyone in the know? I just want to know whether i should rush and make it there a day earlier then i had planned

  33. According to Google Translate “kb két héten belül” doesn’t mean “in two weeks”, but “approximately two weeks”. I guess three also is approximately two.

  34. there are solid rumours that say that Metal Day will just be a 6 hours concert of Night at the Lake. let john doe confirm this.

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