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Metallica @ Sziget 2009?

Metallica have just confirmed headlining the Sonisphere Festivals, to take place in Holland, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Finland and the U.K. between June 20 and August 2. We wonder if this means we have a chance of seeing them at Sziget this year… What do you all think?

8 thoughts on “Metallica @ Sziget 2009?

  1. So are Nine Inch Nails, and they played Sziget two years ago. Or Iron Maiden, last year. So, as you said, who knows?

  2. Prices of Iron Maiden or Nine Inch Nails are _nothing_ compared to Metallica. Put it this way: you can book Iron Maiden four times for the price of one Metallica. So yes, you can count Metallica out for good.

  3. Metallica are playing Knebworth in the UK and the tickets are more than €175 – the capacity there is 125,000. I thought Sziget capacity was about 50,000… do the maths.
    Whilst it would be great to get Metallica there, short of increasing the ticket price substantially, I can’t see how their promotors would agree.

  4. Metallica’s price is €1.000.000 and they’re headlining a festival in Knebworth, where tickets with camping are 157.5 english pounds. and premiums are 225. Here in Holland, tickets for Metallica with 2 support acts are €60. So don’t shout those ridiculous prices without knowing what you are saying. And yes, I hope that Metallica will open Sziget 2009

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