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Metallica @ Sziget Festival 2009?

…or just an April Fools’ joke? The Sziget Festival page lists Metallica for Sziget Festival 2009, but we don’t know what to believe just yet. We’ll just have to wait for an official confirmation and see… They are available during that time, according to their official site, so who knows?

Still, just a joke, probably…

Later edit: as we suspected, just a joke. But who knows, it just might come true…

18 thoughts on “Metallica @ Sziget Festival 2009?

  1. Freddy, admin of french sziget forum, had said that’s it’s no possible maybe according to sziget headmaster^^

  2. We’re taking this as a joke until more is known… Still, The Offspring thing is strange. It was announced in the Sziget press newsletter (as official as it gets), but it disappeared like it was never there. Who knows?

  3. Unfortunately this is a joke.

    Sziget confirmed Tankcsapda, a Hungarian rock band for 0 day beacuse the band celebrate its 20th birthday this year and they will make a big, great show.

  4. I hope Metallica is not only a joke, however Tankcsapda playing on 10 august and not the 0 day!!

    About Offspring instead? Anyone have some news?

  5. Tankcsapda will play on day -1, not day zero. Never post dumbshit. Still, no hope for metallica. Especialy not this day.

  6. its so sad that it’s a joke=[..
    it’s sad to say but until now, this year’s fest is not as good as last years and he is not as good as the other fests in Europe (werchter, rock im park and more)
    I know that sziget has less money, and that the tickets are cheaper, but just take a look on the line up of rock werchter for example- coldplay, mettalica, the killers, oasis, kings of leon. And that’s after acts that are headliners at sziget- placebo and the prodigy.
    Theres no need to say that there is no way I’ll go to rock werchter, because I know that the atmosphere in sziget is 10 times more good. But I still saying that we need some big names!
    prodigy, Pendulum, placebo, fatboy slim they are all mediun acts.. and most of them do pop music! i have just 2 names that im looking forword to- the offspring (that are not 100% confirmed) and rise against.
    mettalica is just a sad joke, but this joke but this joke shows us that acts in the size of mettalica cant be in sziget.. and that is very sad.
    We have to get at least another 2-3 names! Names like arctic monkeys, oasis, linkin park, gary moore, limp bizkit, kings of leon, or even bigger names like mettalica or u2 (as much as I hate them).
    I come from far away.. and I want this fest to be something special.. I hope, no, sorry, I know that I will not be disappointed. =]

  7. wow.. i didnt saw novarock untill now.. its even better than rock werchter with limp bizkit (please bring them!!), metallica, faith no more’ machine head (a little metal cant kill anyone), chris cornell..
    please sziget orginaizers.. bring some good names!
    lets do a little survey.. every one give 3 names that tou want to be at sziget the most (and that are possible at sziget dates).. ill start.. my fisrt name is metallica, i know that they said that theit europien trip is over before sziget but they dont have any plans for that time so i steel have some hope.
    my seconed name is limp bizkit- i dont know why, i just love them! and they are playing in europe in july.. so maybe.
    the third name is arctic monkeys.. i know them for just a month and i just love them..
    lets start making some pressure and make sure they know that the current line up is just not good enough.

  8. If you guys want and think that it would help, we’ll post an article about this on the site, where all of you can make your suggestions. Does that sound good?

  9. Anyone have an idea on when will the rest of the bands be announced? The next week?

  10. Don’t think so. Normally it takes quite a time until all the bands are confirmed. At least several weeks. But maybe, as we know the price will rise after the 30th of april, before this date there will be any decoy to convince people of buying more tickets.

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