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Mika in the Sziget 2010 lineup

Mika will be part of the Sziget 2010 lineup. According to the schedule on the official English Sziget site, Mika will play Sziget Festival on August 13, at 19:45.

They will be followed by 30 Seconds To Mars. These changes will be reflected in our lineup page.

21 thoughts on “Mika in the Sziget 2010 lineup

  1. What a terrible shame was really hoping for a dance act headliner almost mirroring last year but MIKA really.. kinda disappointed about this!

  2. Mika isn’t my cup of tea, too – but he is a much better festival act as a band like faithless!

    I can’t remember a Sziget festival where I spent as little time in front of the mainstage as I will this year, but fortunately the line-up of the other stages is pretty strong!

  3. Don’t put Mika’s name on festival t-shirt! Who could wear/ buy it? Sziget is respected for the eclectic mix of high quality artists it puts together. A piss poor pop singer/eclectic rip-off merchant shouldn’t be encouraged. At least I can step back a few years and watch Paradise Lost instead! \m/ \m/

  4. Mika???? wtf… total crap.
    But the most shitty thing is, that muse and kasabian are in the same time with monster magnet and fear factory.

  5. @Phillipos

    I hope you don’t live in Belgium. I live in Hungary, but man if my country had PUKKELPOP, There is no way i would ever consider to go to sziget. Pukkelpop>>>>>>>>>>>Sziget any year, and you don’t even have to know the names, you could buy tickets during the winter, it’s obvious they have good bands every year.

  6. i live in greece, and i knew i could travel after the 10th of august, so sziget just fit! anyway, i ve heard about the great side activities of sziget, wish they come to fill the lineup disadvantages! cheers:)
    ps i had also bought my sziget ticket before first names revealed, then came volt to take massive attack and prodigy away.. anyway, still counting days!

  7. wow you people are retarded. Mika’s music is so cute and optimistic and his gigs are amazing. I’ve seen him live and I believe many of you fucktards will change your mind if you give him a chance. but you probably won’t do it cause you’re so close minded it’s pathetic. go be emo or HC or whatever the fuck you are.

  8. however, have you seen muse on glastonbury this year? (yesterday) IT WAS A KICK-ASS SHOW! I hope theyll do something alike, it was just phenomenal!!! 🙂

  9. I saw muse on Rock Im Park they really were amazing, the only thing is they didn’t really communicate with the audience, I feel like that’s one negative point for them.

  10. Mika??? Seriously WTF? Are the sziget organisers taking the peesh? He is truly appalling and his music is a joke. Presuming the mainstage line up is now complete? Tis disappointing for sure. Why the hell PIL are there, do they have a big following in europe (i seriously doubt it!) Still can´t understand why they´re putting the party arena headliners on at 7.30pm? Surely you want your best dance acts on just after the main stage acts when everyone is buzzing and ready to dance in the early hours of the morning. Its all a bit bonkers to me. Still, cest la vie, rant over, will be a great shindig nonetheless!

  11. The most repulsive person in the world! (Of course, after Lady Gaga…)
    I remember the first time I saw this guy’s head on TV, I thought he is a kind of guest musician for the Kooks 😀

    Frankly, he is the person who irritates your eyes and you wonder if you could just grab on his throat and not let it go for several minutes.

  12. holly crap why didn’t they spent their fuckin money to invite Queen of the Stone Age or something
    Mika sucks it’s not really the kind of guy who rocks sziget (however they paid lily allen last year)

    BUT the island is large enough to find a place to go even if that crook makes his business on main stage

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