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More speculations for this year’s Sziget Festival

Szigetnews friend Mellowmaniac has gathered another list of possible acts for this year’s Sziget Festival, a list gathered taking into account that FM4 has announced a part of their line-up, and there usually are a lot of bands at FM4 that play Sziget, too. Here’s what he has for us this time:

Ready for some more speculations?
FM4 just announced 11 new bands of their lineup. Usually a lot of the bands playing at FM4 are also on Sziget.
New bands are some already confirmed for Sziget:

  • Bloc Party
  • Ska-P
  • Ting Tings

some german bands of who I (as german) hope to see none at Sziget:

  • Peter Fox
  • Mia
  • Selig
  • Polarkreis 18

and some international acts:

  • Heater Nova
  • Anti-Flag (at Sziget 2008)
  • Eagles of Death Metal (at Sziget 2007)
  • Kasabian (announced for Sziget 2008, but then canceled)

The only band I really would like to see is Kasabian.

Also many of the V-Festival rumours are now confirmed.
There are already 3 bands confirmed for Sziget and V (Fatboy Slim, Pendulum and Ting Tings) and a lot of amazing V-Festival bands I’d like to see at Sziget (The Specials, Lily Allen, Happy Mondays, The Wombats, James, The Enemy, MGMT) – pick your own favorites… there are lots to pick from!

6 thoughts on “More speculations for this year’s Sziget Festival

  1. Well, I don’t think that there will be as many german acts as you describe it (even if you don’t want them on Sziget).
    Most of the visitors will be again French, so to satisfy the majority there will be more international known or even french acts, like last year: Mademoiselle K, N&SK etc.


  2. Anti-Flag, Eagles of Death Metal and Kasabian would be great. Personally I still hope that Faith No More and something like Guano Apes will come to Sziget.

  3. i would love to see Faith no More again.. Guano Apes would be great too, although it´s a german band 🙂

  4. I keep thinking it: Guano Apes!!!

    25.7.2009 Benátská Noc, Malá Skála (CZ)
    06.08.-08.08.2009 Szene Openair, Lustenau (AUT)

  5. Long time no rumours…

    To heat the Radiohead discussion up:

    The guys seem to move closer and closer to the sziget dates. After confirming Leeds and Reading (29.+30.08.) and anouncing two shows in Poland (23.+25.08) they are now strongly rumoured for the FM4 Frequency festival in Austria (20.-22.08.).

    Come on guys: just a few more dates and you’ll play Sziget again! 😉

    Lily Allen seems to be a little bit more available as before (offdays: 11., 12.+13.08).

    Arctic Monkeys are still “available” on 11., 12.+16.08.

    And as a new guess: Glasvegas. They are supporting U2 on the second leg of their tour and are only playing London on the 15th within the Sziget time frame. (and with Snow Patrol we already have another U2 support band in the line up).

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