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Motörhead at Sziget 2013?

The newest big name to be confirmed for the Sziget 2013 line up is, it would seem, Motörhead.

A few of our friends have seen a Sziget 2013 date announced on the Motörhead official website, which would have made it a self-confirmation, but that date has been pulled off before we could take a screenshot.

The date was August 5 for Lemmy & the gang at Sziget Festival, and it also appears in a list of tour dates that a user called Snaggletooth has posted on the forums on the official website – you’ll need to be registered in order to see the thread, but you can also see a screenshot below.

motorhead sziget 2013

He has also posted it on his website,, along with other tour dates.

This is obviously very good news for metal fans going to Sziget and we hope to see it officially confirmed soon enough.

(thanks go to sziga szigo sziget, diseasefire)

6 thoughts on “Motörhead at Sziget 2013?

  1. They will be headlining Main Stage for sure, and the thing that in 2011 they were on Metal Stage with another headliner on Main Stage says a lot…

  2. Off-topic , I have a question. Parov stellar band is confirmed for sziget and volt festival.. I thought no band woud do both festivals in one summer.. Does this mean more bands could play at both festivals??

  3. Blur live are something to behold,excellent choice by organisers.

    Motorhead will be ridiculous fun. Hope Shaka Ponk are coming
    Hope shaka ponk come back, best band I saw last year by a measure.

    Wish list: Neil Young would be my first choice. Would also love Metronomy, James, Jake Bugg, Bjork, Smiths and Guns N roses.

  4. @ Mezzezo : that’s true normaly a band who play to one of the festival of Sziget organisation don’t play to another festival( Sziget, Volt, Balaton) but you kow, you don’t have rules without exception except that I’ll really be surprised if you can find another band with this exception

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