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Muse, Iron Maiden Kasabian, Billy Talent & much more @ Sziget 2010

(this post is updated constantly)

The first official line-up announcement has just been posted on the official Hungarian website.

The first two very important names are ones that we all suspected – Muse and Iron Maiden!!!

Next come more important names:  Kasabian, Billy Talent, The Specials and Gorrillaz Sound System.

Happy hardcore band Enter Shikari and Infected Mushroom (that Sziget News found out about some time ago) will also be there.

Then, Faithless, Danko Jones, the Hives and The Toy Dolls and Bad Religion (both of the last two names were announced here).

Also at Sziget will be Ska-P, that have been at Sziget before, and Gentleman.

Metal fans will be very happy to hear that Paradise Lost, that we told you about, will be joined in the Sziget lineup by The 69 Eyes and Ill Niño. And for the more extreme ones of you guys, Children of Bodom will be at Sziget Festival 2010!

Also on the metal front, Monster Magnet will be there, as well as GWAR, that Sziget News found out about a while ago!

In the same area, Papa Roach are also mentioned on the “Programs” page.

The fabulous lineup is completed with The Cribs, Subsonica and K.I.Z.

We also forgot to mention Lyapis Trubetskoy

Hope you are all as excited as we are! (FIDutchman, you’ve been a great help!)

Later edit: the Dutch Sziget official site also mentions Skindred for the WAN2 stage. (our thanks go to dinges)

52 thoughts on “Muse, Iron Maiden Kasabian, Billy Talent & much more @ Sziget 2010

  1. well, this is very fine and FAITHLESS are my favourites but i hope to hear more ‘electronic’ names as well. wan2 stage rules)

  2. just to check gorillaz sound system are the gorillaz right? if so, that really made my day!


  4. great news!! billy talent, enter shikari, muse, kasabian, skindred, ska-p, iron maiden, papa roach…all great 😀

    i suppose that will be the main batch of big names though no? can’t remember if last year many more big bands were announced at a later date?

  5. you guys forgot skindred btw,
    they’re set for the WAN2 stage according to the dutch sziget website 🙂

  6. hope the second batch will reveal more electronic names)) this one is tooootoooo hard)))

  7. OK so I’m fairly certain that Muse and Iron Maiden will be headliners. As for the others I’m not so sure, where do people think they will be placed?

    And will Day Zero be returning proper this year?

  8. I suppose Kasabian may be headliner, like The Kooks were. And it will be once again a good reason to check what good plays on the other stages at the same time. I’m still waiting for Cranberries & Aerosmith. The only mainstage name from the current line-up I really enjoy is Iron Maiden, but they played two years ago. 🙁

  9. Sooooo gooooood!!!!!!! 🙂
    I hope that this year we can have a serious rock/metal stage, because there are a lot of great name tour in August like Motorhead, Heaven and Hell, Sepultura, Soulfly, Korpiklaani and many more……

  10. @Sumo: Right now there will be the following bands on the Rock Stage:

    – Monster Magnet
    – Children Of Bodom
    – 69 Eyes
    – Il Nino
    – Paradise Lost

    (As of today GWAR will perform on the mainstage!)

    The Sziget office announced that they will feature more metal than last year!

  11. Muse and maybe the Hives is all rite, but what happened to indie?? I remember in 2008 there were like 2 indie bands every day (starting from the wombats, babyshambles, kaiser chiefs, justice ,the kooks and so on…) and I was freakin happy with my weekly ticket.

    But now… It’s like a boring lineup from the mid-90s, except some…

    I know that indie is maybe getting boring for some of you, but such bands like Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Beach House, Vampire Weekend or Yeasayer just made new records and they’re touring. I don’t believe there’d be no demand for them… I know what young people want, starting from morning until now, 10 friends of mine said ‘Pheeew, we’re not going to sziget, right?’

    The youth doesn’t want stuffs like faithless, which brings me back bad childhood memories with old vhs tapes and primitive music all around, or papa roach, which i was skateboarding to as a kid, ten fckin years ago.

    And of course, I think Sziget is killing its good reputation with these cheap bands. Maybe Muse was a good choice, but if they want to compete (and they want to compete; best festivals award, etc.) with festivals like Glasto, or Pinkpop, they should urgently vanish the minority of the bands, who are, to be honest, pathetic.

    Just to show, here is how a real festival line-up looks like in 2010:

    Me and my fairly big circle of friends will Not attend the festival this year (1st time in six years), unless we get something fresh and inspiring. We don’t want a crappy timetravel to 1997. cheers.

  12. @wg:

    In general I’m with you. I can’t stand bands like Offspring, Blink, Bad Religion, Faithless, Placebo or Alanis Morissette – but we are talking about the Sziget festival, which is always focused on attracting as many different people as possible by giving everyone something while enjoying the flair of the festival. One year the focus is a little bit more on indie and in the following year it’s more metal or punk or emo. It just depends on the available bands… but everone will get something!

    And you shouldn’t forget that there will be many more bands announced in the upcoming weeks (at LEAST 9 additional bands for the mainstage) and I could bet that there will be a lot of additional indie and electro acts!

    P.S.: if you want to go to a festival with an amazing line-up you should hop on a plane and go here:

    … but I can guarantee you it will not be like Sziget! 😉

  13. Thanks Mellowmaniac!!
    \m/ Ooohhh yesss “more metal” is always a great news!! 😀
    However I’m not a fan of punk and ska music but I will happy to see bands like Bad Religion, Nofx, Specials or Madness

  14. wg so you don’t want bands you were listening as a skateboard-kid, but you’d like to see bands that modern children are listening too? 😉

  15. starting from the wombats, babyshambles, kaiser chiefs, justice ,the kooks and so on…

    you do realize all these bands are utter rubbish yes?

  16. @Tool: You should keep on keeping your fingers crossed, though. Maybe Blink does come after all… :))

  17. @Andrew

    Okay, I just mentioned the most popular and hyped ones to make myself clear for everyone, but if I say Vivian Girls, The xx, Neon Indian or even Foals, you just can’t say that indie or electro is ‘utter rubbish’ this year.

    Anyway, still waiting for some more civilized bands.
    If I want faithless, I will ask my grandma to lend me her tape of faithless concert that she recorded, back in the middle ages. It’s next to coco jambo and rick astley on her shelf!

  18. So what do you think, which bands are the headliners?
    Muse and Iron Maiden are definitely among them, but what about Billy Talent and Kasabian?
    I think we will get at least one more headliner, and maybe some big act for day zero (i hope it will be not like last year).

    It would be good to have Kings of Leon, Limp Bizkit, QOTSA, or Placebo.. but anyway its already a great lineup. And yes, blink might also come after all.

  19. Muse and Iron Maiden are definitely headliners and Faithless probably too!

    I can imagine Kasabian as co-head right before Muse and have the feeling that we’ll get a punk-crossover day on the 11th with Toy Dolls, Gwar, Bad Religion, Blink 182 and a fifth band.

    It would really surprise me if Billy Talent would be headliner. They aren’t even listed on the mainstage, yet – even though they might play there.

    I guess that Kings of Leon and Placebo (third year within few years) will not be at Sziget.

    QOTSA are likely and I hope we will not get Limp Bizkit – even though they (or Green Day) could headline the punk day on the 11th!

    It would be great to have either Heaven’n’Hell, Motley Cure or Alice Cooper right before Iron Maiden. All these bands have gaps in their schedule suiting the Sziget festival….

  20. Kasabian is 100% headliner! What’s here to discuss at all? Can’t wait to see them.

  21. @mellowmaniac: Heaven & Hell seem quite plausible. First, they would be available and second, they’re doing quite some festivals this summer. QOTSA are also quite possible, so are Motley Crue.
    We heard Fun Lovin’ Criminals will be doing a festival tour this summer. They would be great, too. Quite a fun band.

  22. @Sziget News

    it’s still sad there’s no mention about not so metal and punk bands.

    what about The XX really? they are in Sweden on Aug 12, quite a possibility.

    hope to hear more indie, electronic and dance bands.

  23. @Kupo:

    I guess the Sziget office wants to make a separte announcement with all the World Music Stage acts.

    So far “confirmed” for the World Music Stage:

    – Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club + Omara Portuondo
    – Tony Allen
    – Gotan Project
    – Oi Va Voi
    – Shantel & Bukovina Club Orkestar
    – Cankisou
    – Hudaki
    – Klezmofobia
    – Besh o droM

  24. amazing line-up!
    waiting for more indie and electronic!
    …maybe Royksopp, Franz Ferdinand, Editors, Blood Red Shoes… Tiesto?
    also i hope for Donots! They will release new album on 26 of March… Their show in 2009 was the best for me!

  25. @chudo_pahan:

    Chances for Röyksopp are really good!

    Blood Red Shoes do have free dates on the 11th and 12th – it’s a possibility!

    Tiesto is festivaltouring in August so there is a chance, too.

    Franz Ferdinand and Editors are not around – but this doesn’t have to mean that there is NO chance!

  26. Hmm, blink 182, papa roach… God…
    It looks like the festival targets 12-15 yrs old BMX rider/skateboarder kids this year.

    Only avril lavigne or fall out bastards could complete this shame.

    I think i’ll choose Exit fest. For sure.

  27. I don’t see what’s unappealing about Blink 182… Yes they’re an old band but since when did music being from a while ago make it bad. How many people would kill to see many bands which are no longer around because half their members are dead?
    Plus they haven’t even been confirmed anyway.

    Personally I’d love to see them and I am 21 and most definitely not a skater type.

    I’m hoping for Alice Cooper and Arcade Fire though.

    Along with more from different genres. It would be nice to see Pendulum again. Rokysopp would also be good.

    Skunk Anansie, The XX, Pearl Jam, Porcupine Tree, Florence and the Machine, Imogen Heap and Alice in Chains would also be nice.

  28. Used to love Blink when I was a teenager and would love to see them live! Anyway amongst all this criticism about the bands…the main reason I’m going back to Sziget is for the atmosphere and other things to do on-site 🙂

  29. YES! Great start! Great to see IM again and Muse for the first time. Iron Maiden will play songs from their new album.
    I Really would love to see QOTSA and EODM. I kinda saw QOTSA at a festival, but I slept 3/4 of the concert 😀

  30. AMAZING! Thats what im waiting for! Hives , Billy and Muse … IM LOVING IT Thank you guys! 😀

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