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Naive New Beaters @ Sziget Festival 2009

According to the rumor mill at, parisian band the Naive New Beaters will play a whole lot of festivals this year, including Sziget Festival. For more information about them, check out their website.

One thought on “Naive New Beaters @ Sziget Festival 2009

  1. I’m sure you’ve already thhugot about this, but regarding the use of the bridge as a festival venue, I worry about losing some economic impact and easy connection with surrounding neighborhoods. Yes, the bridge is a very cool space that begs for some ongoing use, but I think the fest should delight casual passersby as well as artists and visionaries. Last year, part of the fun I had at IngenuityFest was poking around Playhouse Square, visiting seldom-seen buildings, and having easy access to surrounding businesses. This easy access would be limited on the bridge. It’s something to consider since we are reading about the analysis of the fest’s economic impact. (Maybe someone could set up some ropes for people to rappel down to Settler’s Landing! Sadly, I’m not in a position to arrange this.) Anyway, I hope to attend this year. Thanks for making it happen, folks.

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