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New names: The Prodigy, Empire of the Sun, Kate Nash, Kaiser Chiefs

UPDATE: According to the schedule on the official site, Empire of the Sun will play the Party Arena. The Prodigy, Kate Nash and Kaiser Chiefs will play the Main Stage. The dates are already in the lineup page.

As promised yesterday, the Sziget France Facebook page is announcing the new names for the Sziget 2011 line up.

Returning to Sziget will be The Prodigy.

They will be joined by Empire of the Sun and Kate Nash.

Kaiser Chiefs are also returning to Sziget this year.

46 thoughts on “New names: The Prodigy, Empire of the Sun, Kate Nash, Kaiser Chiefs

  1. what do you think, who is the headliner on 10th? empire of the sun or bloody? because on of them will clash with interpol and i hope it’s not empire : D

  2. What Sziget brings: Second hand bands, which played every year on the Festival. Btw, i like the Prodigy , and i’m happy about their annoucement, and i hate Kaiser Chiefs.

    What people need: BIG names, just like Faith No More two years ago. There are a lots of bands , like Radiohead, System of a Down, Foo Fighters , and others. The tickets are very expensive, and people need biggers shows , and so on. The Novarock ticket was half of the prize.
    I hope that Sziget management will announce some realy big act for day 0.
    This was my opinion.

  3. Fucking awesome names!!!
    I love them!
    Each band is top of the bill!
    These are the great big names I was hoping for!!
    Very glad with it!!

  4. The tickets are expensive you say? I think they are very, very cheap. I like the main stage bands. Ofcourse not all of them are amazing, but still the line up is awesome. + i almost dont like every single band you just said :’).

  5. I am so happy that the sziget´s line up is not the same as at other festivals (Foo Fighters everywhere, Kings of Leon everywhere)… and Sziget brings amazing artists and not expensive shits, fantastic, fantastic!

  6. @Thijs
    For US hungarians, is extremly expensive. Not just the ticket prize… The beer costs double so much. You can say that this is a Festivel and for you is cheap so-on and on and on, but for hungarians is not.

  7. empire of the sun is listed to perform in party arena at wednesday (according to the official sziget page)

  8. I guess Empire of the Sun will perform at 19:30h and BBRDC at 23:30h earliest. Empire of the sun do have a pretty big live setup with props and dancers and BBDC are set up pretty quickly.

    I don’t know why we always have to have the same discussions.!? It was discussed about ten times in the last months why (and that) Foo Fighters will not perform and also we have again and again discussions about the quality of the line-up and the question why festivals like Rock Werchter, Rock am Ring, Novarock, Pinkpop, Hurricane, …. do have bigger acts.

    PLEASE: if you can’t stand the line-up and will not enjoy the Sziget festival, please don’t complain over and over again: just deceide for yourself if you want to visit Sziget 2011 or not! 😉

  9. @mellowmaniac

    thx for your words!!!! absolute agree

    love,peace and harmony never find at other festivals like Sziget….

    and never forget it cost 170 euro with camping and the other things (beer ….) also cheaper than the other places …

    I can´t wait 😀 Sziget we coming

  10. To add one thing to my statement:

    I totally understand that Sziget is pretty expensive for people from Hungary (that’s one of the main reasons why 70% of all Sziget visitors are from outside Hungary) and that many people from Hungary would be more than happy to have a festival like Rock Am Ring, Rock Werchter, Novarock,… where there are just a few stages with high profile acts all over, instead of the Sziget festival as it is.

    But in West-Europe there are close to none festivals comparable to the Sziget festival, which is why I personally understand everyone from Hungary complaining about prices and not having a festival as the above mentioned, but can’t understand the people from West Europe who do have lot’s of alternatives if they “just” want to see big acts (and these people are usually the ones most complaining).

  11. First time sziget for me! And i’m very happy with the line up so far, but really, why Kaiser Chiefs!? That band sucks big time! Anyway, i heard that day 0 can bring us some more big names? Does somebody knows when the festival comes whit the day zero names?

  12. Great names, though I’ve seen them all before. I’ve got a feeling The Prodigy are palying at Sziget every second year.

    In a way it’s good not to have 25 great bands on the main stage, because there are so many other stages and great bands to explore at Sziget.

  13. @klompje: No one can say when Sziget will announce the program of Day Zero. Several of the official international Sziget Facebook-sites said that they have no idea what will happen at Day Zero…

    I guess that they will announce the timetable pretty soon and hopefully announce Day Zero till the end of the month!

  14. I’m completely with apis38! Szige has the tradition to book bands two years in a row or regularly in other ways. I think it’s not so bad, because if you missed the band in one year you might be able to see them at another time. I also agree that I enjoy not having too many bands of my personal taste on the mainstage, so that I can be more relaxed being at other stages…! 😉

  15. I think we have to do with this lineup, everyday there are 5 bands planned now on the mainstage,such as last year. It a shame! But why is richie hawtin planned at the 10th and not the 12th?

  16. So who is the main headliner and festival closer on Sunday ?
    Manics ? White Lies ?
    Good bands, but compared with Muse last year…

  17. @verkei:

    Why is at a shame that five bands are planned each day on the mainstage? Would you like to have more bands with shorter sets on the mainstage and less international bands on the other stages instead?

    I’m personally really glad that there are only five bands on the mainstage (and most other stages) each day, because this way the bands can perform much longer than usually on festivals, so that you get more of the bands you really want to see and have the possibility to switch stages to see two bands in the same timeslot when you usually would have to pick one of them, because their sets wouldn’t be long enough to move to another stage.

    What’s the problem with Richie Hawtin performing on the 10th?

  18. The full Main Stage line-up:

    August 10. Wednesday
    15:00 The Maccabees (UK)
    16:30 Flogging Molly (USA)
    18:00 Rise Against (USA)
    19:45 Interpol (USA)
    21:30 Pulp (UK)

    August 11. Thursday
    15:00 Ben L’oncle Soul (F)
    16:30 La Roux (UK)
    18:00 Good Charlotte (USA)
    19:45 Kasabian (UK)
    21:30 The Chemical Brothers (UK)

    August 12. Friday
    15:00 Batucada Sound Machine (NZ)
    16:30 British Sea Power (UK)
    18:00 Skunk Anansie (UK)
    19:45 Dizzee Rascal (UK)
    21:30 The Prodigy (UK)

    August 13. Saturday
    15:00 Overflow (HR)
    16:30 Hadouken! (UK)
    18:00 Kate Nash (UK)
    19:45 Kaiser Chiefs (UK)
    21:30 Amy Winehouse (UK)

    August 14. Sunday
    15:00 Mariachi El Bronx (USA)
    16:30 Gogol Bordello (USA)
    18:00 The National (USA)
    19:45 Manic Street Preachers (UK)
    21:30 White Lies (UK)

  19. @mellowmaniac bloody beetroots is electro and the 12th only techno/minimal, suits better i think. Your right about the 5 bands!

  20. @verkei:

    Now I understand..! 😉 Usually there is a strict split between the early live-headliner at 19:30h and the later DJ-acts.

    Bloody Beetroots were supposed to play early with a long break in the program before the DJ-program starts. This way it doesn’t matter that much what style the liveact has and what style the DJs.

    Empire of the Sun are a last minute addition and I’m sure Sziget would have put them on the mainstage if they would have been available on the 12th or 13th, but they’ll be in Scandinavia on these days.

    I just assume that Empire of the Sun will take the live-headline slot at 19:30h and that Bloody Beetroots will perform straight before the DJs get on stage, but we will have to wait till the official schedule is published to know how they solved this scheduling issue.

  21. just to say how it is… on sziget website (not the FB one) they said that they really TRIED to book Foo Fighters but they couldnt, because FF do not have the time to come, so dont complain, Sziget always wants the best for their visitors… just tell me, how many festivals do have this “wish-machine” or whatever it is called? I dont know of any… the most of the bands booked are booked because loads of people wanted them.

    Peace, just dont judge sziget this way especially when you havent been there yet. You will find out what the real spirit of sziget is like in 53 days 😉

  22. I don’t know, am I weird, but I like Kaiser Chiefs…:)

    compared to last year, this years line up is much better!
    and the festival is worth to come from Estonia 🙂 fourth year in a row

  23. Hi,

    I’m very happy with these additions 🙂

    What time do the main stage headliners normally finish?

  24. Mellowmaniac, where do you have the time information from? Its like the saddest thing in my life. Crystal Castles clashing with Goose and Kasabian? I think I will die in terrible pain. I so hoped that they will play at night.

  25. @festivalfreak:

    We knew that the 10th and 11th will be a tough one with being the strongest days this year… and I totally understand your frustration (because I kind of share it).

    But: I think the Sziget office in general did a great job with the new spread of timeslots:

    – Headliner Party Arena: 19:30h (probably)
    – Headliner Metal Stage: 20:30h
    – Headliner Europe Stage: 20:40h
    – Headliner Mainstage and World Music Stage: 21:30h
    …and for the Wan2/A38 Stage they seem to have three headliner and co-headliner slots: 20:20h / 21:50h / 23:30h & a latenight DJ-act at 01:00h to relieve the Party Arena and Meduza tent!

    This way you have the possibility to get at least 30 Minutes of four headliners if you really want.

    If CC and Goose stay on these timeslots you can either watch at least 45 minutes of Goose and 45 minutes of Crystal Castles or at least 30 minutes of Kasabian and 45 minutes of Crystal Castles – I think that’s not too bad! 😉

  26. …and another thing: the new schedule shows that 4 of the (co-)headliner slots at A38/Wan2 are still available!

    I guess that most empty slots will be filled with hungarian bands (and we did see LOTS of amazing bands from hungary over the years) and might even get a surprise or two..!

  27. @Mellowmaniac
    The schedules that you give are official?

    “- Headliner Party Arena: 19:30h (probably)
    – Headliner Metal Stage: 20:30h
    – Headliner Europe Stage: 20:40h
    – Headliner Mainstage and World Music Stage: 21:30h”

  28. does anyone know how much time do we need to go from main stage to a38/wan2 and party arena? because many bands that i want to attend perform at the same time and i want to see if ii is possible to see both of them

  29. From the front of mainstage to WAN2/A38 (and also to the metal stage) it’s about five minutes. From the front of the mainstage to the Party Arena it’s bout 10 minutes.

    It depends a little bit on how many people are at the mainstage – during the headlinersets it might take a little longer.

    In generel all major stages are “around” the mainstage area – except the Worldmusic Stage which is as far away from the mainstage as possible and also the Europe Stage which is further away then A38 or MR2 for example…

  30. Im looking forward so much to sziget and i think the line up is pretty class but I am a little surprised by them booking so many big chart acts. Dizzee, Kate nash, Amy Winehouse, kaiser cheifs, Bne L’oncle soul…

    Theres obviously loadsa geat bands but i wouldve thought for the headliners they wouldve chosen more rock/indie bands for their big headliners

  31. another question: how much time do we need to get from the airport to the obudai island??

  32. The Bloody Beetroots will now perform on the 10th at A38/WAN2 instead of the Party Arena. New times are not fixed yet, but this confirmes that Empire of the Sun will get the early slot at Party Arena this day!

  33. Ayo is confirmed for the Europestage (10.08. headlinerslot) and La Shica will perform on the 13th!

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