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New names for Sziget 2014 announced: Anti Flag, Crystal Fighters & more

UPDATE: Anti Flag and deadmau5 will be playing on Day Zero, according to the promo article on the Sziget website. (thanks Castor!) The Kooks will play on August 17, says their Facebook. (thanks sick.sick.sick!)

New names, including Crystal Fighters and Anti Flag have been announced today, and it’s not at all an April Fools joke.

The full announcement list is as follows:

  • deadmau5
  • Axwell
  • Bombay Bicycle club
  • Crystal Fighters
  • Anti Flag
  • Wild Beasts
  • The Kooks
  • Mount Kimbie
  • Girls In Hawaii
  • Djaikovski ft. TK Wonder & MC Wasp

The interesting thing (apart from the names and chosen date, of course) is that, while john doe wasn’t as active, we’ve had Blast telling us the initials of the names.

He said:

  • A F – Anti Flag
  • D – deadmau5
  • T K – The Kooks
  • A – Axwell
  • C F – Crystal Fighters
  • B B C – Bombay Bicycle Club

As you can see, he was right. And, since two tipsters are much better than one, we can only be happy 🙂

Of course, everything is already in our lineup page. If you stumble across Sziget dates, let us know and we’ll update it with them.

How is this announcement for you? What do you find the most interesting? Let us know in a comment!

22 thoughts on “New names for Sziget 2014 announced: Anti Flag, Crystal Fighters & more

  1. April Fools or not. This is god awful again. I hate the tendency sziget is doing. Few years ago they “discovered” Anti-flag, just about 10 years later as it should have been, and now they book them back for straight years to just check the Punk genre on the festival.
    Something is wrong wish the people in charge are know what they are doing.

  2. my last sentence is fxcked up I meant. Sometimes I wish the people in charge know what they are doing.

  3. Yesss Anti Flag!! two years ago I couldn’t see them because they changed the timetable in the very last moment… so great!!
    And Crystal fighters will be great as well. Now I really wanna go!!!

  4. noone said it’s a punkfestival. I said that they book a band in a genre that was actual a decade ago and they sell them after that first booking for years. I talked about the weak booking skills they have.

  5. Not a single band announced for the World Music (Party) stage so far… I really hope they will release the full lineup for this stage at once, instead of canceling it.

  6. Hi Mellowmaniac, good to read you again!

    I don’t think they will cancel it. It is fully part of Sziget even if it was not very crowded last year due to a weaker line up compared to previous years

    My opinion is that they should turn world stage into world & reggae stage and it would be more attended

  7. I think the World Music Stage needs some development with some A38-ish acts.
    It would be so much fun for me with Crystal Fighters, Djaikovski, Michael Kiwanuka and SKA-P(they decent, but not main stage material) etc.
    And there will be more empty slots for other acts to A38.

  8. I hadn’t realized till now… but World Music Stage is absolutely essential for the festival. I hope they start releasing names for it really soon (kusturica, goran bregovic, muchachito bombo inferno, la pegatina, gogol bordello, … just to give some ideas).

  9. Hi Crazyfrog,

    I think that the “problem” with the world music stage is that Sziget aims more and more for the younger audience – and many of those are more into electronic dance music and indie than world music.

    Especially stages like the metalstage, the hungarian mainstage and the world music stage (beside of small stages like the blues and jazz stages) gathered a big part of the “older” Sziget visitors and with the cancellation of the metal- and hungarian main stage (I know it isn’t dropped completely) in the last years the festival became less interesting for 30+ visitors.

  10. Good announcement for me, not great but good! Deadmau5 as an opening can’t be bad! The Kooks and Bombay Bicycle Club will be great! I’ll listen to the others that I don’t know!

  11. To stop the debate, they answered on facebook this:
    “a világzenei nevek is érkeznek a hónapban! ”

    Google translates it to me this way:

    “names in the world of music is coming this month!”

    I guess it’s the World Music stage!

  12. Booked my flight and hotel in october scheduled according to the “5 regular days”. Now i have to miss QOTSA and Deadmau5 and Anti-Flag.
    That’s a bummer. I’m happy with The Kooks, Bombay Bicycle club and Crystal Fighters.

  13. guinness ..i have the same problem 🙁
    Time to search for new plane tickets.

  14. Better names than last year, but still in my opinion too much dj’s and indie. But also a couple of really nice rock acts : Brody Dalle, Anti-flag (really energetic show 2 years ago), The Prodigy (not really rock but much appreciated in by rock/metal lovers), Queens of The Stone Age, Palma Violets is interesting. Really hoping for some more awesome names, Gogol Bordello would be awesome on the world stage!!!

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