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New names are here: The Prodigy, La Roux, Lily Allen and more!

As promised, the new names for Sziget 2014 are here today, including The Prodigy, Lily Allen and more!

The list is as follows:

  • The Prodigy
  • Lily Allen
  • Ska-p official
  • La Roux
  • Fink
  • Miles Kane
  • Palma Violets
  • Kavinsky
  • Bonobo
  • Jagwar Ma

As always, john doe’s hints were right. How many did you get right?

Let everyone know below!



85 thoughts on “New names are here: The Prodigy, La Roux, Lily Allen and more!

  1. Really really happy and exited with The Prodigy announcement !! Enjoy La Roux too !! Really great announcement i think !

  2. This is good stuff! 🙂 La Roux and Bonobo is the most exciting ..
    but also Kavinsky and The Prodigy and Lily Allen.

    (Roskilde Festival announced Phil Anselmo and Kasabian this morning so i get my dose of rock in Denmark)
    .. have a great friday people!

  3. I don’t really know them but i’ll listen! Ska-P sounds like Manu Chao but more dancing!
    A bit disappointed but that’ll do 😉 and if you are all happy so it sure won’t be bad!

  4. Dont be afraid, Skrillex wont headline… He’ll probably co-headine or play in the a38(imo he will be there as a38 is bigger than arena) what do you think?

  5. i think we have all the headliners now:
    – placebo
    – prodigy
    – skrillex
    – macklemore
    – calvin harris

    (+ qotsa: day0)

  6. I hope you’re wrong @tool..
    In my opinion, skrillex is not a show for the main stage (Calvin harris neither, but I will have to deal with it).
    and macklemore is not a headliner: I think he will play at 5pm.

  7. Let’s face it: Skrillex will be headlining for sure. In previous years we had headliners way more little than Skrillex: for ex. White Lies in 2011 and Mika in 2013. It’s not the headliner I wanted but with 30 Seconds To Mars on tour this Summer to me it’s ok!

  8. Macklemore will be co-headliner as well. In my opinion 2 headliners left. (Headliners are: Calvin(17th aug),Prodigy(16th aug ),Placebo(13th aug)so i guess the space is still free for 14th/15th aug ). Skrillex will co-headline as well. I claim this since Sziget has never had 2 (3?) electronic headliners in the same year yet. Another reason is that its still February and Sziget always keeps its headliners in dark till may/June. I guess the last headliners will be Blink 182/Marilyn Manson and Lana del Rey/Portishead. I have also heard some rumours about Muse. I hope these bands will come too : Billy Talent, Bloody Beetroots, Jimmy Eat World (they are in Europe during Sziget)

  9. but where are the rock’n’roll bands ? we were promised “all styles” but where are the punk, metal and rock?

    i really like ska-p but I’m going to overdose. there is a lack of imagination on the part of organizers.

    trying too hard to reduce costs, the quality of programming is likely to decline

  10. C’mon, Skrillex will never play in A38! I bet everything on Skrillex headlining! Who wants to bet a palinka or a beer? 😛

  11. Skrillex headlining is a fucking mistake, A38 would work so much better. But I’m also affraid he’ll be on mainstage.

  12. Skrillex’s existence is a mistake. he is considered as an “artist” is a mistake. the fact that anyone cares about him is a mistake. Sziget’s stuff booking him is an even bigger mistake. Talking about him being a headliner or not is a mistake. Sziget’s line-up is a big big big MISTAKE in general….

  13. @art: I think you shouldn’t come to Sziget this year, you’ll be the most unsatisfied guy in the world there !

  14. Trust me I won’t come even if they’d pay me to do so, I’m just sad/mad/dissapointed, that I live within an hour from the place and they can never make a half-decent line-up worth buying a weekly ticket…

  15. An excellent set of bands announced.

    I will be trying to get to each gig of Prodigy, Miles Kane, Palma Violets, Kavinsky, Bonobo & Jagwar Ma. Not a fan of the other bands announced so will avoid.

    I went to see Jagwar Ma in September and they were exceptional, probably my second or third favorite gig of the year out of 100+ bands seen.

    I think @tool06 is right, we have all the main stage headliners in:

    – QOTSA
    – Placebo
    – Prodigy
    – Skrillex
    – Macklemore & Lewis
    – Calvin Harris

    Thought Placebo were disappointing in 2012 so will probably give them a miss.

    Last year the end show (on Sunday) with David Guetta was the low-point of the week. Calvin Harris is better but still, I’m sure I can find something better for my final night on the beautiful island.

    QOTSA & The Prodigy are a must and Skrillex and Macklemore if there is nothing better on elsewhere.

    Jake Bugg, Bastille & as my friends are such fans Tom Odell, Imagine Dragons & Brody Dalle are also on the must go to gigs.

    How about everyone else?

  16. Looks like Sziget is really getting broke that they can’t afford any new headliners. The Prodigy already played 4 times, Ska-P 3 times, Lily Allen in 2009, La Roux was one of the dullest acts I’ve seen at Sziget.

    I’m only looking forward to seeing Miles Kane and Palma Violets.

    There’s nothing wrong with some guitars, guys.

  17. Its good to have big names on the mainstaige….so the tents with some nice smaller acts are not too full…like last year????

  18. I’m actually more thrilled by the smaller (still not small) bands… If I had to choose 3 acts it would be Klaxons, Bastille and Imagine Dragons.

  19. For me is the mainstage one of the least visited stages on sziget. The most perfect stage for me is amphitheater, I think it’s place for world stage for two years now. It is shame that many performances take place in A38 and the atmosphere there is just not right for artists. Just to conclude I think we will have enough to see and I am grateful for that. From many opportunities I mention Darkside, London Grammar, Bonobo, Kavinsky.

  20. For me the lineup is already better than last year and there are still a lot of artists to be confirmed!! And maybe there’s gonna be one more headlinder who knows…

  21. I don’t think we’ll get more headliners, but I really hope for some good subheadliner like Franz Ferdinand last year, who’s big enough to also headline in a festival like Sziget

  22. just wondering why some guys are whining and complaining about the line-up, although they have no plan to participate at all…

  23. ilbert, I can’t decide if you are serious with this question or not? You go to a festival FOR the line-up. if it’s shit you don’t go. I/We whine because I/We want to go, but I won’t becuase the line-up is pathetic.

  24. no! I bought my tickets in advance:) and the line up is already ok for having good time in budapest. if I want to go just for the line-up, I’ll find another festival instead. werchter line-up was good last year and also this year, but the other things were worse, so I choosed sziget again.

  25. well that was a pretty bad blind buy on your part. I wouldn’t even buy coachella/reading/glastonbury tickets without knowing the bands, and those festivals always deliver. But sziget… it’s like buying a lottery ticket. Guess everyone is diffewrent, but I go to a festival for the music not the “feeling”.

  26. I understand both of you… Sziget seems to be special for its duration and its “feeling”. I come from a country where there isn’t a lot of concerts but still i’ve chosen Sziget because the line-up ain’t so bad after all. But i’m also going to Rock en seine and I’ll see the Arctic Monkeys so maybe that’s why the line-up isn’t that important for me.

    Anyway, i’m sure everyone will have fun 😉

  27. So The Arctic Monkeys got announced for VOLT and john said

    “Last hint:
    very big name will come now Tuesday

    on VOLT :)”

  28. Very big name indeed…
    The Killers announced for V Festival same week-end as Sziget… If they announce them i’ll buy my ticket right away!

  29. Do you think that they’ll account the Arctic Monkeys? Someone said they’d have to play early in the week because they’re booked during the week somewhere else?

  30. Yes they’ll be in Japan, and we already have QOTSA and Placebo headlining the 12 and the 13th.
    And I don’t think VOLT and Sziget will have the same headliner.

  31. If I understood the translation of this page correctly, Sziget tried to get Arctic Monkeys, but as the timing of the event was not right they booked Arctic Monkeys for VOLT:

    @art: considering the line-ups you posted here earlier, I don’t see why you keep on complaining. It’s okay that you want to see a lineup with a lot of underground artists – not bad at all! – but you should realise Sziget is not an underground music festival. It’s one of the biggest festivals in Europe and it has had a lineup like this for many years already! What you are doing is like complaining that Tomorrowland doesn’t have any rock music, or that Wacken doesn’t have any electronic music, or that foreigners don’t speak Hungarian, or that you can’t travel to the moon… It’s pointless! You could better spend your time on finding ways to get to the festivals you like instead of complaining here all the time.

  32. Someone asked sziget to bring Blink 182 on the official Facebook page and sziget liked the comment. The comment is hungarian, and i don’t know the reliability of the google translation. Do you think it’s a sign that they are coming ?

  33. he also said, that he bought the ticket, so more than likely the like goes to that. I would like to see blink, it woiuld bring back my childhood, but more than likely they won’t book thewm…

  34. I may have a good news.

    Sziget France shared a video of Skrillex live and wrote : “If it’s under the tent, it’s gonna be hot in Budapest this summer”.

    They are not the best informed and maybe it’s just a wish but maybe… 🙂

  35. Good spot Noeliam. Still think he will be a main stage headliners but now a little less so.

  36. Another detail: on the facebook cover photo of Sziget France, unlike Sziget Official and Sziget Italia, Calvin Harris is placed before Macklemore and before Skrillex.
    Let’s hope 😛

  37. I think there will be at least one of these bands as well : OutKast/ The national / Blink-182 / Portishead / Marilyn Manson.

  38. 1st announcement
    • Queens of the stone age –Rock
    • Placebo – Indie
    • Calvin Harris – DJ
    • Bastille – Indie
    • Imagine Dragons – Indie
    • Stromae -DJ
    • Klaxons – Indie
    • Laidback Luke – DJ
    • Starlight Girls – Indie

    2nd announcement
    • Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Hip hop
    • Skrillex – DJ
    • Jake Bugg – Singer / songwriter
    • Die Fantastischen Vier – Hip hop
    • London Grammar – Indie
    • Tom Odell – Singer songwriter
    • Michael Kiwanuka – Soul
    • The Big Pink – Indie
    • Borgore – DJ
    • Brody Dalle – Punk

    3rd announcement
    • The Prodigy – Indie dance
    • Lily Allen – Pop
    • Ska-p official – Ska
    • La Roux – Pop
    • Fink –Singer / songwriter
    • Miles Kane – Indie
    • Palma Violets – Indie
    • Kavinsky – DJ
    • Bonobo – DJ
    • Jagwar Ma – Indie dance

    • Rock/metal – 1
    • Indie – 11
    • DJ – 8
    • Hip hop – 2
    • Singer songwriter – 3
    • SKA – 1
    • Punk – 1
    • Pop – 2
    • Soul – 1
    please don’t get hung up on my opinion on each bands genre; i am interested to know if Sziget is getting the mix right? More “x” less “y” etc.

  39. I think Portishead or The National are really realistic for the next announcement. Cause Marilyn isn’t a typical booking of the Sziget crew nowadays (Realy sad).
    Outcast is to big in my opinion and i hope they will not attend the festival, cause we have already a big “Hip Hopper” on the Festival. So one is enough^^

  40. I don’t think The National will come because they’d headline for sure and we already have QOTSA the 12th, Placebo the 13th, The Prodigy the 16th and Calvin Harris the 17th. Looking at their gigs and the left headliner spots at Sziget, I think Macklemore&RyanLewis will play the 14th, and, if Skrillex really play in A38 or Party Arena, we only have 1 free headliner spot the 15th but that day The National will be at Lowlands Festival.

  41. @Bender – Yes you are right Stromae is Hip hop. Bonobo can be either a singer songwriter or a DJ depending on what Sziget has booked but in this list he is a DJ. Personally I would like more rock (The National would be excellent) or metal but as is already known, Sziget is moving away from rock in favour of DJ’s and has abandoned Metal altogether. The Lineup is still a lot better than last year so hoping for the best. My guess for a last headliner (if there is one) is Beck.

    Rock – 1
    • Indie – 11
    • DJ’s – 7
    • Hip hop – 3
    • Singer songwriter – 3
    • SKA – 1
    • Punk – 1
    • Pop – 2
    • Soul – 1

  42. guys, in 2009, Placebo, The Prodigy and even LILY ALLEN headlined Sziget. this year it’s more than obvious that Lily will NOT headline, because it would look a bit bad, having the same three headliners like 5 years ago. The National played around 6 PM in 2011, so if they come after all, I doubt they would headline. in some countries even Editors headline, so I guess it would be reasonable to think the same about The National, but not at Sziget, I think.
    However, Queens of the Stone Age usually don’t headline either, they are mostly co-headliners, even at smaller festivals like Rock for People in Czech Republic, so even that is questionable if QOTSA will headline Day 0… of course, Sziget promised timetables soon, so I guess we’ll just have to be patient, just like john doe wrote 🙂

  43. So Portishead is on tour on August 15/16/17

    that lets a chance for the beginning of the festival (maybe co-headliner with Placebo)

  44. I think Skrillex won’t headline Sziget. First With the pukkelpop announcement we can confirm that Macklemore will play (certainly headline ) on thursday. In fact, he’ll play frequency on wednesday (official date), Pukkelpop on friday (official date) and chiemsee festival in germany on saturday ( official date on their website) and as he’ll also play highfield festival (15-17 august), it’s a certainty that he’ll play on thursday in sziget which is the only day available. Secondly, we have QOTSA on tuesday, Placebo on wednesday, Prodigy on saturday, and Calvin Harris on Sunday. If Skrillex is a headliner, he would play on Friday. BUT, Skrillex will headline Frequency too (he is on the first line on the line up poster and frequency always put his 3 headliners there). Skrillex will play there on friday because Placebo will play on Saturday (official date on placebo website) and QOSTA (the last frequency headliner) will play on thursday ( no official date yet but they can’t play on friday because Lowlands and Highfield festival booked them too (these festivals will take place between 15-17 august) and QOSTA will play Pukkelpop on satudray 16th). To finish, as Noeliam notice it before, Sziget France put Skrillex after calvin and macklemore on the line up poster and they said “if he plays in a tent “.. All these facts increase my hope that Sziget will confirm another headliner !
    Hope that my analysis was clear… What do you think ?

  45. Snexe thank you for analysis!
    It looks like true 🙂
    I think we can wait another headliner.

  46. @Johnny: Perhaps this answers your question:-

    Through the Official Italian Sziget facebook site you can vote for your favourite bands.

    Sziget have also responded to the comments requesting more rock / metal with this. Google translated into englsh

    “We say it often but probably not enough. The Sziget is not a rock festival . It’s a festival that seeks to accommodate artists of all kinds and in some years it may happen more rock and pop music more than another year . We try to do everything possible to ensure heterogeneity.

    Until 2011 there was the Metal Stage and then fans of the genre were more satisfied but the costs of that stage with the line up included had become unsustainable by calculating the Sziget unlike many other festival lasts seven days and the average price for day is 30 € .

    So the line up must be viewed through the eyes of those who love music and who does not love a musical genre. I can not certainly say that there are not interesting artists so far .

    Many other names will come but we are sure to be on the right track . The sales have increased and therefore , apart from the idea that the Sziget is not only music, someone all of these names have to be liked . For this reason we can say that most would love to have more rock or metal but you can not say that apart from the QOTSA all the others are crap. It is especially nice and it is not because artists such as The Prodigy , for example , have been around since 1993 and people are jumping from the ground with the same energy as 20 years ago. We saw them in Vienna a few months ago and are scary !”

  47. Well I live in Hungary, so let me be jealous. the reason I post these because I wish this is how sziget should look like in a perfect world that’s all.

  48. You compare Sziget with a festival called Rockfest? Obviously if you love rock Sziget is gonna look shit compared to that. You make no sense at all..

  49. ok you won, sorry for expressing my feelings towards to the festival as a Hungarian on a website that is about people’s opinion on the festival. How dare I…

  50. I agree with Art.
    The first time I came to sziget 2010, it was to see bands like iron maiden, skindred, fear factory, the hives, enter shikari, gwar. I’m sorry but the sziget is a rock festival at large and that the metal or rock’n’roll disappears is a fucking heresy.
    Some will say to go to wacken or hellfest but I want to go because I’m in love sziget festival.
    I love electro but it’s for the night. The day we need groups of energy.
    I always found the friendly and diverse programming sziget but for now there are a lot of indie bands.

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