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UPDATED: The Killers @ Sziget 2012?

UPDATE: John doe has also posted this picture in a comment, making us all think Lamb of God. Let’s hope an official announcement does come soon. (again, this is speculation, it could confirm or not, especially since they have tour dates until July 1st in Europe; not impossible, though). Then again, as our reader no says, Lamb is also a possibility (speculations can go on and on…)

UPDATE: since john doe suggests it’s not New Order, we’re only left with one option. So we expect The Killers to be announced pretty soon. We, of course, want to thank john doe, and he, hopefully, keeps them coming.
UPDATE: Some of our friends have reminded use that The Killers’ name comes from the bass drum of a fictional band in this music video. So that’s possible, too.

This is not official at all, so treat it as a rumor or speculation (choose your favorite of the two Smile ).

Our friend john doe, a guy that always seems to have some inside information on future announcements, has sent us this video in a comment. We take it as a suggestion that New Order is possible for Sziget 2012.

Fact is that they do have quite a few dates (including festivals like Exit), between April and September, so it’s not impossible at all.

Until (and if) this gets confirmed, here’s the video again:



47 thoughts on “UPDATED: The Killers @ Sziget 2012?

  1. It could also be The Killers:


    The name The Killers comes from the bass drum of a fictional band in the music video for the New Order song “Crystal”.

    So maybe we will have both of them!

  2. Last time John Doe teased Faith No More which then were confirmed for VOLT. Perhaps The Killers will be confirmed for Balaton Sound and we’ll get a decent band instead! ;)))

  3. @mellowmaniac: i hope you are right. Killers is really not the band i want to see, i hope for more decent bands indeed!

  4. when and where did the manics confirm it? couldn’t find it anywhere, only the one from last year.

  5. @john doe: Okay, very clever… “no more” Faith No More! I dind’t get it then..! 😉

  6. its a hint that the killers will play as the fake band in the video are called the killers well thats what i have been led to believe????

  7. This site should be renamed as,

    Sziget ‘what if, maybe, could be, possibly might be?’ News .com


  8. I hope they mean the Killers from ARE WE HUMAN, OR ARE WE DANCERS, cause they’re awesome.. =D
    And Green Day has to come. They’re making three albums right now, I think it’s time for them to go on a world tour and come to SZIGET !

  9. Foo Fighters self confirmed on their Facebook yesterday then deleted it again… interesting

  10. @ john doe: Really? They have selfconfirmed? If that’s true I think they’re just waiting for sziget to announce them

  11. I think we will see, and we should wait for the announcements this week.
    I’m dealing with serious speculation stress right now 🙂

  12. wow 19 new names! hope headliners too 🙂 anyway that’s probably the biggest until now!

  13. “Sooner than you think” 😉

  14. Maybe not this time:

  15. I would have placed a bet on Foo Fighters a few weeks ago, but with performing in the USA at the time of Sziget the chances are realy low!

    I would die to see Lamb again, but they perform pretty rarely since their reunion.

    Lamb of God are in Canada at the time of Sziget!

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