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Next announcement in a few weeks

Some good news from the Sziget Festival Official Facebook account.

It seems that things are going really very fast this year, and we get to know more of the line up earlier on.

When asked when new bands would be posted, the answer from the administrator was “next announcement is expected in a few weeks time”, as you can see below.

We can’t wait!

(thanks, Andy)

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31 thoughts on “Next announcement in a few weeks

  1. Should be interesting, wonder if they will actually state the headliners this time. Fingers crossed for Pearl Jam..

  2. I would not have said it better Andy, fingers crossed for PJ, but chances are very low…

  3. Pearl Jam would be superb!

    And also my favorites for sziget:

    Faith No More
    Guns N’Roses
    Manu Chao
    Babylon Circus
    Kaizers Orchestra
    Mars Volta
    Tenacious D

  4. I really hope Lazy n Broke,cancer bats, Beyonce/ Rihanna, Pitbull and possibly YM@6 play this year; would be a dream come true <3

  5. Hope for: Battles, Kurt Vile, Other Lives, Crystal Castles, Refused, Floremce ATM, Franz Ferdinand, Justice, The Cure…

  6. it’s time for:
    Florence and the Machine
    Mumford and sons
    The XX
    Kings of Leon
    Pearl Jam

  7. @Fantomas, Stone Roses are headlining, it was announced in December that they were the first headliner to be announced!

  8. It would’ve been very strange, when stone roses weren’t headlining! They are one of the greatest pioneers of britpop! I don’t understand your post, Fantomas…

    Happy mondays are on tour also this summer! Would be a great fridaynight at Sziget, when they’re co-headlining SR!!! Best fridaynight ever!

  9. There hasnt been much rumour on Noel Gallaghers High Flying birds, they’re touring and will be available for Sziget dates … Perhaps co headliner for SR? ..

  10. Go to the german site and find the speculations.there are some really interesting names rumoured and the fans will finally be reward comparing to those average bands allready announced

  11. On Day Zero Ákos will perform. No idea if he will headline the mainstage or the worldmusic stage, but it will be pretty big for many hungarian visitors.

    (Perhaps someone from Hungary can introduce us to Ákos.!?)

  12. Ákos will perform on the mainstage.

    Hmm – if there will be any international bands on Day Zero they will support Ákos or will play on one of the “smaller” stages!

  13. @Andy: 99% not! If they perform on mainstage they will not even be co-headliners… They could easily have a headlineslot at A38/WAN2.

    But remember last year when White Lies were mainstage headliner while they performed on all other festivals more or less during daytime! At Sziget everything is possible.

  14. Yeah, they Ting Tings and White Lie have played Sziget before but they didnt headline, also, it would make sense that Sziget Official would not allow headliners to self confirm due to advertising reasons!

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