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Next official lineup announcement on Monday!

First of all, Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

Some interesting news from the organizers via the official Sziget UK Facebook account.

The next announcement of new names is on Monday (as you can see below).


Some other interesting news comes from our friends at the German Sziget board. Gypsy Sound System are listed on their MySpace as playing Sziget Festival 2012, on August 8.

28 thoughts on “Next official lineup announcement on Monday!

  1. let’s hope there are at least some mediocore bands get announced, but after the crap they did last time, I don’t have high hopes…

    just a few examples from yesterday’s Highfield announcements, I’d like to see @Sziget: The Black Keys, Social Distortion, Kvelertak, Every Time I Die, Letlive., Polar Bear Club!

  2. It’s just the matter of taste, art:)

    The last announcement for me was much less crap than your list! No offence:)

    lets hope for Pearl Jam, Wolfmother, Mumford and Sons, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Keane, aso.

  3. I would be very happy with ilberts list plus the black keys 🙂 I won’t be getting my hopes up though :/

  4. @Andy.. They have been confirmed for Lowlands and they are in Europe with couple of days free. So looking at their touring schedual, I’m pretty convinced. Also I can imagine that the Black Keys are an act that the sziget organizers want to book.
    So yeah, I don’t have any evidence yet, but it won’t be a suprise to me if the were to be confirmed on monday.

  5. Yeah just looked, are these dates newly added cos they werent up when i checked a couple of weeks back .. They would have to play on either the 8th or 12th as every other day theyre playing shows, still a likely possibility i agree, fingers crossed!

  6. Black keys most propably won’t play at Sziget.
    They are playin 9, 10, 11 and 13 August in Scandinavia so the chance that they would come the 8th of August is very unlikely.

  7. @Joe, I don’t think thats a problem flight times from scandanavian countries like sweden and norway etc are only an hour and a half, plus Stone Roses are playing in Norway on the 8th and will still make it to sziget..

  8. In the whole tour so far, The Black Keys don’t peform four days in a row, 3 days is the maximum.
    Besides that, you could fly in 1 hour and a half, but that’s not the whole journey.

    I don’t think The Black Keys will perform on Sziget and I don’t think that The Stone Roses will perform on the 9th.

  9. We’ll just have to wait and see, Placebo are playing the 8th and Im sure somebody said stone roses were on the 12th but thats not confirmed. I wanted chili peppers to play but it looks unlikely aswell

  10. Fuck!Sziget should bring us some really good names.cause at this moment bands really sucks,while festivals like Nova Rock or highfield – got something…wait & hope

  11. Well guys, for most of you it won’t be the first Sziget. So have a little faith in the organisation! Other years were awesome too! I think there will be greats acts this year, but it can take a while before they are announced. And yeah, the whole indierock-hype is a fact, and yes, Sziget will follow that hype. So what? There will be enough other great acts!

  12. @BT2303 This will be my first time goin to Sziget, I’m not overly fussed on announcements already SR and Crystal Fighters are the only bands i really like, however, the music at Sziget is only a small part of the package by the looks of it. Besides, after a few pints who cares whats being played? (within reason ..)

  13. @Andy You are absolutely right, but a lot of people that are complaining on Szigetnews have been to Sziget, and they know that the line-up will turn out just fine. And yeah, ofcourse it’s more fun to read about your favourite bands being announced. But there is A LOT to do at Sziget, and if you don’t like, lets say, Placebo, there are enough other cool acts playing at the same time. And yeah, after some beers all bands sound better!

  14. What kind of names could we expect monday?
    Ik think Fatboy slim is one of them. Bloc Party? Radiohead(!!!!)?
    Sigur Ros? The Prodigy again? Justice?

  15. I think:
    – The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
    – Florence + The Machine
    – Fatboy Slim
    – Tankscapda (every fucking year….)
    – Elbow
    – Marilyn Manson

  16. My tips:
    The Cure
    Florence and the Machine
    Franz Ferdinand
    Fatboy Slim
    Two Door Cinema Club
    The Flaming Lips
    Crystal Castles

  17. I hope that sziget this year have a better night program. Morge Drum&Bass and Dubstep. There are too much techno and house/electro. I also hope for a better Meduza. The one of last year was pretty fucked up. The old Meduza was so much better. The one without a roof. behind the party area.

  18. Would FatBoySlim headline you reckon?
    I have a suspision Foo Fighters will headline one night, although its unlikely theyll be annoucned tommorrow..
    Perhaps Pearl Jam, I think even Jamiroquai is a possibility

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