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Next Sziget 2011 lineup announcement coming next week!

…and we just can’t wait! According to an answer from the admin of the official Sziget Facebook page, the next lineup announcement is coming next week. So it’s quite possible for some names to pop up in the next few days.

(thanks, tool06)

17 thoughts on “Next Sziget 2011 lineup announcement coming next week!

  1. Old news, the @szigetfest Twitter told this already on thursday…
    Nonetheless, I’m excited for the next round of names 🙂

  2. any ideas? I’d love to see foo fighters and gaslight anthem supporting them : ) But read here that’s not happening? 🙁

  3. Nice,

    Can’t wait already!!
    Tomorrow we got a Sziget Meeting, about how and when we precisely depart here, and come back eventually xD 😛

  4. Interpol are performing on 10.08., too!

    This way we definitely have not more than two headliners confirmed yet (Pulp & The Chemical Brothers).

  5. Interpol playing on 10.08? No way.
    On Sziget Official on facebook an admin said Pulp will play at 21:30 since its a headliner.

    Sziget Festival Official Miklós, Monika, Jozsef: a Pulp headliner, vagyis 21.30-kor fog kezdeni.

    Which translated is:

    Sziget Festival Official Miklós, Monika, Jozsef: Pulp is a headliner, that means they’ll start playing at 21.30.

  6. I guess Interpol playing at 19:45, Rais Against at 18:00 and Pulp playing at 21:30 on 10. August.

  7. Yeah: I second pepper rabbits assumption! All three bands confirmed the date on their homepages!

  8. Oh yeah, i didnt know it was homepage-official. 🙂

    Then i can only be happy about it, since im not a great fan of either of them. 😀

  9. Sziget France posted on their Facebook page that on 08.08. (Day -01) a big european bandcontest will take place (30 bands from many european countries).

    On 09.08. (Day Zero) there will be the focus on hungarian bands (probably because there might not be the MR2 stage anymore) and some surprises on the mainstage!


    Sziget Italia wrote this 10 minutes ago:

    Sziget Italia
    Avete qualcosa da fare domani… 😉

    Which means:

    You’ve got something to do tomorrow… 😉


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