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No Hammerworld this year…

The French Sziget Festival official site’s stages page only confirms something we all heard in the last few weeks. There will be no metal, or Hammer stage, as it was called, at this year’s Sziget Festival. The stage where Avantasia performed in 2008 and bands like Within Temptation, Napalm Death or Hammerfall made their fans happy two years ago will be no more.

What do you guys think about this? Is it a good decision? Will it make some people pass on this year’s Sziget Festival?

21 thoughts on “No Hammerworld this year…

  1. OK, we found out. 🙂 We won’t write it here, though… But we get your point.

  2. Well, I can’t find this info on the French website, and it’s not a language problem, as I’m French.

    Do you have a link to confirm this ?

  3. Does that mean there won’t be a stage called Hammerworld, or that the “Metal” stage won’t be there.

    This stage seems to big for me to be cancelled. It is dragging a lot of people to Sziget

  4. I wasn’t able to find the source, but some days ago I read that they will not have a Hammerworld (or other big metal) stage anymore, because the interest (audience) at the stage was too little to justify the investment…

    I guess that some metal (crossover) bands will play at WAN2 and other stages, but it will be much less. But there were always very entertaining unknown metal bands on the “nameless” stages around…

    And to be honest: bands like Skinny Puppy or Apocalyptica could habe played on other stages as well. I always had the feeling that they put these bands on this stage to promote the stage!

  5. I don’t know about anyone else’s experiences but last year the Hammerworld stage seemed pretty popular to me. In fact when Apocalyptica were playing it was pretty much overflowing.

    Although if there is no Hammerworld stage this year does that mean that there will be a bigger budget for the other stages?

    Given the number of bands last year that the Hammerworld tent and Wacken lineup had in common I was hoping that this year we would see appearances from the likes of Dragonforce, ZZ Top or Lacuna Coil. Would it still be likely they could play on other stages?

  6. I agree with NorwichSzigetFan. I’ve seen a half of performances at the Hammerworld stage last year and there were always a lot of people. I hope it’s just a rumors.

  7. It’s true, but almost everything seems to point to a “no metal stage” Sziget this year…

  8. what the hell happened? last year we had graet names like r.e.m, iron maiden, the killers and even a graet pop aratist- alanis morissette. this year so far is not half as good!
    i’m not saying that rise against and even fatboy slim are not good artist.. im just saying that when you put theme next 2 any name i wrote above.. they are not as good!
    what about the rumers about limp bizkit, linkin park, gary moor, the killers, and even astronomic names like mettalica or u2… im looking forword for some big stuff to caome up..
    but i know every yhing is going to be allright.. the sziget mannegment will sign up some big names.. and we all enjoy=]

  9. Well I must say if there is no metalstage I will not be going to the Sziget festival, I spend like 90% of my time on that site of the festival venue, I didn’t even know where the dancehall was… untill my friends dragged me there to see Justice… It would really suck if they are so stupid not to take a metal stage this year… I must say all the performances I saw there, the tent was good filled, not overcrowded but still not undercrowded as they would cancel it… I hope this can’t be true !!!

  10. OMG this was the stage, why I bought my ticket… I really hoped it would stay.. Damn this sucks, I hope it’s just a rumor and that the rumor is false… A well when is the whole line-up coming online? ’cause placebo, thing things and the prodigy aren’t really big names. Okay prodigy maybe but not for me….

  11. This sucks big time. Don’t know if I ever going to visit Sziget again. Of course there are tons of other bands to see. And during the 3 festivals I’ve attended I’ve seen great reggae, dub, jazz, hip-hop, electronic etc. music but after all, I’m a freakin metalhead. Unfortunately Sziget was the only way I can see bands like Watch My Dying and Moby Dick. Seriously, this sucks!

  12. Im not really interested in heavy metal but, for me, it is evidence of something else…
    that sziget that I love is getting worst every year, especially in last 2-3 years. I dont understand why and I dont have time and spa

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