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No Metal Stage at Sziget 2013

Although there will be metal at Sziget 2013, the news is not so good for you if you’re a metal fan and plan to attend the festival.

According to a reply by the Sziget Italia Facebook page administrator, Sziget won’t have a dedicated metal stage this year, either.

A Sziget fan has asked whether there will be a metal stage this year at Sziget and the answer was that there will be venues hosting metal, but not a dedicated one, as you can see in the screenshot below.

no metal stage sziget 2013

(thanks go to Bender!)

27 thoughts on “No Metal Stage at Sziget 2013

  1. It sounds worse than it is. Some friends of mine hung around the metal stage all the time in 2011 and had a good time, but in 2012 they said they had a much better time because they discovered there was much more on the festival.

  2. So, I hope the Sziget Management invests more energy and money in engaging good bands for the Mainstage, A38, Arena, and so on.
    One way or another, Sziget will be my personal highlight 2013, bcause it’s more than music: The weather, the people, Budapest, the whole atmosphere … (with exception of the toilets).

  3. Why is there always such a delay with sziget announcing headliners? Other festivals have most of their major acts booked at this stage!

  4. @ Rochie:

    I personally think that they are this late every year due to the fact that their line-up is simply huge. They need to book so many artist, that will cost a huge amount of money. Therefore i think they wait till artists are almost fully booked. And at that point they just buy them when they are cheap. (fully booked with holes in the agenda..)

  5. @Rochie
    @sziga szigo szgiet

    You both may be on to something…

    Look at last year – in spite of many big metal/rock acts being announced early for other festivals – Sziget held off … (with Ministry being the one mighty exception) then later still they dropped the bomb of no metal stage and finally as some kind of appeasement tacked on Day 0 on June 25th!

    That’s when we learned how far down rock and metal have fallen in the eyes of the organisers…


  6. p.s loving the Amon Amarth thumbnail 🙂

    By the time they played on Sunday evening every metal head was fit to burst & the band themselves were completely bemused by the situation … sensing & referencing the obvious hunger of the crowd.

  7. Stupid Károly Gerendai! >__< I hope that there will be metal bands at Sziget..even without a metal stage..

  8. from the other thread:
    @ Sziget News

    “it’s probably safe to guess that there will be a metal day again”

    How safe? You sound pretty confident. The idea of a separate day is wrong in principle to many festival goers. The festival should be about integrating the various styles and genres of music throughout the festival proper.

    The idea of segregating metal, and offering a late card on a seperate day was a bad move last year and shouldn’t be endorsed this year.

  9. Yep, last year there wasn’t really a lot on the metal day that appealed. So we didn’t bother going – just went into the city instead.

  10. A spread of decent bands throughout the festival would be better

    So far…Volt is looking decent with a varied range of rock/metal already lined up (if the rumours are true)- QOTSA, Parkway Drive, Bullet For My Valentine & 30STM (yes even them ;))spread over the different days/stages.

    Say for example Sziget offers up something similar with a few big headliners like Black Sabbath, SOAD, and some new generation stuff like Bring Me the Horizon, The Architects etc… across the main stage/A38/Arena… I think most people would be happy and their daily rock/metal needs would be met 🙂

    I love Motorhead but would prefer not to see them play a Day Zero Metal Day – if the rest of the week ends up bereft of decent rock and metal as a result. \m/

  11. Sziget now become shitty hipster festival,it’s not the same SZIGET that was 5-6 or even 2 years ago! I dont know what organisators are doing…but maybe i’m wrong and there’ll be a good mixture of metal/rock/pop/electro styles without Metal Stage

  12. They already updated their site. but… i guarantee that motorhead will be there..This was on their site:
    08/05/2013 – Sziget Festival (Budapest, Hungary)

  13. Given that August 5th is a monday, we can’t say if Motorhead will play for a Day 0 metal or during the regular festival

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