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No Modeselektor at Sziget 2012

Unfortunately, some bad news today, straight from the organizers.

As written on the szigetfestival Facebook account, Modeselektor will not be playing Sziget Festival 2012 after all.

The reason is that they have another show in Budapest later this year, and they claimed the exclusivity of the other show when they decided to cancel Sziget, despite the fact that the organizers have tried to find a solution with their agency.

A replacement act will be found.

They definitely are out of our lineup page already.

(thanks, beansel)

22 thoughts on “No Modeselektor at Sziget 2012

  1. modeselektor is damn big loss guys… we just lost the best electronic act of the line up!

  2. no we havent, DJ Fresh is loads bigger than modeselektor…
    Flux Pavillion, Borgore, Crookers, Steve Aoki, Axwell are all bigger n better acts

  3. As long as they don’t fill this slot with the Dutch be a DJ contes lol (source Sziget Festival Nederland Faceboom). Anyways if you want to be a DJ on one of the smaller stages and you’re Dutch, then you can sent in your name and a 30 to 40 minuted mix to compete. No limitation in music genre.

  4. lambo i’m sorry but you don’t know what you’re talking about.. the artist you wrote are all good but they are commercial (dj fresh) electro (steve aoki crookers) swedish house (axwell) or dubstep (flux pavilion borgore) and they are all commercial djs really nothing special and this is not just my opinion.. modeselektor can count 3 excellent albums of idm and hip hop music, collaborations with radiohead’s singer thom york, (they are his favourite group) their side project with apparat named moderat, not to mention their incredible visual shows. i have already seen modeselektor steve aoki flux pavillion and dj fresh you can’t even compare the music.

  5. That commercial djs aren’t so good but, cristal fighters?tiga?adam beyer?these are better name than modeselektor and to complete i would like villalobos back to back with hawtin + justice or digitalism or that big carl cox 😉 obviously i’m talking about electro kind of music.
    Would be great also a big trance act as tiesto which they are always much enjoyable to hear

  6. (and i’m talking cause i heard modeselektor love also as moderat but they didn’t impressed me that much)

  7. later they will say that placebo stone roses the killers won’t be playing at sziget and replacement act will be found

  8. So when are we getting this over due Announcement? Anyone in the know? I just want to know whether i should rush and make it there a day earlier then i had planned

  9. @bob_drago: on monday on facebook was posted that the announcement will be made at the end of this or at the beginning of next week. Usually the announcements are made at early noon so that I’d say the announcement will be made next week…

  10. I have friends that are waiting for this announcement to decide to buy the 7 days or 5 days ticket.
    Sziget organizers should be faster with these announcement…

  11. @szigetfestival Can’t wait for Sziget 2012 ! It will be awesome but I wonder when will be the next announcement ! Do you have an answer ? ^^

    @Sead We do have an answer, but can’t tell it to you yet 😉

    … 🙁 🙁

  12. Why can’t you tell us? Seems ridiculous that you can’t say when an announcement will be made?!

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