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Official announcement: Magnetic Man added to Korn, Ministry & co.

The Sziget Italia Facebook has posted the official announcement, and it confirms what we told you a little while ago.

The announcement also adds Magnetic Man. LMFAO are not in it, though.

The list for today is:



The Vaccines

Steve Aoki


Magnetic Man

Two Door Cinema Club


Caro Emerald

Bebel Gilberto

Ministry is also posted in the full list they have on the site.

The Sziget Festival Official Facebook page says that more names will be announced soon. What do you think of the lineup so far?

30 thoughts on “Official announcement: Magnetic Man added to Korn, Ministry & co.

  1. So tickets are more this year due to the lineup being the best ever?! I’m really not seeing it at the moment. PLEASE announce something worth my £400 flight and ticket! I know the atmosphere is great at sziget, but come on!

  2. So are LMFAO confirmed or not? Thought there’d be bigger names than that to be honest! And more of them!!

  3. oh ffs….. here we go again, there has been 21 bands announced out of a line up that will number way over a couple of hundred and people are kicking off, there are still 3 (maybe 4) main headline acts to go plus loads more, judge the line up the day before the festival starts and not before

  4. @mr_monkey, Bravo, also people on main stage who arent headlining are most likely to be pretty decent. Ive not looked at a previous Sziget lineup that I wouldn’t have enjoyed im sure they wont let us down this year

  5. this is awfully pathetic like in every year. I’m still amazed that you foreigners still come to this crap…

  6. @art it’s quite evident that there is no reason to be worried when 20 bands of hundreds have been announced, with only 1 (speculatively 2) headliner so far. you’re the one talking crap mate.

  7. no, I’m not talking about this particular thing, I’m talking about what happens every year. They are always saying big things and all we get is these kinda awful bands, while other festivals’ line-ups all over Europe are way beter for a CHEAPER price. This is just not right for me. But have fun and shell out your money in my hometown! peace

  8. @art i disagree, the 2010 line up was great (muse, madness, specials, dj shadow, kasabian etc) and for a 5 (or 7 for -1 and 0 days) day festival i think it’s great value for money. i went to benicassim in spain last year (a 4 day festival), spent relatively the same amount on tickets/flights, pints inside the festival were extortionate and living costs were relatively high-and they could only rope in the streets as one of their 4 headliners. this is not the case in hungary, even inside the festivals pints being around 1.50euro. we’ll just see in the later announcements.

  9. cause its sziget! most times i go i miss so many bands i actually want to see. but for me sziget is about the people from all over the world i meet up with year after year. ive travelled all over eastern europe through meeting people at sziget and its the best place to catch up with them all. im just pretty annoyed at the fact that sziget said the ticket was more pricey because of the ‘great’ line up they were putting together. and so far im not seeing it. but im still going to have a great time like i always do! the first year i went it was 60 euros for the ticket! now its 165euros and the line up isn’t inspiring me at all!

  10. This time last year, there had been no announcement at all. They’re just testing the waters don’t worry, I doubt they’d let down. Besides, music is subjective there’s always going to be people moaning or celebrating over announcements but Sziget is not only for the music but for its atmosphere too. Plus, Im buyin my ticket soon purely becasue its cheaper than after May or something like that.

  11. Blur have just been announced for the London Olympic closing ceremony concert on the 12th of august with the specials and new order! possible headliner maybe???? its the kind of act they would book for there 20th anniversary edition 😀 could just be wishful thinking

  12. Tge thing is there is people waiting to hear so they can plan there summers….. At the end of the day it is al about the line up and this will be my first time at your festival as soon as we all know the line up!! It’s interesting to know if u keep to the promise that it will be the best line up ever….. Bestival is announced a superb line up and so has benicassim all me and my friends are waiting for is your line up!!!! Can’t wait to see this amazing line up……..

  13. I think your festival is going to be a let down with the bands as this isn’t a line up so far….. Where are all these great acts you promised?? People go to festivals for the atmosphere and great line up…… Please sort it out and to you need someone like high flying birds there to make it a superb line up!

  14. @Chris, chill man. This time last year acts hadn’t been announced at all for this festival. Furthermore, Reading and Leeds, V Fest, even T in the Park havent released full announcements yet; patience is a virtue.

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