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87 thoughts on “Official: new names coming next week!

  1. I’d rather wait for John Doe than speculate but… as last headliner i’d like to have The Killers or Coldplay and for smaller acts:
    Asaf Avidan
    Capital Cities
    Electric Guest
    Manu Chao.

  2. oh and one question: is there any chance that we won’t have any last headliner?

  3. Of course there is. This year we got an headliner for any announce, but in previous years announcement without headliners were very common πŸ™‚

  4. I am hoping fot St. Vincent, Vampire Weekend, Metronomy, and Cage the Elephant

    I can’t imagine why they don’t book St. Vincent, she can’t be too expensive. She only headlines the 4th stage at Rock en Seine, and she’s opening for The National this summer in Germany.

  5. just in case you dont know. primavera sound is at the moment streaming live. Im watching john grant at the moment.

    check it out. arcade fire were amazing last night

  6. Internet is too slow in my country for that :p

    I read a review on a french magazine that stated that Arcade Fire were disappointing… maybe the best actual band now.

  7. Hoping for The National, Chvrches, St. Vincent and The Bloody Beetroots! (All touring Europe in August)
    Sziget should look at Primavera Sound line up and book some of those acts!

  8. @ben from Lebanon! I’m coming with 5 (probably 4) friends!

    The National would be good as the friday headliner, not too expensive I guess.

  9. love how sziget brings together so much of europe and beyond. Lets hope the music this year reflects the whole of europe.

  10. The National are @ Pukkelpop the 15th so they can’t be the last headliner. I have some hopes for Sziget booking them the 11th right before Blink 182

  11. @ Noeliam : Manu Chao as as smaller act??????Wtf man?? It’s been 30 years that he’s worldwide famous!! It’s obvious that you’ve never seen him live, because he’s one of the best Headliner we can hope for!!

    Personnal wishes go for
    Gogol Bordello,
    Edward Sharpe (Don’t thing he’s gonna be around in August but never know…),
    and the Black Lips!!!

    Also Tenacious D, The Eagles of Death Metal and System of a Down.

    I’m a dreamer.

  12. The bloody beetroots pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Next Blink 182 and after i should die happy.

  13. No offense Amstramgram I really LOVE him I didn’t know he could headline Sziget that’s all πŸ™‚

  14. Am still waiting for Kaiser Chiefs to jump
    Hercules and Love Affair, Royksopp and Robyn to dance
    The National to cry

  15. is there a chance that coldplay comes or KOL or something like that? i want to see underworld!

  16. Coldplay 99% won’t come. It seems they’re only do small shows this summer, not festivals! Probably next year

  17. Coldplay? what you’re talking about? They sucks, i hope they ‘ll never come…

  18. Main Stage timetable in the last 2 years was 16.00 / 17.45 / 19.30 / 21.00 πŸ˜‰

  19. And bands played from:
    16.00 to 17.15
    17.45 to 19.00
    Special Party
    19.30 to 21.00
    21.30 to 23.00

    Sorry for writing 3 comments instead of one πŸ™‚

  20. Ah thanks for answering πŸ˜‰

    Good to know when are the special parties too… the color one must be great!

  21. The Hives, Babyshambles, Vampire Weekend, Royal Blood, Architects and Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls. All of them are touring in Europe in August.

  22. I hope they bring back Inbred Knucklehead this year, they were amazing last year. Hoping for a few guitar based bands in the next announcement like The Strypes, Babyshambles The Charlatans or even Maximo Park.

    also something from this list: limp bizkit, killers, muse, die antwoord, SOAD, robert plant,

  24. Oh i skept a beat after seeing your name :p
    Well, at least when will it be announced?

  25. Hope they will announce it tommorow :p Probably not though…
    Really hoping for Milky Chance, the Wombats, Arctic Monkeys and Vampire Weekend!

  26. I hope for Airbourne, Babyshambles, Flogging Molly, Kaiser Chiefs, Lana del Rey, Mando Diao, Royal Blood, The Bloody Beetroots and Travis.

  27. I’d host anyone who would like to see Beirut πŸ˜€

    If I had to pick two it would be The Killers and Flume!

  28. New names for Balaton Sound on wednesday and generally new names for Balaton are announced before new names for Sziget. Maybe new names on friday? But I’m still hoping for tomorrow

  29. Where did you read that? Can’t find anything neither on official website nor on the official fb page

  30. Zedd is in Japan on Aug 15th and The Killers are playing only a few shows in UK. I think they won’t come to Sziget to play a one-off date in Europe…

  31. Hope it’s not Paolo Nutini. Can’t stand him. Looking at his tour dates there is a gap, so it’s possible. However he’s in San Francisco on 10th and in UK on 16th and 17th.

    Hopefully he’ll prefer to use his non-travel days for a rest instead of Sziget.

  32. In this photo there is the last headliner of Sziget festival.

  33. For me:
    – The Bloody Beetroots or Afrojack 11 August
    – The National or Paolo Nutini on 15

  34. Flume maybe for A38. Bob Rifo’s Bloody Beetroots big enough to close the Main Stage on 11th.
    The National play @ Pukkelpop the 15th. Only date suitable for them is the 11th.

  35. Hey john doe, remember when you used to tease us with comments, pics and video as you did for the Killers in 2012? I would be very glad if you’ll do it again πŸ™‚

  36. John Doe never speaks when there’s an important announcement (cf Blink182 he told us that Blink wouldn’t come)
    or he sends someone else (Blast… now H who gave us R B, Royal Blood and P N, Paolo Nutini probably).

    Wait and see.

  37. “Tomorrow we will announce the official campfire musicians of the Island of Freedom!”

    Along with other names? πŸ™‚

  38. Sziget likes to share things slowly, tomorrow we’ll get musicians for campfire and names are probably set to be released on Friday…

  39. According to the German Facebook page, the Campfire voting closing at tomorrow noon, so i think before the closing will come some new names

  40. Yes so it’s most probably friday ’cause I don’t see two announcements in a day…

    All the announcements came at 12* πŸ˜›

  41. Yeah I know but 11 is weird why not 12?

    anyway.. just talking about nothingness we can’t do anything without hints or announcement!

  42. @Noeliam exactly haha πŸ™‚

    By the way, does anyone remember when Sziget usually complete the full line-up? I hope before the end of June!
    Many festivals in July have already released all the acts playing.

  43. @Marcu
    My last added spotify tracks from last year is around May 23 ..and then a couple of bands around 1th august.

  44. Campfire artists today (June 5th) and ‘proper’ new names on June 6th, according to the Sziget Facebook page.

  45. @Marcu: Announcements usually keep coming until very close to the festival.

    Maybe it’s good to keep in mind that at this moment we already know more acts than the total number of acts on many other festivals:
    Rock Werchter: 79
    Pinkpop: 54
    Rock Am Ring: 91

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