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Official Sziget 2009 line-up

The Hungarian Official site lists a line-up that looks like the full one, that you can see here. There may be some minor modifications from this point on, but not much will change probably. What do you guys think about it?

43 thoughts on “Official Sziget 2009 line-up

  1. I think I’ll stay at the Main Stage the entire Saturday. Disco Ensemble, Danko Jones, Maximo Park, The Offspring and especially Faith No More! What more can a man wish for..

  2. dillinja 3 am!! fooks sake i gave up drugs years ago, now i feel i’ll need them just to see the best thing at this years festival! GRRRRRRRRR

  3. as for me,the best days on Main stage are 15 & 16,and i like the others days and line up for other stage…nice to see good rock bands on Rock Stage…not great as it was last year,but still I like it

  4. was considering that this might just have been the best year but the dance tent is farily awful..ive seen all the dj`s at least once before and theyre all average…pete tong has been around for 25 years for gods sake-y not carl cox 2 make up for last year or some new acts like japanese popstars..yes the mainstage will be good but after 12 wot will there be to do-looks like if me and my friends go itll be campsite raves with a cd player again but to be fair its got to be better than that lineup

  5. There not so many band this year that I like (comparing last year’s line-up). BUT THE BANDS THAT I REALLY WANT TO SEE PLAYING THE SAME TIME

    Tricky vs Satyricon
    Birdy Nam Nam vs Pendulum
    Manic Street Preachers vs The Crystal Method
    Coldcut vs The Offspring

    That’s pretty shitty 🙁

  6. Sziget isn’t no longer sziget. Meduza stage is killed. F!*k pecs 2010. The amphitheatre is only optimal for Electronic music. Mainstage and rockstage lineups are ok, but the Rest isn’t really good booked. The cheapest line up since many years. First time that i have to say, that the frequency Festival with only 3 days of Action, has a better line up

  7. I’m completely with Medium boss!

    I think the program in general is great, but the scheduling isn’t very lucky!

    How can they put the headliners on the A38 and on the MTV Rock Stage at the same time (one tent could have the headlineslot at 23:00h and the other one at 00:30h).

    I’m also very unhappy with having the headlining live bands in the Party Arena at 19:30h. It’s quite confortable for the stage manager, because the bands can make a proper soundcheck before the program starts and can clear the stage completely for the DJs after their gigs, but I would have loved to see them perform at midnight, before the headlining DJs take over…

    Also some of the most interesting hungarian bands (The Kolin and Jacked) are scheduled to play at 02:30h where most people will miss them.

    A last issue I have with the schedule is that Pendulum and The Prodigy are playing on the same night. Would be great to split the two breakbeat live bands on two days.

    Fact (for my personal taste): the billing is the strongest since some years

    Fact (for my personal taste): the scheduling is VERY bad

  8. @ Thomas Mussbacher:

    I don’t think that the Meduza stage is killed. I guess the final lineup for this stage will be confirmed soon. I don’t expect any big surprises concerning additional international acts there, but Andrew Weatehrall (who is a legend) will play there and also Addictive TV and some french d&b acts. There is also still the rumour that Digitalism might perform and this can (now) only happen in the meduza tent.

    As discussed before: they seem to have cut expenses with not booking expensive major acts (like REM, Radiohead or The Killers) – but they have booked far more international bands as ever before!

    Festivals like FM4 Frequency, Rock Am Ring or Reading calculate completely different to a festival like Sziget!

    A festival like Rock am Ring has about 80.000 people there on each day and has three or four stages. They earn more than 10 million Euros with entrance fees.

    They do get a lot of international bands “for free” because the british or central european festival are part of the promotional schedule of many bands. This way these festivals can put a lot of money into headliners.

    At Sziget you have countless stages and attractions which’s set up, crew, rent and maintenance does cost a lot of money (compared to the usual three or four stages at other festivals). Even though the festival is more than twice as long as the “regular” festivals they definitely earn less than half the money Rock am Ring earns in three days!

    Concerning the mainstage bands you can say that you’ll get the program of one day of festivals like reading or Rock am Ring (even though it is a bad comparison) spread over a week. And I think that’s fine because of all the other things you get at Sziget…! 😉

  9. Slightly disapointed with this year’s line-up, though I can’t wait to see the prodigy. What about day zero? Are there even going to be anymore big acts announced for that or is it going to be all small bands?

  10. there gonna be some hard decision:
    faith no more vs brotherhood of brass
    fatboy vs buena vista
    and some long days front of main stage:
    iamx-nouvelle v-ska-p, haydamaky-jet-primal scream-pendulum, dnko jones-offspring-FNM

  11. “Mala & MC Sgt Pokes where are they??”

    The schedule for the Meduza tent is still missing on the Sziget site… I’m pretty sure it will come in a few days!

  12. Also a bit dissapointed with the scheduling of the bands.

    Fatboy Slim – Buena Vista Social Club – Vive la Fete all at the same time.

    Line-up for Mainstage is extremely good for Sziget. But the lineup for WAN2, PartyArena and Rock stage is not as good as is has been the last few years.

    However… It’s still Sziget. Zo no mather what, it’s gonna be a party!!

  13. Thanks MELLOWMANIAC, real good analysis.

    i thought that the meduza stage is now the AMFITEATRUM Pécs 2010. i was also wondering that i didnt´t find mc sgt pokes, Andrew Weaterhall and addictive tv on the line up.
    i don´t want any superstars there, but this kind of stage needs electronic music.

    good for me that i thought false.

  14. There gonna be some local DJ’s for the after hours right? it’s true that there is a 24h stage???

  15. @Ralph:

    This is only part of the Day Zero lineup! You can find the info in previous threads, but to sum it up:

    There will be at least two parts of the Day Zero:

    1) Jazz Festival (on the Worldmusicstage):

    There will be some of the best hungarian Jazz artists with “Miles from India” as headliner. The musicians being part of “Miles from India” are state of the art and many of them VERY famous in the contemporary Jazz scene. If you like Jazz this might be your highlight of the whole Sziget festival.

    2) ZARE (Zene a Rasszizmus Ellen) (on Mainstage and A38 stage):

    In cooperation with the british organisation “Love Music Hate Racism” and partially financed by the british embassy there will be concerts of hungarian an british bands. The hungarian bands are already confirmed, but the british bands still have to be confirmed.

    The confirmed hungarian bands are some of the more famous hungarian bands, as well as some popular young bands (many of the will also play on the regular festival).

    – LGT
    – Kispál és a Borz
    – Heaven Street Seven
    – Balázs Fecó
    – KFT
    – Deák Bill Gyula
    – Quimby
    – Beatrice
    – Kaukázus
    РR̼zsa Magdi
    РP̩terfy Bori Love Band
    – Novák Péter
    – Bródy János
    – Bikini
    – Fish!
    – Irie Maffia
    – Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra
    – Turbo
    – Subscribe
    – Republic
    – Zanzibár
    – Jamie Winchester
    – 30Y
    – Sziámi
    – többek mellett
    – Animal Cannibals
    – Ladánybene 27
    – Dopeman
    – Anna and the Barbies
    – Budapest Jazz Klub

    (I don’t speak hungarian, so if I didn’t understood it right, please correct me)

  16. If the above published schedule is the final one for Day Zero than I definitely misunderstood the text on the hungarian site..! Sorry! 😉

    But I’m sure that there will be also british bands…

  17. No, your list is correct. 🙂
    I just write there some names from the Day Zero.

  18. Long time no rumours…

    On the Lastfm site are 808 State listed… I can’t find a source for the information on the net, but they could be amazing co-headliners with Andrew Weaterhall for the Meduza tent! (they play in Edinburgh on the 15th!)

  19. Sry but that s one of the lamnest lineups ever. I thought that there would be at least some good metal bands even when the rock and metal podia are merged. Fortunately misery index and hate eternal play in budapest on 10th aug. Anyways, the party will still be good, so see you there!!

  20. I actually never had such a busy schedule before and so many difficult decisions to make….Fatboy Slim vs. Buena Vista Social Club, Birdy Nam Nam vs. Pendulum, The Prodigy vs. Amadou & Mariam….in my opinion there are only the really big headliners missing, but there are a lot of real quality bands like woven hand, Tricky, Calexico, Oi Va Voi etc.
    the only point of criticism is that the party arena has got too many trance and tekno dj’s, would prefer more dj’s like BNN, Coldcut, the Crystal Method and bands like justice last year…
    gonna be one hell of a party!!!

  21. well i guess that micheal jackson wont be playing the rock against racism day now. oh well. he would have been good as he was black and then white. haha

  22. now please announce the specials on day zero as a gift for me and the missus! haha

    cheers in advance!!!


  23. well… last year was way better (or should i say more good) bands on rock stage …. will rock stage be in place of metal stage, blues stage or both – shure hope it’s outside and not in a covered stage

    bands this year are not as good as previous one but still good enough …. shure hope for some good zero day bands

  24. This year Line Up sucks.

    No Deftones, No Franz Ferdinand, No Digitalism!

    At least Prodigy

  25. The Sziget people published a series of (as I think: great) ads on the official Sziget Facebook site.

    The ad for Day Zero lists “Love Music Hate Racism Allstars Special (UK)” as program highlight… This might suggest that not a bunch of UK acts will perform seperate sets, but form an allstar band – which could be very special!

    I know this might cut down the amount of additional UK acts to perform on Day Zero, but we might get a performance of several UK artists as no one had it before or will get afterwards.

    To list some of the LMHR supporters:
    – Anti-Flag
    – Babyshambles
    – Belle & Sebastian
    – Mylo
    – Shane McGowan
    – Lethal Bizzle
    – Doves
    – David Gray
    – Carl Barat
    – Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly
    – Damon Albarn
    – Tony Allen
    – Reverend & The Makers
    – Jerry Dammers
    …and many more!

    Don’t get it wrong: chances for most of these artists to be at Sziget are pretty low, but one or the other MIGHT participate.

    One cool act for such a thing would be Mongrel – which in fact IS a very political allstar band (with members of Reverend & The Makers, Arctic Monkeys, Babyshambles)

  26. MISSET:

    I too will be attending that epic metal show.
    Misery Index, Psycroptic, Beneath the massacre and Hate Eternal.

    I’m really psyched for sziget too

  27. this is my first year. Ive heard its a hellair party but Im a little disappointed with the lack of quality bands and djs. I see a little. VERY. Are there hidden stages and appearences? And what about digitalism! They were going to play for ages now I cant see them. Does anyone know any good breaks, dnb or electro clubs in budapest too?? Fancy throiwing a few shapes off the island

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