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Official Sziget 2015 Anthem by Irie Maffia

Irie Maffia turns 10 years old this year, and they can add another great achievement to their CV – their song “Easy As One Two Three” has been selected as the official anthem of the 2015 Sziget Festival! The song, which will be included on the band’s next album, is not just a series of notes, but has a message, too. According to Sena, the Irie Maffia’s voice, it tells you that “whatever the feeling might be, good or bad, if you speak it out you set it free, and you set yourself free as well”. The tune is the work of Élö Márton and Horváth Gáspár, and the lyrics were written by Dagadu Sena and Kéri András.

Irie Mafia was formed in Hungary in 2005. Their music is a mixture of reggae and dancehall, with a dash of hip hop, funk and rock mixed into it. Their notable festival appearances in Europe include participation at the My City Budapest Festival in Amsterdam and a festival celebrating the end of World War I in Rovereto, Italy.

The Sziget Festival always chooses songs by popular local bands for its anthem. In 2013 they chose the Punnany Massif song “Szabadon” (loosely translates to “being free”), while in 2014 they chose Together by Ivan and the Parazol.

80 thoughts on “Official Sziget 2015 Anthem by Irie Maffia

  1. You have to accept the fact that Sziget isn’t that. We will have some metal names of course but don’t count on it.

  2. @Art

    Imagine sziget with a lineup like that, everyone would be really really upset. It’s not a metal festival. I’d love to see a few good metal bands too, but the festival you posted has nothing to do with sziget.

  3. @Art maybe Sziget it’s not the kind of festival good for you anymore, but it’s never been a metal festival. In the part (glorious days) we had a metal stage but metal has never taken more than 5% of the total program.
    Having said that, I’d love to see The Dillinger Escape Plan on the Island. They’d be a great addiction for A38 lineup. And they’re at Pukkelpop the week after, so I keep my fingers crossed.

  4. @bender

    actually they are playing Rockpart another Hungarian fest, so they are off the table.
    My real problem is they are booking noname pop/electronic crap for 10 times the money real bands who play instruments cost.

    If this would be the line-up it’d be heaven, and yet probably a lot of mainstream “music” fans would be upset, they’d still come, cause you know people come for the sziget feeling, not the line up. (this is the usual official line explaining the yearly awful lineup)

  5. Art, go to Hevy Fest and stop. Sziget is not metal festival and never will be again. The story is changed.

  6. @Art: Sziget is an international festival.

    If I were from Antwerp, Belgium, do you think I would be complaining about Tomorrowland being a local festival and having no rock or metal acts? The answer is no, because that would be moronic. Let those of us who actually have a taste in music enjoy Sziget, and you can go to Hevy Fest. I like metal too, but I’m not a conservative prick who hates on all other genres.

  7. well having a “taste” in music are not equal liking sziget, actually it’s the opposite, more like jumping on bandwagon of radio supported “2 years from now noone can remember” pop music. I’m not close minded and not even metal is my favorite genre.

    And Sziget is not tommorowland by any means. Sziget always addressing how multicultural and yet they almost become balaton sound, and its frustating. if you can see that, i cant help you.

  8. For now the two headliners are Robbie Williams and Florence; surely not rock (which is yet to come of course) but it’s good music. Potential subs like Interpol, Foals, Alt-J… are great bands too. I’m sure we’re gonna have good headliners (but ALL festivals in august are struggling, look at Bastille headlining Pukkelpop!!) and great undercard (other good bands: Beatsteaks, Halestorm, Enter Shikari, Gogol Bordello, Knife Party, Jungle, Awolnation, Infected Mushrooms which are all amazing live acts… + Gentleman, Selah Sue, Milky Chance, Future Islands…

    I see a lot of good acts when I don’t look for big acts.

  9. Not many have mentioned him on here but Dixon (Resident Advisor Number 1 DJ and Innervisions label boss) is playing too and that’s a ridiculous booking. I did not expect them to get him at all. Add that to Michael Mayer (Kompakt label boss) and Marcel Dettmann (resident DJ at arguably the most notorious nightclub in the planet, Berghain). Add that to High Contrast, Jaguar Skills, Apollonia, Gui Boratto and Vitalic and you’ve got a lot of boxes ticked (genre-wise) that I haven’t seen Sziget tick before and suggests that they’re looking to branch out to underground dance acts this year as well as the mainstream poppy ones.

    So whereas Art may bemoan the lack of metal and point to Sziget going more ‘pop’, I’d suggest that they’re keeping a fair amount of underground music it’s just that it’s not metal. For me personally it’s more preferable this way. I’m not in to pop, ‘EDM’ or metal.

  10. Art is just trolling us 😀 come on, you can’t take someone seriously who thinks that Sziget would work with an all underground metal lineup he posted

    Sziget is booking great acts this year, maybe not the biggest ones, but who really cares? The smaller concerts are always way more special

  11. looks like you guys need to research before you talk crap. most of those bands at hevy are not metal bands.

    I never said they should only book those kinda a bands. I just said they should just book real bands who use their instruments for less money, than they pay little boys pressing the play button on their laptops.

  12. @Art

    Well if you cannot express yourself without being rude, this is not the place for you. I’m not a fan of DJs either, I’d love to see some real bands, even the ones you have mentioned. But if you can only talk like an angry 13 year old, please find an other forum for yourself 🙂

  13. @Art: I listen to 2/3 bands on that Hevy Fest poster, and you know what? I’d still prefer a festival like Sziget. Why? Because I prefer the crowd at Sziget moreso than the pretentious, closed-minded crowd at metal and rock festivals. People at Sziget are accepting and open to new things, whereas people like you are not.

    I can listen to the Fall of Troy and Dillinger and still immensely appreciate the work that goes into Deadmau5’s songs. “Just a guy pushing a button” is the most ignorant argument you rock folk have. Deadmau5 (or any other top tier producer) probably has 100x the knowledge and talent in the studio than ANY rock icon you can think of has, but just because he doesn’t play instruments live means he’s not talented to you. Most electronic musicians are classically trained pianists, studio wizards, and quality sound engineers, all built into one.

  14. I think Linkin Park is out. Chester is talking about the countries in which they’re touring in august/september in a video and there is no Hungary… (the video is on the Frequebncy facebook page).

  15. Got to be in there Germany in August, would love it to be a reference to The National Anthem Radiohead, life isn’t that perfect though.

  16. @headline

    yes they probably talented in their field, but i cant appreciate it. It’s not live music, and a concert/festival should be about live music. sziget was about live music too back in the day. But they just jumped the bandwagon of you know “why should we book 4-6 person bands with instruments, when 1 dude with a laptop gather more people” no problems with soundcheck, only have to deal with 1 person’s ego, etc. it’s a good deal. And yes it’s not the festival’s fault the music culture recently becoming pathetic. A dude with a micky mouse mascara can have bigger crowds than bands like fall of troy and TDEP (just keeping the ones you name). And the fact that you think the mouse dude is more talented, more enthusiastic than any of those bands is bad in every way, I hope you were not 100% serious.

  17. Haha. I could have understood your point of view but you can’t be serious about Deadmau5. You can hate what he does but you have to admit that he’s very, talented both musically and visually and his show is really good if you like his music (and a lot of people does).

    But, I wa kinda angry to see Kanye West headlining Glastonbury which is my best festival yet I haven’t been there so I partly understand what you must feel. It’s just a matter of taste…

  18. Why were you angry with Kanye headlining Glastonbury? He’s a critically acclaimed artists who’s had success all over the World. I don’t like his music but he’s more than worthy of a headline slot at any mainstream festival.

  19. because Kanye is a crappy mainstream pop artist, and Glastonbury shouldn’t do that. the same goes to robbie at Sziget. an aged/mediocore at best/living off the past Pop artist just shouldn’t be headlining “Best Major Festival of Europe”.

  20. Why not? Have you been to Glastonbury? Half the crowd are mainstream people who want to see stuff like that. In terms of the actual crowd at Glastonbury he’s a far more valid headliner than Metallica were, for example.

    Glastonbury has hundreds of stages, the Other Stage area is as big as the main stage area at Sziget and will have a huge act headlining at the same time. Kanye writes his own music and has at least two albums that have received Worldwide critical acclaim from publications like Pitchfork who aren’t about pop music.

    What’s the difference between him headlining and Beyonce headlining? If anything he’s a far more valid artist and Beyonce was one of the biggest coups Glastonbury have ever had. She drew a huge crowd and my friends that went that year who are all guitar music fans consider it to be the highlight of the weekend.

    People who comment on him headlining who haven’t even been to Glastonbury are chatting bubbles. For years Glastonbury has championed all forms of music. It’s not about genre, you headline the Pyramid stage because you’re big, nothing else comes in to play.

  21. that’s the probelm. festivals become “cool thing”, the mass media tell those brainwashed people to go there because it makes you cool. These days when you ask a 14 year old wearing a ramones shirt, what’s his/her favorite song? the answer i didnt even know they were a band. The world is s fxckied up in a lot of ways far more important things than music, but this is one of them problems.
    A festival shouldn’t be about it. It should be about quality bands playing quality live music, and sorry neither kanye/beyonce or any other money backed major label/commercial radio/talent show celeb musician can reach that level.

  22. If you don’t like a mainstream festival, go to an underground one. It’s simple, isn’t it?

  23. Don’t worry i go, but why I can’t have good artist at my hometown festival and to brag about the thing i cant understand…

  24. Yeah john I know the heretic anthem 😉 and surfacing (their new national fucking anthem)… But I’m dreaming

  25. Your ignorance to Kanye is hilarious Art! I don’t particularly like him but research his background and his ideaology and you will feel a little silly. I hope your only a youngster.

  26. You can stop dreaming Bender, they are touring in the US during that period (07-12-14-15 august). Same goes for Slipknot.

  27. Oh and Volt are having new names on wednesday (not official source so i’m not 100% sure) so maybe we’ll have names the week after.

  28. it’s the gaslight anthem for sure. they are on tour in europe in august, and they’ve cancelled a few years ago

  29. @Art: I don’t understand your argument about Sziget, though I agree with much of what you say about the state of modern musicianship. However, I don’t think that every “electronic” musician can simply be lumped into an untalented category that isn’t worthy of live shows or events. There are MANY electronic musicians that have massive talent; Deadmau5 is one of them. There are admittedly very few talented electronic musicians who make it to the mainstream these days, but he is one who did… it’s that simple. I can even say the same for Calvin Harris, though I don’t enjoy his music at all. He went from working at a grocery store to headlining festivals all over the world in a few years… that doesn’t happen if you don’t have talent. There are many terribly untalented people, and many who were once talented but were turned into puppets by our poor excuse for a music industry. Even so, there are many that stick to their roots.

    In the most ironic fashion, Deadmau5 would have the same opinion of the music industry, live performance, and music festivals as you, yet you lump him in with what you perceive as being a flawed industry merely because he is labeled by that very industry as a DJ (in reality, he is much much more than that). Your view on the music industry couldn’t be more accurate, but your ignorance about electronic music and your rock/metal elitism ruin that accuracy. There are so many ultra-talented electronic musicians and I stand by my opinion that Deadmau5 is more talented at a wider variety of musical tasks (writing, mastering, sound engineering, ect.) than any other single rock or metal musician you could name. In fact, many electronic musicians and producers help write for big bands and artists in addition to their own work, which could be a reason that “mainstream” music sounds like regurgitated garbage: because the producers are saving their worst and least-genuine ideas for other fittingly less talented artists.

  30. @headline I quote every single world except when you say that deadmau5 is more talented than ANY rock or single musician, this is too much. But he’s one of the most talented in the electro-edm world and music in general.

  31. @headline
    Finally someone with decent argument points and not just “go elsewhere, if you don’t like it” mentality.
    Maybe I was too harsh about electronic music, I didn’t mean that. I bet there are good DIY artist in that genre too, I just don’t care for it at all.
    My argument was more like against mainstream music (whatever genre rock, pop, hip-hop, etc.). It’s so pathetic these days that radio stations/major labels can push down garbage on people’s throat and even more terrifying that for 90% of the population that rotated 10 songs on a commercial radio station satisfy their music needs and think about those songs as BEST MUSIC EVER.
    And I Think this is where festivals should step in and fight against these brainwashing process, by bringing unique, LIVE music to their line-ups, and sorry, but Robbie Williams, Skrillex, David Guetta, or 90% of the sziget yearly line-up fail to deliver that need.

  32. I’d say the radio stations are far more at fault. Festivals work on a demand basis. They have to sell tickets to keep their jobs. Guetta sells tickets because he’s on the radio. He allows the festival to book other acts elsewhere that they couldn’t afford otherwise because he’ll probably bring 10000 attendees on his own. His crowd was massive when he played, I caught the end of his set, which I didn’t have to watch because Tame Impala were on at the as time (I’m happy he played because it avoided a nasty clash).

    Robbie Williams is the same. If you search Sziget on Twitter 90% of the tweets are about him. They’ll sell out because he’s playing, and that allows them to book better undercard acts.

    The fact is that there a lack of big rock bands they can book to sell out. Who is actually available at the time of Sziget that could sell it out? There aren’t many bands that sell out festivals because they aren’t on the radio.

    Naturally, if you’ve got Calvin Harris or Guetta headlining your undercard is going to verge towards electronic music too as you’re suiting your crowd.

    Saying that, there’s a massive difference between arena dance acts and club acts. It’s a completely different crowd with almost no cross over. Sziget this year has booked an odd mix of both, hopefully there will be more underground ones to come, I wasn’t expecting any to be honest.

  33. DAYPARK: Charli XCX * Echosmith * Frittenbude * Eskimo Callboy * lonely the brave * Rae Morris * Dolomite Minor * Eaves
    NIGHTPARK: Dumme Jungs (LIVE) * IllSkillz * Tinush * DIZZY BELL * Andy Catana
    MAD DECENT STAGE (Nightpark): Diplo * Dillon Francis * Flosstradamus * ZEDS DEAD * What So Not

    For Frequency! I’d love Lonely The Brave and the Mad Decent Stage!

  34. @ Art: Again, I agree with what you say about major labels and radio stations, but you make it seem like there’s no way to listen to “real” music anymore. I will admit that it has become much harder to “find” quality music, but that’s simply because the market is over-saturated with garbage music whose drive is to make profit and not to spread innovative ideas.

    And this brings another argument to the front: how can you be so judgmental and disgusted with electronic musicians in general when they are, in fact, the innovators of the music industry? This is not meant to suggest that all electronic musicians deserve their fame, but there are certainly many that are breaking new ground. Again, you bring Skrillex into your argument with little to no understand of what he actually does. You’re probably told by your elitist friends that Skrillex is talentless, and so you go on spouting ignorance on the topic–when, in reality, he is merely new and different and (was) completely unique when he started producing. You are an elitist, and while your argument does point to valid observations re: the music industry, it basically boils down to (don’t mind if I paraphrase):

    “I don’t like new stuff, and I think everyone should have to play an instrument at a festival. But then when Robbie Williams shows up with 20 live performers, who are all playing music to back him, sometimes even playing alongside an ORCHESTRA, it’s not a valid festival performance.”

    So, your argument is that all music should be live, but then you turn away Robbie Williams, who is a valid live performer (not one that I particularly enjoy, but still). What about Florence? She’s super talented and plays with live musicians–does she make the cut? Even though she is popular?

    Your argument is too full of generalizations to be taken seriously. I agree that music is going in the wrong direction, but quality music is abundantly available, and is actually becoming more widespread as a response to the shit we hear on the radio. Electronic musicians are included in this movement “away” from terrible music, whether you like it or not, and there are many talented musicians who I’m sure you would dismiss as being “too popular” merely because of the style of music they make.

    People like you are the problem, not the solution. If we’re ever going to move past the musical rut our society has found itself in, then we need open-mindedness, not ignorance.

  35. “il y a 15 heures

    Are Kings Of Leon european festivals exclusive?

    Thank you.
    il y a 14 minutes

    Yes Akram”

    Well… at least we know now!

  36. Linkin Park made a video announcing all the countries of their European tour. No Hungary. Let’s face it, we’re not gonna have Linkin Park. Sziget’s week is the weakest of 2015 to put up a lineup with big names. That’s so unlucky for Sziget management. But I hope we’re gonna have a great mid-undercard. If the hint of john doe was about The Gaslight Anthem there will be a great addiction again in the next announcement.

  37. Would find it pretty lame if Linkin Park played pukkelpop, frequency, rock’nheim etc etc and not Sziget :/

  38. VOLT names are out… I hope next week for Sziget 🙂

    Triggerfinger / Klangkarussell / Tiga / Richard Dorfmeister / SIGMA / Wankelmut / Dirtyphonics, a hazaiak közül Quimby / Vad Fruttik / Tankcsapda / punnany massif / BRAINS / Halott Pénz / Wellhello / Kiscsillag / Supernem OFFICIAL / Hobo / Európa Kiadó / BOGGIE / Dallos Bogi Hivatalos / Palya Bea / Sena / Budapest Bár

    won’t come! I wanted Klangkarussel but it’s okay!

  39. and this volt announcement perfectly sums up my view on the whole sziget organization. they are now making 3 balaton sounds now with different names, with some indie, pop, etc filler bands included. awful direction.

  40. @Bender
    Saw that video too but they also fail to mention Belgium in the list of countries while they have been announced for the Pukkelpop festival recently. It seems that the video has been recorded before the announcement and they made sure to prevent revealing dates that haven’t been announced yet. So I don’t think that this video should be seen as prove that they won’t be playing.

  41. Another fun fact: Frequency festival facebook posted a video featuring Chester Bennington announcing the presence of Linkin Park at the festival on March 2. Linkin park facebook posted a video with Chester in the exact same setting and clothes on March 25 announcing the Pukkelpop festival. Since it’s highly unlikely that Chester has been captured in that room for 3 weeks, it seems that the band already know the dates but leave the announcement of the dates to the festivals themselves.

    Makes you wonder whether there might already exist a video with ‘we are excited to play this year’s sziget festival’.

  42. @Fringe I’m kinda pessimist but I’d love to be wrong.

    @Rambo Joe Volt Festival also has Motorhead, Slash + Myles Kennedy, Fatboy Slim, Parkway Drive, Rise Against and Parov Stelar. Not that bad as you say, right?

  43. @Art: I legitimately can’t tell if you’ve just been shut off from the entire world for the last 15 years, if you’re a troll possibly, or if you’re just mentally handicapped. Because you’re totally right! Balaton Sound 2016 headliners: Slash, Motorhead, Parkway Drive, ect. Like give it a f**** rest you moron.

  44. Oh, just thought of a fourth option: you’re either 2 years old or approaching 80 years of age. Which one is it? I’m genuinely curious? Did the Soviet Union really f*** up Hungarian people that badly? Or is it just you who’s super out of touch with the entire world?

  45. yeah you can point fingers at 5 bands from the line-up, from 2 them (or the members of it) were a thing in 15-20 years ago, 2 of them would have been cool 5-8 years ago other than that you are right. Electronic didn’t took over sziget/volt, while there is a fest for that genre. and I’m blind. also you are the f**** moron, if you want to take this to the personal level.

  46. How am I a moron? You’ve literally been on this SZIGET forum for over a week complaining about ANY ACT that isn’t modern metal or modern rock. You keep saying that every festival is turning into Balaton Sound and then ignore anyone who points out that all festivals have a wide variety of genres. Catch up with the rest of the world, buddy. I pointed out some classic rockers, and you have also decided that they’re not good enough for you.

    Who would be playing at your festival, Art? I already know the answer!

    My next question, then, is who the fuck would come to your festival? And why do you expect ANY FESTIVAL EVER IN THE HISTORY OF FESTIVALS to cater to you and you alone? You’re a self-indulged piece of shit who thinks that your unpopular taste in music is the only one that should be catered to. I’ve exchanged 2 comments in a random anonymous forum with you and I can already tell that you are one of the most unintelligent people I have ever communicated with (musically, at least, and your arguments are absolutely f***** retarded). Is this what I can expect to find in Budapest? Because I’ll sell my Sziget ticket right now haha. You’re like a 5 year old who thinks everyone else should get the Christmas present YOU WANT, because god forbid anyone gets to see any artists they want to see (i.e. the popular ones).

    You listen to literally the most unpopular genre of music (metal/post-rock/post-hardcore/whatever), and you’re angry that one of the biggest festivals in the world isn’t booking solely those types of acts. I actually can’t handle that you are a living human. You are everything that is wrong with music today, as @headline has already pointed out.

  47. @headline: also, sort of weird the @Art hasn’t responded to any of the criticisms you made in your last post? Are you a little baby Arty boy? You f**** moron.

  48. @Art: Go hang yourself man! That would be super rock n’ roll. Maybe Sziget would book some metal bands in your honour 🙂

  49. have you seen a doctor lately? you are pathetic.

    I try to write it down for you again in short sentences, maybe your brain can fully process it.

    1. Sziget created Balaton Sound for electronic music. I1m fine with that.
    2. Sziget started to get more and more electronic artist to the mainstsge.
    3. My initial problem was never that I want an only punk/hardcore festival at sziget, I just don’t understand why they can’t book actual, good bands from that genre (I guess it fits the “wide variety of genres”, but i might be wrong).

    also headline had his valid points, i had my idea, so i didn’t wanted to repeat myself, so i stopped the arguement.

    why are you a moron? you started being personal, while no one is ever offended you, and you become an idiot asshole, thats why. I really hope that you don’t come to budapest to my poison the city with brainless douchebag attitude. Thanks.

  50. You’re being personal by insulting the festival that we’re all here to be excited for and enjoy. Do you see anyone else commenting every other day with nothing but negativity to spread?

    And no, your argument was “Sziget and Volt are Balaton Sound: there is now 3 Balaton Sound Festivals operated by the Sziget organization”. THAT was your argument, which is moronic. I’ve never been to Sziget and even I know that it has always operated under the philosophy of bringing a mixed bag of acts, from all popular genres, as well as some old favorites and some new trends in musicianship. Electronic music can cover both “new trends” and “popular genres”.

    And you keep saying “OH I DIDN’T WANT ALL METAL, I JUST WANT GOOD BANDS THAT ACTUALLY PLAY INSTRUMENTS, BLAH BLAH”. Well, the term “good” is completely in the ear of the listener. What you find “good” I might find terrible (probably not the case because I’m a huge metal and rock fan). You haven’t addressed the SEVERAL excellent non-electronic live musicians Sziget has booked. And you insist that electronic music has taken over the main stage! Seriously?! They’ve added a closing DJ set for each night, which is pretty common in festivals all over the world. With that exception, no DJs play on the main stage. Bands play the mainstage in overwhelming numbers in comparison to any electronic or DJ acts.

    But again, you think everyone has to have your taste in music. You can’t accept that Sziget is a business trying to stay afloat and make money, and in that respect, they’re doing a great job this year. The lineup is diverse, interesting, and fun, with lots of new stuff to explore and (hopefully) much more familiarity yet to come. You can’t judge a festival by your own tastes alone when there will be 400,000 people there over the course of the 7 days.

    So, I’m done with this. But if it’s between you and I, then you are the moron. I can accept new music and go a week without blatantly insulting an entire forum with my closed-mindedness and backwards/selfish thinking.

  51. Are you really this way about Sziget, guys? Omg, try to be adult! Sziget is fun, chill, happiness, not this king of shit.

  52. jesus arguing about a festival on the festival’s “forum” is AGAINST the festival goers personally. jesus new high standards in thinking. sorry I hurt your feeling.

  53. @Bender: I know. Sorry, I’m in the music business and people like Art make my blood boil. The rest of you are awesome though.

  54. Chill guys! Whatever Art can say, I like this year’s lineup so far (25%). There are good headliners (I personally love Robbie and Florence), good undercard (Alt-J, Foals, Interpol…), good electronic both mainstream (I like Knife Party and Infected Mushroom) and underground (I don’t really know them but a few people mentionned it here, about Dixon and co). There’s even some reggae with Gentleman (and I hope they’ll add some). If you want to have a great party, you can also go to Dropkick Murphys, Gogol Bordello or Enter Shikari.

    It’s the second and last time I list the bands that are coming to try to convince you. There are a lot of good acts, and a lot more to come.
    I think a new hint from John Doe would chill down everything, don’t you guys? 🙂

  55. @Art: I’m an agent… I didn’t take your argument personally, don’t worry.

  56. I’m with The Keys, Art should just do one! Bringing nothing to the party.

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