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OFFICIAL: Third announcement–Skunk Anansie & more

UPDATE: Sziget Italia also announces Afterhours.

The third and last announcement for today has just been made.

Here’s what it includes:

  • Skunk Anansie
  • Alex Clare
  • Chase & Status LIVE
  • Tame Impala
  • Afterhours
  • Michael Kiwanuka
  • Wax-tailor
  • Left Boy
  • Of course, everything is already listed on our Sziget 2013 line up page.

The third video is up, too.


32 thoughts on “OFFICIAL: Third announcement–Skunk Anansie & more

  1. I think the fact that editors aren’t headlining, means that the headliners Will be good this year. Otherwise it would be easy to let them headline.. They even close rock werchter!

  2. I’m liking the announced names, some of them already performed on Sziget, but there are some big names that could’ve been announced as headliners.

  3. @Alex I think I misunderstood. You don’t mean that any of the 24 announced today could be headliners, do you?

  4. Gotta say, I’m feeling pretty underwhelmed by this myself! Only a couple of names there that I’d be interested in seeing. Surely they can do better than that?

  5. @Adam Clark
    I think he means that the names are big enough to be headliners, so the actual haedliners will be good as they’ll be bigger.

  6. Very disappointing to be honest, look at lineups like Rock Werchter, I was planning on going to Sziget but if they come out with names like these I am sincerely reconsidering.

  7. Does anybody else think that since sziget won festival of the year a couple of years ago, the organisers have put far more effort into Volt and Balaton Sound? Much better lineup for both those so far this year, and today’s announcement just seems to be a mix of tried and tested acts from previous years. I’m not saying today’s announcement was bad, just a bit lazy from the organisers.

  8. MAIN STAGE: Ska-P, Editors, Dizzee Rascal, Skunk Anansie, Alex Clare, Enter Shikari.
    A38 STAGE: Michael Kiwanuka, Bad Religion, Woodkid, Peter Bjorn & John, Katy B, Netsky, Tame Impala, TEED, Everything Everything, Wax Tailor, Zaz, Skip&Die.
    ARENA: Empire Of The Sun, Chase & The Status, Chris Liebing, Sebastian Ingrosso, Afterhours, Left Boy

  9. Totally agree with Rochie.
    The announcement is not bad at all but a bit similar to other years…

    only fresh new and big headliners could make it shine more (most of announced names are really good middle names)

  10. no headliners in this announcement.. but there are some good and important names (bad religion enter shikari tame impala chase & status editors) and some repetitions that i really can’t understand..
    don’t really know how this sziget’s going to be..

  11. It’s more question of personal taste. I love editors and empire of the sun so really happy with them, in other hand skunk anansie, peter, bjorn and john and dizzee rascal are amazing performers, but not my favs, so i would prefer not to have them. Headliners can make line up better or worse too. For me blur is boring act, but i understand that they’re great choise for festival.

  12. Out of 24 names

    Bad Religion, yeah!
    Enter Shikari, yeah!



  13. Adam clark, just because you don’t like them doesn’t mean it’s a shity line-up. For a non-headliner announcement these are quite good names. Everywhere you comment you are whining. Just stay home, people like you ruin the great atmosphere at festivals.

  14. On this announcement I’ve decieded not to go this year.. Way to much overlap with early editions. I wanna see new bands if I go to sziget, not something I’ve already seen.

  15. Regarding the latest announcements – it’s been pointed out to me that, unfortunately, the A38 tent was virtually empty for Ministry last year (Placebo was on Main Stage at the same time, of course, but that’s another matter ……), so the organisers are going to look at things like this and decide(rightly or wrongly)that heavier music is not what the audience wants and that tried and tested ‘crowd pleasers’ of the sort already announced are the way forward ….

    For the people who like this type of stuff – I’ve very happy for you! I’m happy too because I’ve just bought my tickets to see SOAD in Prague! 🙂

  16. Very poor decision to get rid of all heavier music just because of a poor turn out for a single act! Says more about their organisational skills than anything for putting Ministry on at the same time as Placebo. More bad judgement from the organisers!

  17. @Rochie

    Yes, I agree. We were not happy at all about having to make a choice between Ministry and Placebo. 🙁

  18. Deary me! Whats everyone winging about!? There are a ton of other festivals that everyone is talking about here that you can go to if Sziget is not your thing this year. Last years line up was dreadful, still had such an amazing time. This year is looking not bad at all and has a pretty diverse line up. I challenge anyone here to attempt to put on a ‘perfect’ festival for 360’000 people and please all of them. Good work Sziget, cant wait!

  19. @adam clark

    Like Michael PD already said, I think some of these names could’ve been announced as headliners, as Sziget’s headliners are usually not the biggest names in the industry, which means the actual headliners of the festival could really be big this year. And a lot of the names in this announcement made me happy like Michael Kiwanuka, Wax Tailor, Katy B, Netsky, Chase & Status, Empire of the Sun, Sebastian Ingrosso, Ska-P. Lots of good stuff, and then again, I hardly ever go to Sziget to see the headliners.

  20. Afterhours are playing Aug 8 according to their official fb page 😉
    Don’t miss them, they’re really good!

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