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It’s Official: Pink to Headline the Main Stage on August 9

The organizers have confirmed on the event’s official Facebook page: Pink will headline Day -1 of the 25th Anniversary Sziget Festival. At the same time, the event has announced the prices for its day tickets – all of them will cost €65, no matter the date. The next price hike for 7-day and 5-day passes will occur on the 31st of May, so we can expect some further big names to be announced around that date.

Pink (often stylized as P!NK) was born Alecia Beth Moore in September 1979. She started writing songs at an early age, then proceeded to perform in various Philadelphia clubs from the age of 14. She chose her stage name inspired by Mr. Pink from Quentin Tarantino’s “Reservoir Dogs”. At the age of 16, she joins a RnB group called “Choice”, which disbanded a few years later. Pink went solo in the coming year, and released her debut single, “There you Go”, in 2000. As you might expect, it was a resounding success, peaking at the #7 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

During her career, Pink has released 7 solo studio albums (and one as half of the country duo You+Me). Besides, she took a handful of roles and cameos in a variety of movies, like Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, Happy Feet Two or Get Him to the Greek. Her career accolades include several resounding awards, including three Grammys, a BRIT Award, a Daytime Emmy, and six MTV Music Awards, along with the title of “Pop Song Artist of the Decade” received from Billboard in 2009. She was the second most-played solo artist behind Madonna in the UK, she received a “Woman of the Year” award from Billboard in 2013 and a BMI President’s Award in 2015 for “her outstanding achievement in songwriting and global impact on pop culture and the entertainment industry.”

Pink will take Sziget 2017’s Dan Panaitescu Main Stage on August 9th. This will not be her first time – Pink has already performed on a Sziget stage in 2007.

177 thoughts on “It’s Official: Pink to Headline the Main Stage on August 9

  1. Has Sziget officially commented their 50 euro ticket price increase this year? Cause I can’t really see a reason why would they do this judging by the line-up.

  2. @Siiiim they have hanging umbrellas, lighting dragons, and all the awesome stuff can’t offer, it’s PRICELESS. Noone here cares about music at a festival. You should know that!!

  3. If you’re going to hike the prices make sure you offer a top line up. So far this is the worst line up for any major festival in Europe.

  4. Actually, I think that line-up is not bad, but very bad-balanced and pop-oriented, Pink, Major Lazer, Wiz Khalifa, that couple of djs are very popular in their field.
    Pink is the best pop headliner we can get. Similar to Sia, good voice and nice show. I’m not into pop concerts (the same as you all) but there are a lot of people who will like it.
    Major Lazer is a great party, I don’t get it, why you are hating these guys.
    Wiz Khalifa is perfect example of modern american rap, which I don’t understand (I listen to Atmosphere, Cunninlynguists, Looptroop, Jedi Mind Tricks…). But it is VERY popular in the USA and it is spreading through Europe. And Khalifa is one of the biggest names in this genre.
    Dimitry Vegas & Like Mike – just top 3 DJ Mag, that’s it.

    Now we have 2 more slots for headliners. Imagine, for example, if it would be Rammstein and Marilyn Manson. It would be a crazy and diverse line-up with Rammstein, Pink, Kasabian, Major Lazer, Marilyn Manson, Wiz Khalifa, Djs.
    So I want to mention just 2 things
    1. Don’t think only about rock headliners. Sziget is much bigger then that. There are many festivals just for this genre. If headliner is not a rock one, it doesn’t mean it is a bad headliner.
    2. There is still hope that lineup can be not just ok, but even great.

    For me the best lineup now is Bravalla festival with perfect combination of great bands for evening (Linkin Park, SOAD, Die Antwoord, The Killers, Prophets of Range) and great djs for night.
    (Chainsmokers, Oliver Heldens, Alesso, Martin Garrix). Yeah, I’m not indie guy 🙂

  5. Wiz Khalifa is not heaven sub headliner at Governor’s Ball Festival in NY, where he plays where he’s popular, and he’s passed by Tool (reasonable) and Cage the Elephant. So, no, Wiz Khalifa is totally a messed up name up there.
    Kasabian and ML are from 2015, I’ve been in 2015 at Sziget, and so far the names I want to see the most are from that edition.
    The End Show is just so out of style from years Im not even wasting words on it.

    Also, the analysys about the rock at all cost is wrong, or at least not exact (for anybody here ‘cept for Fffsf maybe): just fyi, the names the people here wanted the most were Eminem and Gorillaz, which aint exactly in the definition of Rock.

    This lineup is so wrong on so many different levels I just dont know where to start to speak, so I’ll just shut the hell up

  6. I think there will be less visitors than in 2013 (the line up that year sucked, but still better than this year regarding my preferences)

  7. -Pink is not the best pop headliner we can have. Actually Adele, Ed Sheehan, Lady Gaga, Frank Ocean are the relevant big pop stars now. Pink is just a second choice, for second level lineups like Sziget or V. Not saying she is bad or something, this is just the truth.

    – Wiz Khalifa is really not relevant in music industry or in hip hop today and he’s not in top positions at festivals that are culturally relevant.

  8. So we will have 2 more headliners and it’s like 75% chance those two headliners are Mumfords ans sons and the xx…

    F*cking crapy festival line up…

    Btw, why is the end show is presented lower than the others?

  9. Einzelganger, actually it’s unlikely to be both, Mumford and Sons have 0 dates around Sziget so they can be on holiday and the XX have a lot of dates during Sziget (as Moderat) so it would be likely if they decided to take a break.

    I can see Deadmau5 as third DJ and another wildcard, but I feel like my expectation of the festival this year is pretty compromised, three announcement like those are hard to swallow.

  10. Strangely Sziget Italy didn’t announce Pink on FB… Maybe they don’t like the direction the lineup is taking.. and don’t want to listen to more gripes after last announcements…

  11. No please. The XX and Mumford is the perfect combo to convince me to sell my week pass. Sziget mgmt is not stupid, and they will book good rock bands for sure like KOL two years ago, Muse and the unforgettable 2014, (QOTSA, Blink, Placebo and Korn). They need it. In this moment it’s strongly oriented to pop music (Major Lazer now is pop, 5 years ago they were electronic music, Rita Ora, Wiz Khalifa and Pink). Only Kasabian are not pop, and it’s not enough for a festival that have spent a lot of years to convince us that “they have music for all the tastes”. Or maybe after thoose announcements they try to convice us that “they don’t have music anymore” lol
    Btw if i should place a bet i will stake on The Offspring or RHCP (Marilyn is too heavy for Sziget, and Rammstein too)

    Oh last but not the least: the dj they have announce is crap. Please take us Justice

  12. By the way Korn for Limp Bizkit 2015 subheadlining spot would be great. As they have similar style and size.
    We have some previous subheadliners on headliners spot, it would be fair to have the opposite as well.

  13. These names are candidates for the last 2 headliner spots:
    One spot will be definitely taken by some DJ – The Chainsmokers/DJ Snake/Deadmau5/Axwell ? Ingrosso
    The second spot – Biffy Clyro/Placebo/Lana Del Rey/Korn/The Libertines

  14. @Camper: why do you think that one spot will be a DJ? That happened last year only, because they couldn’t afford anything better than The Chemical Brothers… in 2015 we had only two DJs as headliners (Avicii & Garrix). Major Lazer were subheadliners.

  15. @Sziget: untrue;
    -They got Chems, because they wanted Chems, there were cheaper solutions around.
    -In 2015 ML coheadlined KoL as Kasabian coheadlined Avicii (that was a weird year tho)
    -In 2014 there was 3 djs (deadmau5, Skrillex and Calvin Harris).
    To attend a third DJ is right, IMO, but I disagree on the second spot.. guess it’s gonna be another big name (not necessarily good, as we saw today, but big, the 3 names on the bill this year would be ridicolous otherwise, as Pink is already third with 2 heads TBA)

  16. @Yelo:

    – I think that Chems were cheap enough. You can get them for 300-400k euros. They were the cheapest solution from ticket selling perspective (I don’t think that the other cheap solutions would have sold so many tickets as The Chems).

    – a sub is equivalent to a co-headliner to me, because the length of play is the same (1h 30 mins both). Major Lazer were before Kings of Leon, so I don’t mind if we’ll get another DJ as long as a more popular *rock* band will end the night.

    – You’re right about 2014, though… it was the same situation as last year, I guess.

  17. @Sziget.
    I think you dont have an idea of how much can be 300-400k for an headliner in Sziget’s mind. I remember that KoL were paid 650-700k, as exclusive, and were the second name on the bill in 2015. 300-400k (which can be even more than the actually sum) is a lot in Sziget’s POV…

    Agree with you on the rest.

    NIN would change the table, but so far I think my disappointment would vanish only if they get 2 good headliner, another one false move and it’s really gone, they f*cked around enough for my tastes

  18. Sziget 2017 is like a sh*ttier version of Sziget 2015.
    Kasabian, Alt J, Major Lazer, Rudimental, but no proper headliners.

  19. Deadmau5 posted something on instagram what would perfectly fits with something in Hungary. Sziget/Balaton?

  20. According to sziget website Wiz Khalifa is Day 0 headliner, if you look in ticket section it says “Your Thursday Sziget adventure with Wiz Khalifa!” So does that leave Friday and Saturday night ??

  21. Friday is Kasabian!
    Also, they put Kasabian-Major Lazer-Pink-Wiz in alphabetical order, don’t know why they added that detail.

  22. LOL the 7 days ticket this year is totally worthless so far. Only Billy Talent really worth the cost of the ticket. The weekend is the only head’s spots left, this formula wednesday to wednesday doesn’t seems very appealing after two years, tho

  23. The Killers and The xx announced for Lollapalooza (3-6 August). So, we won’t have them at Sziget.

  24. Oh, actually The xx can still do Sziget, I guess… They have other dates in Europe after Lollapalooza.

  25. I repeat: The XX in this situation would only make things worse. Out of the 5 headliners we have, the more solid is the third one (out of three) of Reading and Leeds

  26. I know, The xx are boring at this point… Mumford & Sons for a day and Rammstein or RHCP for the other one would be great…

  27. Although just breaking headline slots, the xx are miles better than Mumfords live. There would also be a more party/ festival atmosphere!

  28. Headliners:
    day -1 – P!nk
    day 0 – Wiz Khalifa
    day 1 – Kasabian
    day 2 – ???
    day 3 – ???
    day 4 – Major Lazer
    day 5 – Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike / alt-j

  29. Are we sure that Alt-J is right before DV&LM? Isn’t it possible that they book another good band on main stage that day or are the slots all filled?

    Also, I think Major Lazer could still co-headline with someone else. There could still be a few big names. They have to justify the hike in ticket prices somehow, and they know consumers aren’t stupid. We see a 50€ price increase but a decrease in quality? That makes no sense from any point of view.

  30. Lollapalooza’s list makes no difference.. half of the line up is announced in european festivals .. 😀 si there is still some chance to get some names from there .

  31. Please don’t write things like that on a forum that is literally about a festival held on ‘this island of FREEDOM’. In fact, don’t write or say things like that anywhere, 1) it’s juvenile, 2) there’s nothing wrong with being gay anyway 3) just no.

  32. Is ??? Aware that sziget has a very popular LGBT stage.
    If not I recon a few nights in the magic mirror will straighten(sic)him out.

  33. @BDPST

    How is that good news? Booking Rolling stones for an irrelevant event, from tax payers money… it’s another Fidesz bullshit.

  34. It is good news because at least they will perform here in Hungary (It is clear that they won’t perform at sziget regardless the Fina cup), also I’d rather they spend the money they steal from us on the Stones, than on Mészáros & friends (also Fidesz spent 1 million euros on a leslie mandoki show, this is really a change for the better)

  35. @BDPST

    we agree on the later part, but i think we can bet it won’t be a full show, just some PR crap, but yeah it’s still better than pointless stadiums we can agree on that.

  36. The Rolling Stones would have been a bad news either: it’s a nonsense to raise the ticket of every day and deliver such a poor line up because you gave away half of your budget on a single band who plays 90 mins on a single day.
    Sziget should just align itself with the august’s circuit: nobody would be pissed off to see a similar lineup with the other festivals, especially when the “exclusives” are exclusive because nobody else would mind to book those artists.

    Guys how does it works? it’s a free event or what?

  37. Somewhere in the artcile it is stated that the event will be held on the Danube river. If it is the case, it will be free. The problem is that the opening show is only 90 minutes, so it won’t be a full show

  38. RHCP will play KAABOO Del Mar in California, between the 15th and the 17th of September, which is interesting, as they have to play in Ireland on the 20th and on the 21st of September. Now it remains to see if they’ll be in Europe around Sziget. My guess is that they won’t…

  39. I was booed earlier but still how can you except RHCP while Budapest had a double headliner in September, majority of sziget goers are foreigners, but Budapest is still a C or D market for promoters in RHCP caliber, they wouldn’t do that in that narrow timeframe.

  40. “but Budapest is still a C or D market for promoters in RHCP caliber”

    So that’s why the biggest rock bands have shows scheduled in Budapest this summer

  41. @BDPST did they all have dates in past 6 months?

    thats why Green Day coming after 11 years and foo fighters after 20…

  42. I mean that Budapest is not a high volume market for bands, it’s awesome that all the bands coming in the summer, but they wouldn’t come if they had 2 dates in last september. That easy.

  43. I think that is true for every city. Also Budapest (és a vonzáskörzete) has 3 million inhabitants, and the avarege wages are really not bad in this area, i wouldn’t call this a crappy market (butthen again, Depeche Mode can fill a stadium here, you might be right about the low quality of the market 😉 )

  44. i didn’t even talk about quality 🙂 if we factor in quality the problem is even bigger, where Wellhello and Halott Pénz can sell out the Budapest Park there isn’t really much hope left …

  45. Ah, totally not relevant to the topic, but Gorillaz released new tracks now and my pants are wet

  46. scencore parade during sziget (approaching the fest there should be a thread about side-shows, as Budapest has better club shows in that week than sziget itself, this is not one of them :))

    08.15 @Akvárium (tickets:
    The Amity Affliction
    While She Sleeps

  47. Gorillaz did a secret show in London tonight. It would be really nice and a very big surprise to see them at Sziget!

  48. People: It would be nice to see Gorillaz at Sziget. Book them!
    Sziget: OK, let’s see what we can do…

    Next announcement: Gorillaz Sound System!


  49. Bright side of the thing:
    there will be a lot of space on the island this year, the festival will be very livable and not overcrowded. In particular at the concerts I’ll be attending I think there’ll be a good and relaxed atmosphere

  50. The xx won’t perform at Sziget.
    So not much options left for two headliners.

    The killers/the chainsmokers/mumford/jay-z or eminem
    Halsey/Lana del Rey/Goulding

  51. No chance for The Killers, they also play at Lollapalooza on the 4th of August.

    I don’t really want The Chainsmokers at the moment, the current headliners are too mainstream.

    Mumford & Sons are good, but not the best.

    Jay-Z – hopefully not.

    Eminem – would be great, but unlikely.

    Halsey – She’s not headline material

    Lana del Rey? Ellie Goulding again? I will really sell my Szitizen prime ticket if we get 2 more boring headliners.

    Rammstein. Placebo. Or a Gorillaz surprise. Convincing The Rolling Stones to play Sziget maybe? They had some profit of last year’s edition, they increased the ticket prices… now they should show us at least a proper headliner. It’s the 25th anniversary, ffs!!!

  52. If the predictions are correct we’re missing the Saturday and Sunday headliners.
    Last year Muse headlined saturday, so (as Sziget does not like to risk and be creative in the last editions) I suppose there will be a mainstream band. Mumfords? i think so

    Sunday was for David Guetta. But this year we already have 2 djsets the following days with ML and DV&LM. So 3 dj in a row? hope not.

  53. @Sziget: a lot of artists from that Lolla lineup play european festivals during Sziget’s week

  54. @Fsfsf: ja, már itt a fórumon sincsenek olyan hangok, mint eddig (“nem baj, h a lineup szar, majd a fíling fullos lesz)

  55. So official:
    08.09: Pink, Billy Talent, Dubioza Kolektiv, Alma, Elle Exxe, Käptn Peng & Die Tentakel Von Delphi, Lola Marsh, Bazzookas
    08.10: Wiz Khalifa, Jamie Cullum, The Vaccines, Tom Odell, Alex Clare, Kensington, Watsky, Andy C, W&W, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Maurice West, Chef’Special, Klangstof, Dimension, Brutto, Biga Ranx, Nemo, Oligarkh
    08.11: Kasabian, PJ Harvey, Rudimental, Charli XCX, Bear’s Den, Danny Brown, DJ Shadow, Nervo, Oh Wonder, GTA, Valentino Khan, The Bombay Royale, Van Holzen, Clément Bazin, Klara & The Pop
    08.12: Rita Ora, Clean Bandit, Mando Diao, Bad Religion, Crystal Fighters, Oliver Heldens, The Strypes, GusGus, Weval, Anne-Marie, Roosevelt, Full Trunk, Kinsfolk, Rein, Bubituzak, Tamikrest (önbejelent?), Orchestre National de Barbès (önbejelent?)
    08.13: White Lies, Metronomy, The Pretty Reckless, The Naked And Famous, Steve Aoki, Rone, Brutus, Her, Dremen, The Charm The Fury, Greetings Sugar, Le Luci Della Centrale Elettrica, Chico Trujillo (önbejelent?)
    08.14: Major Lazer, Flume, Two Door Cinema Club, George Ezra, Mac DeMarco, Jagwar Ma, Bassjackers, Vince Staples, Cashmere Cat, Léon, Puggy, Cosmo, Mother’s Cake, Naaman, Zoo
    08.15: Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, Alt-J, Interpol, The Courteeners, The Kills, Nothing But Thieves, Fritz Kalkbrenner, Paul Van Dyk, Leningrad, De Staat, Tre allegri ragazzi morti, Leyya, Irah, Motorpsycho, Riky Rick

  56. Only on the 11th and 14th I have multiple artists I want to see. The 15th is also okay. I could really skip the rest of days. It doesn’t look well :/

  57. @Chudo

    that excel you made (thank you for that) show me clearly where I Won’t be in that week in august. There isn’t one single quality artist on this (well billy talent had 2 great records, and I saw them like 4-5 times, and Bad religion is legendary, saw them about 5 times too). This line-up is PURE GARBAGE.

  58. – I struggle to find more than 4 acts per day I want to see (trying to force myself to find interest in something like Lèon, which is not really my kind).
    – The Day 1, with a full A38 and 3/4 of the MS, offers only Oh Wonder, Kasabian and Rudimental.
    – Regardless of all this, I notice two major clashes like DJ Shadow – Kasabian and Vince Staples – 2DCC.
    – I dont even waste time on saying how useless is the combo GTA-Valentino Khan. GGWP for Gusgus – Weval. Seems like Sziget try to put thematic nights at the A38, not a bad idea, tho.
    – Am I missing few (a lot) acts in Europe’s or the lineup there has been cut off of 3 to 4 slots per day?
    – Jamie Cullum and White Lies sub is ridicolous, Mando Diao and Charli XCX in A38 left me speechless.

    Im trying to find the good in this lineup, but I have to think that someone was really drunk when he has started to built it.

  59. @Yelo

    don’t think he/she was drunk, all I think that the sziget booking team is incompetent at what they are doing.

  60. Moderat officially ruled out as they were only available 10-11 august. That’s like a crime

  61. Unfortunately, this years line-up shows the future of the festival. 100% pop shit, zero decent pop or rock acts. Welcome to v fest 2.0

  62. @Miguel this is the worst news!

    My list:
    Must See: The Vaccines, Biga Ranx, Kasabian, Crystal Fighters, White Lies, Rone, Flume, Naaman, Alt-J, Interpol.

    Will probably see: Billy Talent, Kensington, DJ Shadow, Weval, Metronomy, The Naked and Famous, Major Lazer, 2DCC, Mac Demarco, Fritz K.

    I would be happy if I watch all of these, 21 bands = 3 per day. But something is clearly missing: headliners.
    3 concerts per day not counting the daily world-music and the daily collosseum is more than enough for me.

    BUT, they missed out on so many great bands…
    for God sakes, some small bands like MODERAT, cigarettes after sex, beach house… and many others.

    Sziget management sucked big time and, despite me having surprisingly found 3 bands/ day (excluding clashes), I think you deceived us all!

  63. I think we have to expect, at least, one big rock headliner, a smaller headliner and two good sub headliner .For example, two years ago we had The Script. I mean, 12-13 August Main Stage is really really weak. The have to do something. It’s their interest.

  64. Acts I’d like to see (because I’ve seen them live and they’re great or because other festival freaks recommended them to me)

    Billy Talent
    Bear’s Den
    Oh wonder
    Dj shadow
    Crystal Fighters
    Bad religion
    White lies
    George ezra
    Mac demarco
    Cashmere Cat
    Alt J
    Nothing but thieves (a clash with alt-j would be savage)
    The courteeners
    Paul van Dyk
    Fritz Kalkbrenner
    (in order of days)
    (If I’ll be around them I’ll also give a listen to Tom odell, Jamie Cullum, Andy C, PJ Harvey, Clean Bandit, Metronomy, Le luci della centrale elettrica, Jagwar Ma, The Kills cause I don’t mind them and they could be good soundtrack for some beers)

    it’s quite a good number…. can’t complain of the quantity of concerts I’m gonna see, plus all the Colosseum and World Stage and some Circus (and hopefully 2 good acts heading or subbing main), But the level could have been so much higher, cause I spend 300(ticket) + 160(travel) + 200(surviving)

  65. Well, it’s been a long time since i posted something on this beautiful site because I promised to stop criticizing Sziget after each and every announcement.

    Unfortunately, there’s nothing positive to add after last 2 announcements, even though I actually respect the one that brings Pink to the festival cause she’s good at making a show and one of the strongest “pop” performers even if it’s not my thing for sure.

    After all I’m very grateful that there’re some people around that still would like to go to Sziget regardless of what’s going on with a line-up. Maybe they just enjoy the atmosphere or the line-up looks like a pure gold to them. I don’t really care, actually, but I’m really thankful to these nice human beings who bought all 4 weekly passes I was selling through Ticketswap.

    On a side note, I decided to spend my money on Rock Werchter and NOS Alive and was lucky enough to grab combi tickets for both before they sold out. I’m still really hopeful to meet all of you guys at Sziget when booking will become much better than in recent years.

    And I’m looking forward to the names game before next announcement 🙂

  66. I’m speechless, they just posted that the 5-day is almost sold out….
    they will never need an effort to make a good line-up, it’s so sad, sziget goers please Wake up…

  67. For Mysteryland (26th & 27th of August), the following names have been confirmed by mail (received by the ones who signed up for it):
    – Armin van Buuren
    – Axwel ^ Ingrosso
    – Carl Cox
    – deadmau5
    – Dillon Francis (Was last year at Sziget).
    – Netsky Live
    – DVBBS (probably won’t be booked by Sziget after Balaton Sound 2016).
    – Sven Väth (already at B.My Lake)

    I would bet on deadmau5 for Sziget as a headliner, Carl Cox though is way too big for the Collosseum. Hopefully deadmau5 brings his new Cube 2.1 with the new LIVE show with him 🙂

  68. New namea for Pukkelpop… implying this means something, since Sziget totally went out of the road since a long time this year…

  69. All’ festivals around the same period (Flow, Frequency,Pukkelpop,Lowlands) have better lineup…

  70. Lowlands and Pukkelpop has 2 decent headliners, Sziget has 2. Also they have really great not-headlining acts and excellent small bands like death grips and black lips

  71. Frequency: Mumford, Placebo, Moderat, Offspring, Cypress Hill,At the drive-in,Band of Horses and many more at the Nightpark…

    Lowlands: Mumford,XX, Cypress Hill, Editors,Bastille,Moderat,Iggy Pop (!), At the Drive-in, Death Grips, London Grammar,Skepta and some djs

    Pukkelpop: Mumford,XX, Cypress Hill,At the Drive-in,London Grammar,Editors,Chance the Rapper,Flaming Lips,Band of Horses and a lot of superstar djs

    Flow:XX (everywhere) , Lana del Rey,Death Grips, Goldfrapp, London Grammar,Aphex Twin(!) ,Ryan Adams,Frank Ocean, Sparks…

    Sziget: Kasabian, Major Lazer,Wiz Khalifa, Pink, Flume,PJ Harvey,Alt j and a lot of minor acts…

  72. all of the august festivals look crap honestly, especially if comapre them to previous years edition. The problem is that pukkelpop/lowlands/read were most of the time were great, while sziget always been medicore.

  73. @Patrick I think Carl Cox would be Party Arena material because yes, he’s too big for Colosseum and actually every clubber, from edm lovers to techno lovers, loves him.

    Last year at Balaton Sound the only sold out day saw techno taking place of edm in the Party Arena (and Balaton’s Sound Party Arena is HUGE, a lot bigger than Sziget’s one, maybe even bigger than A38 tent) with Alan Fitzpatrick, Adam Beyer and Matador playing from 1am to 6am, It was an insane night, I spent the whole night in there <3

  74. If you WE have to pick some names from mysteryland it probably would be deadmau5 or Carl Cox. The booking department of Sziget probably booked axwel /\ ingrosso because they will fit better in this shitty line up.

    They did an awful job this year. Even the two headliners still to be announced wont make up for this. I feel terrible for buying tickets so early. I already have spend too much money and planned a whole holiday aroud sziget so for me there is not really a way back. For sure it will be my last time.

  75. soooo its time again! Balaton Sound is announcing new names tomorrow. I realized im the only one at this site whos into EDM, none of you are interested in this question at all, but Mytic Meg can you give some hints for tomorrow ? Thank u

  76. Soooo, Gorillaz are actually doing some gigs this summer. They’ll headline Le Festival, in Quebec, in July.

    The reports that said that Gorillaz won’t tour at all seem to be false.

  77. That Quebec thing is 11 days… It’s not exactly a “real” festival. And I thought they were supposed to tour, but with no proper festival tour, which might happen next year.

    Anyway, I don’t have any hopes for Gorillaz anymore. I’m still going to wait for more line-up additions, to decide if I want to sell my pass to Sziget.

    I thought for a while to sell the pass and go just for three days (11, 14, 15), but three day tickets cost 195 EUR. Not a good deal anyway :/

  78. It’s funny that two days ago the French Facebook page announced that there’s only 100 5-days passes before the sold-out to try to create the hype … :’)
    Hopefully I’m going to Sziget this year less for the music than for the friends I’ll see ! Come on booking managers ! Try to do something !

  79. Axwell and Ingrosso, Noisia, Dua Lipa, Don Diablo and Zedd ruled out (announceed by Balaton today)

  80. Oh this stuff about sold out is sick. I wrote a comment in a post of Italian Sziget profile where they was totally freak out about “the coming soon sold-out”. I replied to them that do a sold out doesn’t mean nothing about the success and a quality of the festival. I mean a line-up composed by Justin Bieber, Kesha, Ariana Grande and other teen’s stuffs reach the sold-out in a few weeks but it’s uncomparable with the soldout of Rock Werchter (or Glastonbury); They replied me the usual stuffs about sziget’s vibe and the presence of different types of music; at the end of discussion they have reassured me that new name will come soon (like “don’t worry man…we will surprise you”); come on Sziget mgmgt, you have another two shots to save this lineup. Don’t waste money in DJ and other crappy stuffs and book Marilyn Manson, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Eminem.

  81. Marilyn manson is already booked for Budapest Park (which is organised by the sziget team)

  82. @Cesar: They said the same thing to someone (“don’t worry, blah blah blah… great names to come soon blah blah blah…”) and they announced Pink…

  83. @cesar

    they are answering me the same crap every year via e-mail, so really don’t have your high hopes…

  84. Guys why do you wanna destroy my hope ahaha? Btw or they are stupid (increase the price to offer a lower quality product it’s not a good strategic business policy) or they are waiting that prize increase to announce the names that moves the masses.
    Also This lineup needs of strong name. In this moment is not only poor but also soft; i may fall asleep listening Rita Ora, Wiz Khalifa and Alt-J in the same day. I remember that the most powerfull show i have attended at Sziget was Anti-flag: not a big and massive name but they were one of the most insane performance i have ever attended in my own life. We need this kind of stuff.

  85. Gorillaz could come as Fuji Rock ends on July 30. Plenty of time for them to return and respect their easy and chilled out schedule for this summer.

  86. If they book Gorillaz & Mumford and Sons / Placebo, the line-up will look acceptable: Gorillaz, M&S, Kasabian & even Pink would look pretty nice on the poster as the headliners of the 2017 edition. Come on, Sziget management, DO SOMETHING!

  87. Queens of the Stone Age also play Fuji Rock… would be amazing & unique to have Gorillaz & QOTSA at Sziget.

  88. You’re so naive, guys 😀 You’re gonna be so disappointed once again, mark my words…

  89. My bet is one/two of these:
    The killers
    The Weeknd
    Halsey (as sub)
    Lorde (as sub)
    Mumford or Placebo -_-

    or maybe in another universe Jay-z or eminem

  90. Many acts (Wiz, Charli, Alt-j) from Sziget line up are in USA as well for Lolla. Almost 10 days is enough to come to Sziget.

  91. My bet is (unfortunately) on Deadmau5 or (more likely) The Chainsmokers… Both are touring in August in Europe and they haven’t been announced on Balaton so far…
    Still hope for Eminem… His announcement could make the line up a lot more impressive… Any clue ?

  92. @ Palinko
    I was thinking about Paul K too ! As every A38 night look to have an electro theme (Trap with GTA/Khan, Drum and Bass with Andy C/Dimension…) maybe the last night could be with the Two Kalkbrenner brothers ?

  93. Of these names Deadmau5 would be the best…

    I guess one of the names is Mumfords and Sons. In this line up it fits. For the better festivals they wouldnt headline..

    Normally i would accept the chainsmokers but with the lack of real big names, i won’t this time.

  94. deadmau5 is by far the best you can get from mainstream EDM, big enough to play on MS as headliner. BY FAR. Get over it.

    I dont think lineup is somehow save-able this time, they made too many big mistakes: there are days that are now complete which are totally a nonsense by any means, so, Eminem or not, I think my perspective on the festival, this year, is kinad doomed.

  95. The xx are in Europe and have a free date on the Sunday.. Wouldn’t mind that at all. Perfect festival band.

  96. @Mt Impossible…they’re touring Scandinavia (10-15/8 with a day-off on Sunday)

  97. @mt they won’t be performing 100%
    5 gigs in a row and change of location – not possible

  98. They practically did 5 nights with a change of location on their tour. Estonia, Latvia on the mon, tues. sneaky Hungary date on the Sunday

  99. I repeat. The XX is very boring.
    We need in hard rock, metal rock.
    It is for real man and cool girl.

  100. Completely agree with Sziget2017… and people is still talking about Deadmau5 and Chainsmokers…,they deserve such a shitty lineup like this

  101. Kasabian and Foals just confirmed for a gig in Russia in july as someone predicted.
    So, Eminem for Sziget now?

  102. For me, what could “save” this lineup would be:

    Deadmau5 after Wiz Khalifa;
    Big headliner (RHCP/Eminem/Gorillaz…) after Rita Ora (she doesn’t belong here…);
    Quality headliner on sunday (The XX or else…);

    Something exclusive – some festivals have Gorillaz, or even Tame Impala (Governor’s Balls);
    Some quality undercard: Flaming Lips, Beach House, Cigarettes After Sex, Foals…

    + Great World Music
    + Great Collosseum

    I’ve lost hope for Moderat, it ain’t happening! Biggest mistake Sziget did, I don’t understand them.

  103. This was the response I got when I asked when new names were coming..
    At the moment we haven’t set a date yet. However, expect some new names in the near future. The wait is almost over!
    Sziget Festival UK’

  104. I think new names this week.
    However, how did you contact them? I need to get in touch with them but nobody answers to my emails

  105. I think we’ll get one big headliner (RHCP, Eminem…) for Saturday because it’s the 25th anniversary and because of the ticket price increase. And it’s possible that they will make the announcement pretty late, maybe June.

  106. Gorillaz, Metallica, The Who, QOTSA, Lorde, A Tribe Called Quest and many more confirmed for Outside Lands, 11-13 August in San Francisco. Usually acts don’t play both Outside Lands and Sziget, although Alt-J will be an exception this year.

  107. I guess that now it’s 100% sure that we won’t have any of those bands at Sziget, as Outside Lands is in the same weekend with the remaining 2 days with the headline acts that have to be announced. alt-J will play at Sziget on the 15th, so they have enough time to come to Europe after the US festival.

    What a shame!

  108. However, I still have some hopes, as alt-J plays a festival in UK on the 13th of August. Maybe there is enough time to bring Gorillaz or QOTSA at Sziget on the Saturday or Sunday, depending on the schedule of Outside Lands!

  109. Let’s face reality, Outlands lineup destroy every hope to get a decent Sziget 2017…

  110. Dates were chosen in a very bad way this year. They should have done it again from monday to sunday, 14-20 (or 21, as they like to add a day on the official date as there was 1 day more).

  111. I asked sziget uk how close we were to announcements they sent me back an image that indicted very close

  112. Well, Wiz Khalifa at Frequency too… I guess that we’ll get Mumford & Sons then, haha!

  113. @Bender: I was once told the 20th of August is a national holiday in Hungary, so Sziget can’t be during that day.

  114. It would have been better if they would have moved it at the beginning of August (31 July – 7 August would have been OK maybe), as most top bands end their tours at the end of July… that way maybe they could have negotiate with those acts to extend their European tour with few days, to play Sziget.

  115. @Sziget Nah, that’s the weakest part of European festival circuit. There are literally no festivals that time…most of the top bands end their tours in the middle of July and then move to US (mainly for Lollapalooza, Panorama, etc.)

  116. Yeah, the last big European festivals before August are Paleo and Lollapalooza Paris. I think Sziget and Balaton Sound should change dates, in August there are enough electronic artists for Balaton Sound and in the first half of July still there are enough big names for Sziget. Ok, Sziget in August is a tradition but this solution would help a lot.

  117. no way Panda, since Sziget move in the middle of August thay made sold out or best seller. This is the best period for the tourists! And probably the problem is not the tour of the bands but the Providence is strong enough to buy the festivals in Europa and Live Nation doasn’t look good the new policy.

  118. Looks like the dance and theatre stage has announced some acts. Some look like a lot of fun

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