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Placebo are the second Sziget 2012 headliner!

UPDATE: this image is on the Placebo official website, so this comes as even more confirmation.

After The Stone Roses, announced officially a while ago, it would seem that we’ll officially have the next Sziget 2012 headliner on Monday.

And it’s Placebo, a band that last played Sziget in 2009.

The band has announced on their official site that they would announce festival dates for this summer on Monday, the 23rd of January, but according to, that have uncovered the info on the offficial Placebo site, Sziget is among those dates.

We still have to wait for Monday morning for the final confirmation.


19 thoughts on “Placebo are the second Sziget 2012 headliner!

  1. same shitty bands every year… I’m proud that my hometown festival is the “best” in Europe, what a stupid joke…

  2. The interesting question is if Sziget will not only confirm Placebo, but will announce several other bands as well… 😉

    The mainstageheadliners are (for me) usually the less interesting bands and I’m looking forward to some surprises for the other stages.

  3. Placebo have been Sziget headliner before and usually at Sziget most headliner are smaller than at other major festivals…

  4. damn damn damn damn damn and damn. how the hell do they want to prepare a special 20th edition with the oldest bands in the world? boring and I am VERY SAD!

  5. Certainly not my favorite band, but considering last year 30 seconds to arse was a headliner, this is an improvement. Hopefully the other headliners will be better.

  6. Well, if you ask some people, there shouldn’t be 30stm at all (just look at what was written about them last year in comments) 🙂

  7. There is one band confirmed and two other bands are rumoured and people are already complaining how disapointing or bad the lineup is… 😉

  8. I’m disappointed 4 the headliners. They said that the price increasement was to give us the strongest lineup ever. Where is the “strong” with Placebo and Stone “dead” Roses? Other festival announced Pearl Jam, Metallica, RHCP, Black Sabbath, Bruce Springsteen.

  9. The strength or quality of a line-up of a festival with literaly 1.000 artists performing on seven days can not be measured by two or even five headliners…! 😉

  10. @Bayunzo, when you find headliners that important, don’t go to Sziget. They never have 5 big headliners. Mostly 1 or 2 ‘bigger’and the other headliners are on other festivals sub-headliners.

    On-topic, the Placebo-gig of 2009 was briljant!

  11. I go to Sziget from 2007 and Placebo on 2009 was the worst concert of my Szigets (obviously except the 30stm)

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