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12 thoughts on “Prince on Day Zero!

  1. i will ask something irrelevant, but its my first time in sziget and i have some questions. i have seen in the official site that there will be some other stages like pan opticum, circus, museums, logical games etc. my question is if these are included in the price of the tickets or they are extras. thank you very much!

  2. @sofia
    Yes, these are included, only the bungee jumping, dreher in the sky and other extras not:)

  3. help me again please because i have made a huge mistake! i booked a hotel in margitsziget because i thought that the festival would be held in this hotel. could you please help me and tell me how much time do i need from there to go to the obudai island? thank you!

  4. well margit sziget is just next to the obudai island, so it should not be more than 5-10 minutes by public transport, depends on where the hotel on that island is.
    if you check it on the map, obudai island is northwards from margit island

  5. my hotel is in szent istvan korut, is this too far from obudai sziget? if it is just 15 minutes it is not so bad. thank you!

  6. In recent news Amy Winehouse has been confirmed dead, looks like she wouldn’t have been playing Sziget even if she did’nt cancel!

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