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Confirmed: Alt-J to play at Sziget 2017

Less than 24 hours before Sziget 2017’s official announcement, one of the performers to participate was revealed: Alt-J will take the stage on the 15th of August 2017. The date (no time slot for now) appeared at the band’s agent’s website and spotted by a SzigetNews reader. Alt-J was also confirmed earlier to perform at Electric Castle 2017.

Alt-J is a Leeds (UK) based indie rock band, turning 10 years old this year. The band’s debut album “An Awesome Wave” was released in 2012 – before that, Gwil Sainsbury (guitar/bass), Joe Newman (guitar/lead vocals), Gus Unger-Hamilton (keyboards/vocals) and Thom Green (drums) mostly played at their alma mater, Leeds University (and they recorded in their hall rooms using GarageBand). After graduating, the crew moved to Cambridge and started working on their music before signing a deal with Infectious Music, a record label with bands like Derenge, Superfood, and Local Natives under its umbrella, in 2011. As a result, the band’s first album appeared in 2012 – the material, called “An Awesome Wave”, brought them recognition and a British Mercury Prize (offered to the best album from the UK by the British Phonographic Industry and British Association of Record Dealers, as an alternative to the BRIT Awards). The album was well-received in their home country, being announced as the Album of the Year 2012 by BBC Radio 6 Music and winning the “Album of the year” at the Ivor Novello Awards in 2013.

Alt-J announced its second album, This Is All Yours, was released in September 2014, and it was also very well received, being nominated for the Grammy award offered to the “Best Alternative Music Album” (finally won by St. Vincent), and going straight to the top spot of the UK’s Official Albums Chart.

There are currently a few rumors circulating about the possibility of a third Alt-J album to be released, yet there’s nothing factual to be heard about it yet. Members of the band have been cited to be “excited” about returning to the studio, and that’s about it.

One thing’s for sure: they will join the Sziget 2017 lineup, playing on the island on the 15th of August 2017.

61 thoughts on “Confirmed: Alt-J to play at Sziget 2017

  1. It would have been a “meh” news for a headlining act, it’s a brilliant news for a sub or a co-headlining act!

  2. Agreed with Bender, if it was a headliner I wouldn’t have been delighted with them taking up a slot, but it’s strong for a sub, I just hope someone good plays after them opposite DV&LM to close out the festival!

  3. Thanks 🙂 I may well do Alt-J into Leningrad, they were the first band I ever saw at Sziget and were so much fun!

  4. Since now, The Kills-AltJ-Leningrad-Interpol is great, but Im sure we gonna have some decent 22.00 spot on A38. Did for 3 years 2/3 slots on main and from 10 to 6 at A38, dont wanna change this trend this year lol

  5. Anyway Kasabian can play at 19:30. I’m looking at their facebook page and they say they’re headlining Reading & Leeds, headlining FIB Festival Internacional de Benicassim, headlining TRNSMT Festival, but with Sziget they’re just “on”. Anyway I wouldn’t mind if they play 21:30. I think I’d even prefer them to take the last slot 🙂

  6. I think that both Alt J and Kasabian are spectacular during the sunset.
    I’m meh because I’ve already seen both live, but this is gonna be an occasion to be in first lane for Kasabian this year and, man, I just shiver when I think about the opening of Alt.J’s gig with Hunger of the Pine in 2015

  7. It’ll be my 7th Kasabian’s gig, the 4th a Sziget, but I totally love them live. I rarely listen to them home, but I have to see them at least once a year! 😀

  8. Alt J live not boring at all for me, of course they’re not heavy but they’re just the perfect act for that last sunset, and c’mon: Alt J- Leningrad – Interpol – A38/Colosseum night closers…. it’s a great way to end the journey

  9. Major Lazer, Interpol, Kasabian, Alt-J… basically all of the bigger names played in 2015. DV&LM, Flume, and TDCC are the only bigger acts that didn’t play. So almost 50/50 split for the larger acts. Sort of disappointing. If it was any other festival I’d consider selling my ticket, but I guess I’ll have more time to check out the other activities on offer. I really hope they can come out with something unexpected and different with tomorrow’s announcement.

  10. SZIGET replay ENJOY, ENJOY ,ENJOY!!!!!! :/

    Over the years the festival is becoming more and more disappointing. !

  11. @Sztigma: Mumfords, the XX, moderat, chance the rapper… didn’t play sziget in recent years 🙂 if that’s the problem

    Anyway, this is nowadays industry, bands have to tour 3 years in a row, stop for 1 year to make a record and then other 3 years of touring, that’s the only way to make money. So it’s normal to have repeat bookings every 2 years or even every year. In particular when we are talking about august in Europe which is a difficult moment to held a festival now in 2017

  12. PJ Harvey
    George Ezra
    Steve Aoki
    White Lies
    Andy C
    The Strypes
    The Naked & Famous

  13. Lol, sziget is trolling really hard this year with big main stage announcements if that’s the case

  14. They’re trying to make people stop buying tickets because maybe they sold too much at the lower price

  15. @Miguel: they’re also not playing there this year… So I don’t understand the point you’re trying to make?

  16. That is very disappointing.. only really here for Anne-Marie, beyond Alt-J. Are any of those headliners? I’m hoping and assuming not..

  17. Meh, hope it’s just a part of the announcement, tho, there are really better things around, really really better things

    > 2017
    > Steve Aoki
    Pick one

  18. PJ Harvey, Alt-J, George Ezra, White Lies, Andy C and The Naked & Famous are really good for me, but it seems I’m the only one 😀

  19. Pretty boring announcement if that’s actually true, but at least it’s (somewhat) clear that Sziget is saving their headliners for later announcements. PJ Harvey and Alt-J are not headliners, and Sziget to this day has still only officially announced one single act as a headliner, and that’s Kasabian.

    So, if we consider DV&LM a headliner (end show), and we know Alt-J is playing before them, then we still have 5 other days that need actual headlining acts, including Day -1 and Day 0, which Sziget Italy has hinted are going to be big days for headlining acts.

    Still hope for Sziget, although I think they need to stop delaying the big announcements. We’ve basically gotten three full announcements of purely subs and undercards (aside from Kasabian).

  20. Are we still not aloud to complain about the line up?

    This line up is not getting any better. I hope this is just the undercard of tomorrow announcement. They can book so much better…

  21. When some people complained here, the majority got mad about the complaining, so it’s not a good idea

  22. Pj Harvey and alt j would be a great announcement for me. Add in pixies and I would be over the moon

  23. If this list is true I’m very happy with White Lies!!

    Alt-J and Naked and Famous is good; especially Alt-J not headlining.

    PJ Harvey and Andy C are quality in their respective genre.

    Don’t know/ not bothered about the rest! Hope PJ Harvey doesn’t headline and i’m happy with the announcement 🙂

  24. I guess I’ve just misjudged her. I guess I was going off Glastonbury, where she was sub on the second stage last year, vs Alt-J who were third down on Pyramid the year before – a spot I would deem bigger (or at least same level). In my head they are bigger than she is but perhaps I am wrong!

  25. PJ Harvey aint the problem, tbh she is the only big-real quality-new name in the list, even if I dont really like her music it has to be told that she is an actual artist (and art is key word in a festival in my mind). For sure I will give her a try, just to confirm my opinion or to confirm it – all in all a show of her costs like 50 bucks or so, so it’s something that I will never have the chance to try again!

    The point that disappoints me (lol) is this repetition of 2015’s edition: 3 new names are from there. At first was nice to have few names I havent got the time to see in that edition, than it turns in I dont know funny, as it looked like an easter egg or something like, but now it’s starting to get boring. Assuming this list is real, assuming 2DCC Alt J and PJ Harvey are sub and ML, Kasabian and DM&LM are headliner, we have 3 names out of 6 in the 14 major names of the festival out of the 2015’s edition. That’s not good in general (nothing against Kasabian and Alt J), there are bands in the area good for those spots, why are they letting them behind?

    Steve Aoki is a joke, period, but probably I will get drunk as f*ck and go to the Party Arena to bring chaos. Nervo aint my cup of tea.

    White Lies in my point of view are the faded version of Editors, meanwhile George Ezra is a more brilliant version of Jake Bugg. All in all, that’s fair lol
    Strypes are decent

    Anne-Marie is the classic pop name brought along a bigger act (Clean Bandit), like Ella Eyre and Rudimental or Sigma and Paloma Faith in 2015. Nice voice, nice presence on stage, but I can live without

    Andy C is probably the only name from the list that we saw coming; and I fell in love with The Naked & Famous

    My 2 cents

  26. She isn’t bigger than Alt J in terms of popularity for sure. This acts are not even bad, but the fact that they created so much hype with so much days in advance to announce some midcard/undercard it’s incredible for me

  27. Maybe it’s not all, last time we got an hint it wasnt all the names… Maaaaaaaaybe we got a chance to have a real headliner, tho

  28. Ah lol, my sides are on the moon right now, I guess this Dark Polo Gang’s memes have gone too far ahaha

    Really hoping for other 3-4 names that settle the score

  29. Sorry for ruining the fun wont leak anything else then, though that was the point of this website

  30. Hey, i read on the forum since 2015 (my first sziget), and i would just like to say my opinion on the current line up ..

    I think the problem is the line up is very similar with 2015 and it lack “wow i need to go to sziget for THIS artist” like (muse, die antwoord, Chemicals etc.. last year

  31. Come on, guys, we need a proper headliner ASAP, don’t mess with us! 🙁

    On the other hand, I’m happy with George Ezra, Rudimental and PJ Harvey! Alt-J is also fine, if there won’t be anything more fun to watch.

  32. And Mystic Meg if you decide to quit. I would like to thank you for sharing the names. I hope you decide to stay with us 🙂 can’t you and @type_777 play with us together?

  33. @Type: I’m still curious to know what was the emoticon you used to comment my post about pixies and sheeran earlier yesterday, you never told me

  34. of course there is not ATDI, and this announcement is just pathetic as always, not a single quality artist….

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