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Self-Confirmed: Haydamaky @ Sziget

An older piece of news just brought to our attention (thanks chudo_pahan): Ukrainian Cossack rock band Haydamaky will return to the stage of Sziget Festival after six years. The date of their concert is yet unspecified.

The band was born in 1991, after Ukraine gained its independence from the Soviet Union. The band was known as Aktus back then, mixing Ukrainian folk music with ska and reggae. They were discovered by EMI in 2001 – it was then that the band changed its name to Haydamaki, “in honor of the eighteenth-century Haydamak rebellion against the Polish szlachta”.

The music of Haydamaky is inspired by various ethnic music from around the world, especially from various regions of Ukraine, such as Polesia, Bukovina, and Transcarpathia. Other influences include the Romanian folklore, punk music sound of Shane McGowan and by the reggae of such bands like Burning Spear and Black Uhuru.


In the last decade Haydamaky has played at several international festivals, such as the Amsterdam Roots in 2007, the VOLT festival in 2010 and they have played at the Sziget Festival in 2009. And this year they will return, at a yet unspecified date. The band has launched its new album, called Dill, and will tour Europe this year with the new materials – as well as their old hits.

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