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Self-Confirmed: Interpol @ Sziget 2017

Interpol has announced a series of live appearances for this August and September, and thus confirmed their participation at the 2017 Sziget Festival. The band will spend most of August and part of September playing on European stages. They start their tour in Prague on the 9th, participating at events like Summer Well in Romania, AMA in Italy, DCode in Spain, and Sziget in Hungary.

Update: another self-confirmed artist: Leningrad will also play at Sziget 2017, also on the 15th, at 8PM.

The band currently consisting of Paul Banks, Daniel Kessler, and Sam Fogarino is working on new material to be released next year.

Interpol was formed in 1997 by current members Paul Banks (vocals, rhythm guitar), and Daniel Kessler (lead guitar, vocals), along with Carlos Dengler (bass guitar, keyboards) and Greg Drudy (drums, percussion). The band self-released several EPs in the coming years, then signed with the label Matador Records in 2001. Their first release under the new label was a self-titled EP, followed by the release of their first album, “Turn on the Bright Lights”,  in 2002.

This will not be the band’s first time at Sziget – Interpol has played the A38 stage in 2015, and also in 2011. There is no word on which stage the band will perform on, or at what time – all there is to know currently that the band will perform on the 15th. More details about the band’s performance will probably be revealed in the announcement Sziget is expected to make on the 25th.

Update: The band will play at the A38 stage again, just like in their previous appearances.

interpol @ sziget 2017

(nice catch pepperrabbit, thanks for the tip)

Leningrad. Thanks for all the tips, folks!

67 thoughts on “Self-Confirmed: Interpol @ Sziget 2017

  1. Even better news. Also the prodigy announced themselfs for Sziget!! Look at their fb event pages…

  2. @Einzelganger nope, no sign of a Sziget gig on any of the official pages – not Sziget, not Prodigy, not the Prodigy website. They are in Zürich in August, though, so it’s possible…

  3. Oh damned now i see. You are totally right. I saw it in the past events. Probably the gig of 2014. Sorry guys. Would be great though…

  4. I’m the only one who think Eminem will be announced in this week? I suppose it because also R&L will announce ad headliner and this coincidence is weird: in my opinion, it’s because Eminem will announce his tour during this week and so Sziget and R&L can announce his gig.
    crossing finger mode on

  5. @ Cesar: no you’re not, but it’s more a hope!
    @ SzigetNews: Sziget Italy said that they will perform in A38 (probably they will take the 23.45 spot like 2015?)
    Great news in anycase, but I hope that next announcement wont be Alt J Enter Shikari Martin Garrix and Mo another year lol

  6. Due to huge demand, U2 added more dates for the Joshua Tree tour, including 4 with Noel Gallagher’s HFB in July. I think that there is a chance to see them headline Sziget!

  7. It never happens for Sziget and Reading to announce the same artists in the same day/week. Even in the past, when they were announcing in the same week they announced different acts.
    I think Sziget will just drop the names that everybody knows are in Europe at that time: Mumfords, The XX, The Prodigy, Moderat, etc.

  8. Where are you, John?

    Also, I think there’s still hope for Sziget this year. Let’s think about what’s happened.

    Sziget was clearly occupied with the equity sale to Providence. I think this explains the relative silence on their part for the last month. But people think this equity sale means the main festival will suffer? What logic is that? If anything, they’ll want this year to be huge in order to sell the Sziget brand internationally. If an Australian considers going to Sziget Sydney in the coming years, they will no doubt refer to past lineups (including this year’s) to inform their decision of whether to buy tickets or not. Combine this with the fact that tickets were more expensive, and that it’s the 25 year anniversary, and I think this year will be one for the books.

    But hey, I guess I’m just optimistic. It seems that negativity is the main attitude on this forum. Everyone is always saying “OH _________ festival is HALF THE PRICE of Sziget”, without mentioning the fact that ____________ festival is 3 days and has no activities aside from music. You go to Sziget to be part of a community, at least I do. The musical acts are just a bonus to me.

  9. Sztigma, I agree with you in some parts, disagree in others.

    In first place, an equity sale of this proportions usually requires a bit more than a month (we’re talkin about selling the 70% of a business that by itself means more than half of the total incomes from tourism in Hungary during summer), but probably in this last month they were re-assetting part of the management and business plans and stuff like that.
    I dont think that this acquisition from an esternal group is bad for Sziget: for sure it will bring more money inside (Gerendai talked about growth and development, and I doubt a choice like this was made light-heartedly), or more occasions to expand the value for the society in any other case.
    People is angry about the risk of a switch on the mindset in how things are managed, but I think that’s pointless: everyone that is a stakeholder of Sziget knows that the “Sziget’s vibe” or “Sziget’s experience” is one of the main critical factors in the outcome of every edition, so I dont think that they will turnSziget into Rock Werchter or Lollapalooza, and I dont see any point in concerning about a switch in the mindset that leads the management to build the line-up: that one is changed by years, and from David Guetta 2013 to Rihanna 2016, to Major Lazor 2017 we had more and more proofs – also, I hope that this new influence may give more ideas to the management (because, jesus christ, in Europe Sziget is the only major non-EDM festival that accept to host David Guetta as an headliner – apart from Isle of Wight, but Isle of Wight isn’t a major festival by many years IMO – and that’s unacceptable from a lot of points of view).
    Now, I have two thing to say that disagree with yours post:
    1- The price’s raises isnt that fair, or, better: in the latest 3-4 years the ticket’s price raised by more or less 50 €, and I can tell that the whole experience costs me 100 € more at the end of the day; as you said that’s fair, since Sziget’s still worth the cost, but all in all that +100 € I spent every year doesnt mean that I, as a client, am receving +100€ of utility: Im just paying more because the festival was really cheaper compared to the value he offered before – and as a client, as a consumer, I can live with that, but it makes me not so happy, you know? Especially when the things that a normal goer see havent described a real growth (line up, for example) and the changes they made to the island aren’t really appealing to my (and many other’s) personal taste (Party Arena, moving the Chillout so far from Alternativa, putting a wall to separate the crowd in main stage, et cetera et cetera et cetera).
    2- 25th year’s anniversary, at least so far, means nothing to the product: they havent done (AT LEAST SO FAR) nothing but promoting the festival as a thing that goes on from 1992: no special parties, no peculiar promotions, no difference on the setlists (but it’s soon to tell something like that). So I cant really tell if they will do a major investment in lineup or something likely this years, by looking at the last 3 months of promotions I can say that they won’t do anything different, but I would love to know they are creating something special for this occasion.

    To close the LOOOOONG post, I wanted to agree with you in the reasons why I keep goin to the festival: years by years I’ve come to know truly amazing people and part of the fun is knowing that for a week in the year I will have the occasion to re-join this second family I built in one of the most impressive place I’ve ever been to.

  10. Yelo, I think that’s exactly it: one of the most impressive and visually immersive places I’ve been. I’d probably pay the same ticket price for Sziget if they had one single big act each night, with no other music at all. It’s about the “vibe”, a notion that gets so much damn hate on this forum. I challenge these people to go to a “good” North American festival, pay $12 per tall can of beer, pay $400 for a 3-day pass (no camping included), and then complain about Sziget. And maybe I’m more appreciative of Sziget because I’m from Canada, where almost every single festival is a gigantic money grab with the exception of Shambala.

    So, when I arrive at Sziget and I’m met with hundreds of activities, hundreds of acts, fifty-or-so standalone music venues, great food selection, amazing scenery, and overall an incredible production value that’s worth far more than the money I spent (when compared to North American festivals, especially), I get a bit bitter when I hear people complaining. I don’t even have to pay ANYTHING extra to camp at Sziget! That’s an incredible factor coming from overseas, where sometimes a $200/night hotel is your only option for major festivals.

    I understand that people are always going to hate, but c’mon. You have one of the best festivals in the world, in a part of the world that is commonly seen as “behind” the rest of the developed world due to Soviet interference. Hungarians have something to be immensely proud of. I haven’t seen any other festival brand from Central/Eastern Europe reach a global audience the way Sziget has, especially after the equity sale.

    And that’s the point to keep in mind. Sziget started as a cultural festival devoted to Hungarian culture, and it has now grown to be a worldwide brand. That’s amazing. If ANY Canadian festival was ever able to pull that off, I’d be so so proud.

  11. Can totally rely on the North America’s festival’s experience… I was planning to go to Coachella or Governator’s Ball in NY this year, but after I saw 300$ (and more, really more) for only the ticket with no F-ing other benefits for 3 days, no chance to buy a 1-day ticket and I read the costs for other stuff I lost immediately interest; in the world of entertainment I think that festivals are the thing in which North America (especially US) really cant compete with Europe

  12. Exactly. It goes back to corporate culture and competition IMO. Europeans are less tolerant of corporate branding. In North America no one bats an eye at $300 tickets because that’s the norm, and there’s no other countries close-by offering alternative prices.

  13. @Sztigma: could be. What an honor this would have been to have such a great festival professionist here.

  14. Seriously. And when you think about it, who would be more excited to release the news than the booking manager?

  15. Sztigma, I’m Hungarian, let’s change, let’s say Amnesia, Riot Fest, or even Pouzza Fest for Sziget. I’d gladly do that, as music makes vibe, not forced vibe makes good time.

    (also love when someone from the one of best and weathiest country, who can drop money to go over the pond for a festival, trying to tell me, he doesnt understand why the hate and want me to appreciate the fest…) Also I’d proud of the festival if there was really a cultural attraction, great bands, and not cheap beer and lighting dragons were the main reason people coming here.

  16. You scream negativity. If you feel like Sziget is forcing you to have a good time, then you’re simply incapable of having a good time. If you don’t enjoy the art installations and the parades and the colours, then why even consider Sziget? The “vibe” has been a characteristic of the festival since it’s inception. Also, you just proved my point. You want to “escape” Sziget to go to Rockfest or Riotfest? That’s ridiculous. Those festivals have great lineups but the infrastructure is non-existent. It’s 2-3 stages plopped in the middle of a massive field. No amenities, little food choice (very overpriced, $8-$9 CAD for a slice of Pizza Pizza, for example), overpriced drinks, no activities. Just music.

    But again, Sziget isn’t a music festival first and foremost, it’s a week-long event that includes a music lineup as part of it’s program. If you want music alone, then why are you even considering Sziget?! It makes no sense.

    Also, thank you for your praise of my country, but our music festivals are complete shit compared to Europe. Wouldn’t the fact that I’ve been to tons of North American festivals mean that my opinion on Sziget is more valid, not less? I’ve experienced the North American scene and it doesn’t compare to Sziget. You haven’t experienced the North American scene by the sounds of it, so how can you tell me I’m wrong when you have no actual knowledge of it? The fact that I’m from Canada and choose to go HALF WAY ACROSS THE WORLD FOR A FESTIVAL should be a testament to the fact that Canadian festivals are largely shit.

    So, if you want to feel like you’re welcome, if you want to feel provided for, if you want to feel like an organization has tried their hardest to create an amazing experience for you, go to Sziget. If you’re like Fsfsf (who I’m assuming is a rebranded Art), and you want to just go stand in a field and watch bands, whilst the organizing body does nothing to value you as a patron, then fly over here and go to a Canadian festival. Pay $200 per night for a hotel (Riotfest and Pouzza fest don’t have camping AT ALL), and enjoy the vibe that music alone creates for you. I can tell you from experience that it’s not all you’re amping it up to be.

  17. Downsview Park and the area they use in Montebello are AWFUL venues. Downsview has come close to complete closure several times because it is consistently (year after year) set up haphazardly for festivals. I come from the other side of the world (the “best and wealthiest country”) for your festival, maybe you should think about that for a minute before you say my opinion on the matter is invalid.

  18. LOL, good suggestion.

    TL;DR: North American festivals are garbage, anyone who would rather be at a North American festival than a European festival clearly hasn’t been to a North American festival before. Fin.

  19. There can and there is. Just because you don’t like the bands doesn’t mean they aren’t good….

    I feel like maybe you expect this massive all-encompassing, now global brand, to cater to you specifically as an individual because you’re Hungarian. Which is both egotistical and ridiculous, in my opinion. Accept other tastes, other people, and other ideologies that are different from yours, and maybe you’ll enjoy yourself more.

  20. I don’t need to like hem, you tell it’s it good or bad, let me tell an example I’d never ever listen to for example Kendrick Lamar, Tycho, Beyoncé to be very extremely against my musical likings and these artist still considered quality by me. The problem is that sziget don’t book these artists, they book the medicore “5-years later” acts and repeat them every other year. Not experimenting, not digging up new stuff, just the same old crap.

    As for being egoistic, sorry if I feel like that way, having a hometown “best festival” would love to see it deliver…

  21. I don’t understand that argument unfortunately. Sziget’s lineup has had good variety (new & old acts) the last few years.

    I wasn’t there last year, but if I was, I could have seen Muse, The Chemical Brothers, Tinie Tempah, Kaiser Chiefs, Dillon Francis, Excision, Snails, Datsik, Jake Bugg, Noel Gallagher, Oscar and the Wolf, Aurora, The Neighborhood, The Lumineers, Parkway Drive, BMTH, Chvrches, Bloc Party, Sum 41, M83, and Die Antwoord (all acts I genuinely would like to see, and all acts that have released new music in the last year).

    Your argument is invalid.

  22. Tomorrowland has announced yesterday and today a little bit of there line-up this year, it is 2 and 3 weeks before Sziget.
    I really hope that Sziget will follow this Belgium festival and book also some fantastic techno/tech-house dj’s for the mainstage (Yes there is a lot of techno @ tml’s mainstage). I think that techno and tech-house are coming back to the glory days, this time it is gonna be bigger then ever and I’m excited! The diversity of different music genres on Sziget mainstage is huge and the festival differentiates itself with it. In my opinion techno music should have a bigger part in it instead of some standard EDM dj’s. Let’s start tomorrow with one big techno name for the mainstage :))
    These names are already confirmed for Tomorrowland mainstage:
    Carl Cox, Paul Kalkbrenner, Joris Voorn, Eric Prydz.
    These names I would like to welcome at the 2017 edition of Sziget:
    Daft Punk!! (maybe unrealistic but for sure my biggest wish), Tale of Us, Kölsch, Wighnomy Brothers, Flume, Malaa, Coldplay, System of a Down, Rammstein, Jai Paul.

  23. Sztigma, you arguement is invalid. Only muse is a top ban from your list.take a Look at werchter pr open er line up, please

  24. @BDPST: well, if you actually read any of my previous comments, even one, you’d know I’m not arguing that Sziget has the top bands, actually quite the opposite.

    I’m arguing that Sziget is not a music festival first and foremost, but a week-long event that includes music in its program. Fsfsf also said that, and I quote, Sziget only books “5 years later” artists, and the list I just provided easily disputes that claim. So, before making baseless assumptions, maybe read what I actually wrote. Never once said that Sziget is a top musical act festival…. if you want that, go to a different festival, as I have said multiple times throughout my rants.

    Maybe read my argument next time before disputing it. It makes you look like a dumb dumb.

  25. No need to hit such a low level as calling someone a dumb dumb just cause you disagree.
    Last year a spent the whole week at sziget, saw only 10 bands, and i still enjoyed it very much, i had the time of my life (not kidding).
    BUT the line up is a shame, compared to the line ups back in the nineties (the foos, bowie, green day in their prime). We hungarians are sad because Sziget was our source of great shows of bands, that would never come to tjr country if sziget didnt exist

  26. list the bands i know or even enjoyed earlier in time

    Muse= didn’t have good music in ten years, well over their prime
    BMTH+Pwd=overhyped generic mediocore bands, with the world’s most cringeworthy fans, well over their prime
    Sum 41= really? 10+ years since a decent song

    these checks my description, so you are right
    Bloc Party
    Chemical Borthers

    and then comes the awful laptop players i still dont even understand how they can come to a music festival.

    so all-in all Sziget mostly outdated, generic, boring artists playing in the shadows of lighting dragons and hanging umbrellas.

    aslo BSDPST had a decent point.

  27. I don’t disagree with what you were saying. It’s the same argument I was making. So you saying my argument is wrong… while also making the same argument? Sort of dumb dumb if you ask me. In any case, I wasn’t trying to hit a low note. I was kidding.

    And I understand that completely. I know why Hungarians are pissed off at Sziget. But at the same time, wouldn’t you agree that the times where bands passed over Budapest like it was nothing are long gone? You have bands stop for stadium shows in Budapest just like they stop for shows in most other European cities. Maybe not quite as many, but certainly Sziget is no longer your only source of live music.

    I think Sziget has evolved from a festival for Hungarians to a festival for everyone. It’s no longer there to showcase international acts to Hungarians, but rather to show the world that Budapest can put on a festival that rivals the best in the world. I saw rival because, while the lineup may not be Glasto or Coachella, the rest of the festival is far better than both of those, IMO. There is something to be said about the effort that Sziget puts into the festival. I think, as a Canadian, I am more biased to enjoy these efforts, whereas a Hungarian may be more bitter about the music going downhill over the years. We’re all going to have different opinions, influenced by where we come from, but my original point was that Sziget is an amazing festival and you have a lot to be proud of in Hungary.

  28. Yeah, Im actually proud, and its great that the festival attracts people even from canada. And as i said, i enjoy it even when the line up sucks.

    But the line up could and should be better, cause its possible for it to be better

  29. “Prepare for new names for various stages!”? from Facebook.

    I think this means the usual 1 headliner + A38 names (Interpol & others) + some DJs for Party Arena & Colosseum + maybe World Music Stage too (Leningrad & maybe others).

  30. Guys, chill a bit, you are harrassing each other for nothing. Fsfs has always been this cringeworthy on this site, so I dont understand why keep on feeding the troll.
    Yeah, sometime he says something useful to the conversation, but most of the time is only negativity, and that’s a full spot.
    I can understand that Sziget is in Hungary but it doesnt has anymore as target hungarian people, and that makes most of hungarians I know quite angry, ’cause it’s an huge investment every year and people is starting to ask themselves if it’s worth the cost, but it’s not really useful to come here and tell a canadian that he’s a mess because (s)he rather to traverse the ocean to attend a festival more than go to his/her ones, because he made a point: you want a metal festival?
    1- Dont go to Sziget
    2- Dont go to North America
    3- Just go Summer Breeze / Wacken / Download (and it goes on and on).

    This being said, a totally unknown (at least to me) has come out of nowhere posting the names that tomorrow will probably released; you’ve been asking for John Doe, now we have a chance, can we focus on things that actually matters, please?
    IF and only IF those names are the true leak, I can tell that I would be happy (Interpol, Kasabian and Billy Talent), but was totally expecting more names (and different, but that’s not important at all) for an announcement with a week of suspance

  31. Assuming that @Mytstic Meg actually has a source.
    Is this even an announcement?

    Another headliner from 2015 (2 out of 3)
    One band already announced today (so no news)
    An afternoon main stage band
    Two small club acts

    I’m personally hoping for some fresh sh*t like The XX, Moderat, Flume, Aphex Twin, Pendulum, The National, Noisia, jesus…

  32. @Miguel
    Same as you for the second part, i’d love any of these acts.
    But if this leak is true (and it might be ‘cos Benicassim is announcing tomorrow at the same time at Sziget and Kasabian is rumored) then I’d be happy.
    Kasabian was my favorite concert of my life until 2016 and they’ll have a new album out.

  33. Is fsfsf the former Art? I haven’t been on this site for two years, but it’s good to know he’s still at it!

  34. I also think there has to be more than 5 names (really 4 since they’ve basically already announced Interpol on their Facebook), but those are a decent start. Definitely a bit disappointing considering we have a lot of the same acts as 2015 (Major Lazer, Kasabian, Interpol), but I’m hopeful that it will get better.

  35. An announcement like that it’s brilliant, dont argue about the 2015’s stuff as long as their taking the best from that edition (‘cept for Major Lazer…), also, I dont see any good reason for Kasabian to be headliner if in 2015 they were sub (in 2015 they should have been headliner, tbh)… This being said I strongly hope for the big surprise, which in my head is Eminem. It’s not only fullfilling my teenager’s best wet dream, it’s also about filling a pop name (2 with major lazer) in the most elegant possible way.
    C’mon Sziget, make me scream!

    @Sztigma, we all think so, he says not, who knows…

  36. No beef with Kasabian at all, I just know that a lot of people on this forum think Sziget often recycles bands… but I agree, if they’re recycling the best bands of previous editions, WHO CARES?! Kasabian were one of my favourite acts in 2015, and I thought the decision to have them play the sundown set fit them very well (I think they played right before Avicii [awful], but I could be wrong). Now if only we could get an actual electronic artist after them (assuming they’re announced), say Justice… it could be one of the best days of the festival.

    @Yelo: I’m praying for Eminem, that would be such a great surprise. And you’re right, they’d fill a pop spot with an artist who’s actually worth seeing.

  37. I agree with kasabian on the sub spot and a pop or electronic act after. They were pure class at the 2015 edition.

    Taking the best from the 2015 edition still wont be as great as the 2014 edition what was just perfect. Mix it and put some new acts on it and they will have a very strong line up.

    I like the oppourtunity to see Interpol during the end show since i have no interest in Dramatic vegas and unlike mike. I’ve seen them twice at tomorrowland and it was two times too much… I missed Interpol (dont know why) at the 2015 edition, great way to see them anyway 🙂

  38. who cares for reccyling artists? I do, even more when generic awful one of the 10 thousand british artists like Kasabian…

  39. Sincerly i prefer to see bands like the prodigy again and again 😀 they are something special i think … Personaly .. Im not into this kasabian-interpol-the xx – mumford thing but i accept anything 🙂 prefer also to see more hiphop acts and not the swagy type :))

  40. Hey Lazzy, since there you are the hiphop fond… what do you think about Vince Staples? I struggle to decide if I like him or not lol

  41. That’s really strange why we can’t have solid hiphop names, as Hip Hop Kemp is around Sziget dates (17-19 aug) and always has couple of great artists. Like last year with Method Man & Redman, Pete Rock and european great stuff like Looptroop.

  42. @Yelo actually you are the one who understand nothing, as you can be sold by mainstream, mediocore artists… but yeah everyone is different.

  43. According to you no one that accepted the standards proposed by Sziget in the recent years understand nothing, and I think we are pretty much a shitload of people with different tastes and in seek for different experience. Aint that enough? Of course it wont be for you, but Im just wondering what you are looking for in this community?
    U aint an influencer in Sziget’s policy
    U havent anyone that shares you pov
    U arent in any possible way constructive to the discussions
    And Im neglecting by will your tendencies to flame and troll and harrass (if I said what Insaid to you was just because enough is enough, you’re an hype killer)

  44. Vince is not bad but not really my style .. Ok eminem is my idol .. Also machine gun kelly … But mostly i listen to the oldschool.stuffs like wutang … Gangstarr outkast etc etc … So i really hope for something like that and not another swaggy shit

  45. ok I’ll wirte it down again.

    1. I live in Budapest.
    2. i like music maybe more than anything.
    3. I’d love to have a great local festival, which sziget has a full potential being of one.
    4. I tell my dislikes about their line-up decisions on the “official” board of the festival.
    5. see nothing wrong in it.
    6. if they book something I like I’d still here celebrating.

  46. ok, guys
    we have Kasabian, Interpol, The Kills, The Pretty Reckless, Leningrad, Danny Brown, Charli XCX, Rudimental and somebody else i wasn’t able to remember before this info has been deleted

  47. Kasabian, Interpol, The Kills, The Pretty Reckless, Metronomy, Rudimental, Clean Bandit, Charli XCX, Fritz Kalkbrenner, Jagwar Ma, Danny Brown, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Maurice West

  48. lol at the annoucement…

    Do we have to go through again, how pathetic, outdated, recylcled the line-up every year.
    Billy Talent really? so they can tell “we book “rock” music shut up crying idiots”

    Only decent booking on this is interpol.
    Pathetic festival.

  49. Kasabian * Flume * Interpol * Billy Talent * Jamie Cullum* Charli XCX * The Kills * Clean Bandit * METRONOMY * The Pretty Reckless * Danny Brown * Crystal Fighters * FRITZ KALKBRENNER * Cashmere Cat * Jagwar Ma * Leningrad

    Decent booking for me:
    Kasabian (awesome show in 2015, new album)
    Interpol (exclusive show with their first album in full)
    Flume (amazing DJ, first time in Hungary)

    The Kills, Crystal Fighters are really good bands.
    Fritz Kalkbrenner a very good DJ!

    I stop it’s more than enough for me in an announcement.
    Go buy your ticket to Amnesia and let us enjoooooooooy!!

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