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Self Confirmed: Lord Bishop Rocks @ Sziget 2015

Self confirmed artist: Lord Bishop Rocks will visit Sziget Festival at the 16th of August as part of its MOTÖRFUNK tour.

The trio – recommending itself as “the most exciting and musically gifted Rock trio of the 21st century” – plays 70s influenced Hardrock, Funk, Blues, Jazz, Reggae and Punk – meshing it into a sound they call Hendrixian Motör Funk.

Lord Bishop Rocks has lifted this stylistic template to new stratospheric levels. Imagine Beatlesque melodies, Sabbath’s heaviness and James Brown’s funk all rolled into one. What is for sure is that sooner than later Lord Bishop Rocks will be rock music’s most well known and sought after pure rock trio in the history of the music world.

And they are very, very modest, of course… 🙂

(@SkaPanda, thanks!)

95 thoughts on “Self Confirmed: Lord Bishop Rocks @ Sziget 2015

  1. It’s only been 10 days since the last announcement :/. If they are smart they would pull out of nowhere a big name a day before the end of the special price (wednesday would be nice).

  2. The idea of getting a huge act and having a sort of ultimatum 24h later would work but yeah they will sold out anyway so better do it when the price increase.

  3. I don’t think so. A lot of bands put on the official site the first day of the festival. It’s so unlikely Limp before Robbie Williams

  4. Some other dates confirmed that we didn’t know yet:
    Alt-J 12th
    Ellie Goulding 13th
    Avicii 14th

    14th looks very strong with Kasabian + Avicii. I expected that they would both headline a seperate day maybe in combination with a smaller band/dj. This gives me hope that there are still some big acts to be announced.

  5. I think Alt-J will headline the Interpol day. Still looking at two more headliners otherwise

  6. Sziget Italia posted this list:

    Lunedì 10 – Robbie Williams
    Martedì 11 – Florence + The Machine
    Mercoledì 12 – Alt-J
    Giovedì 13 – Ellie Goulding
    Giovedì 13 – Foals
    Giovedì 13 – Interpol
    Venerdì 14 – Avicii
    Venerdì 14 – Kasabian
    Domenica 16 – Limp Bizkit
    Domenica 16 – Martin Garrix

    So now I believe Ellie Goulding is headlining the 13th with Interpol playing before here and Foals the afternoon slot. Alt-j may headline the 12th. Avicii is playing after Kasabian for sure and Limp Bizkit before Martin Garrix. Things are becoming clearer.

  7. Limp Bizkit before Martin Garrix would be quite weak for the closing day.
    A band that produced their last decent record in the days that the DJ didn’t even have his first schoolday yet…

  8. Do you think the artists “with dates” are the one on the main stage? And the others are a38 & the rest?

  9. I think most of them are but Gogol Bordello was also announced for the mainstage in february at the same time as the Martin Garrix announcement and there is no date for them yet so in any case it is not complete

  10. Looks like we only have no headliner for Saturday. Thursday will be one big full clash 🙁

  11. I’m not sure Alt-j are headliners. Ok, they may headline for sure (they co-headline Primavera Sound and headline Latitude), but I believe that if they find a bigger band or a big dj for that day they’ll sub.

  12. I really hope that there will be some big announcements after the advance round 1 ticket sale ends tomorrow. Something that boosts the day ticket sales like Robbie earlier.

    Maybe they held back a name like Linkin Park or Kings of Leon to generate more revenue during advance round 2.

  13. @Bender I’m afraid that they will put one more dj after alt-j. Of course it would be great to have bigger band, but for me better alt-j as headliner, than dj

  14. I know a lot of people are saying Chemical Brothers for the Tuesday, but surely they could play Wednesday after Alt-J too? I’m not sure how likely this is, but that would be pretty much the best case scenario for me

  15. They expect an electronic act for the opening party.
    I think it’s quite likely that Major Lazer will play szigt mainstage, their only date during sziget is 14 aug in Finland (maybe also Diplo at A38 at night as a package deal). Armin van Buuren could also do it, he is touring but no dates in Hungary yet.

  16. some names I think are possible in the next couple announcements:

    Kings of Leon
    Linkin Park (looking unlikely now but still a possibility)
    Major Lazer / Diplo (maybe some other Mad Decent acts)
    Kendrick Lamar or Kanye West
    The Chemical Brothers
    Porter Robinson
    The Offspring
    New Found Glory
    Tove Lo
    Tame Impala

    i don’t think there is much to worry about. they were still announcing main stage headliners in may and june of last year. they’re making a big deal about this price increase so i can see something big happening once the price of tickets goes up to create a surge in ticket sales. it’s entirely possible they’ve been holding names back because ticket sales have been going well and they still want to sell tickets at the next tier… this will push everyone hesitant over the edge and make them pay 20 euro more each for waiting.

    i’d count on around 10 more main stage acts being released, assuming there’s already 4 or 5 hiding in the lineup that we’re not expecting to play the main stage. of these 10, probably 2 or 3 big headliners, maybe a dj or two to close. nothing to worry about.

  17. New found glory is out of the picture as they are playing Strand Festival a sziget organized fest, 2 weeks after sziget.

  18. Just to be clear, Alt J wont headline. If you take a look at the app we have 4 of the 7 headliners. Now we know the dates of some of the acts we also know we still need a headliner for the wednesday, the thursday and the saturday. Dont worry people, this year we will have a great line up once again 🙂

  19. That link regarding the program that Noeliam put up have guessed at some acts they believe will be playing some logic in what they have said. Chemical Brothers- Tuesday, Major Lazor- Wednesday, Bjork- Thursday, Kendrick Lamar- Saturday. Probably nonsense but worth a share.

  20. @mike hope you’re wrong. I’d prefer kings of leon. Really hope we’ll have a nice annoucement tomorrow after the price increase

  21. However this is probably one of the worst line up ever! Alt-J, Elle Goulding, Robbie Williams and Florence really sucks (they play good music but are really boring in a festival like Sziget..)

  22. Kings of Leon will play @Rock am See in Germany, 4th of September, so it is a possibility 🙂

  23. Yes Carlitos I agree they are boring live ! Robbie Williams not so much. But the others are.

  24. Kings Of Leon -> Rock Am See, Germany, September 4
    And they are in Barcelona at the end of July…

  25. My dream (but realistic) headliners:

    10th Robbie Williams
    11th Florence + Chemical Brothers
    12th Kings of Leon
    13th Ellie + Major Lazer
    14th Kasabian + Avicii
    15th Linkin Park
    16th Kendrick Lamar + Martin Garrix

  26. @Finge : would be perfect for me ! Would love to see Linkin Park, Major Lazer, Chemical Brothers and above all Kendrick Lamar. I don’t care about KOL, but i suppose lot’s of people would be happy with them !

    @Einzelganger: I don’t understand what you mean when you say that the app shows that there are still 4 headliners to be announced ! In my Iphone app, there aren’t any separation between Robbie, Florence, Garrix, Avicii and the others acts that would suggest that they are the headliners over the others

  27. I think it’s because there the first four in order of days so Robbie, Florence, Aviici, Garrix, so we know them four are definitely headliners it then puts the other names. Also foals are quite high on the list and we know they aren’t headlining as there playing in the afternoon.

  28. @dapalma it’s like @iiittt’sss miiiike put it. That why i’m 99% sure they are headliners and the others aren’t.

    @ all the others: Dont worry sziget can’t find big acts for headlining. The big names were booked over half year ago. They just dont want to give us all the names in once… Thats how it works in the festival business :p

  29. @instagram sziget just posted a picture with lazers and ‘let’s get loud’… I guess we will have some news tomorrow…

  30. It’s just a picture of the main stage saying “let’s get loud”. I don’t think it’s a hint nor an upcoming announcement.

  31. I agree. Announcements of news are always communicated via facebook and it’s also unlikely that they would hint at a specific artist.

    Nevertheless, I expect some new names later this week after the increase of prices.

  32. @finge The prices have already increased. I was hoping for and anoucement on friday, but i guess we’ll have to wait till thursday/friday of this week.

  33. It may interest people that Muse leaked that they’re playing Bestival today. It means they’re playing at least one European show once they return from Japan

  34. But Bestival is 10-13 September, so a month after Sziget. Bestival also shares dates with Lollapalooza Berlin that have a secret headliner to announce June 1st and it will be 99% Muse, cos Muse are playing also at Rock Avaria and Der Ring, two other German festivals, so they wait for the end of those festivals to announce them. I don’t think it’s a news that may interest Sziget Management even if I’d be glad to be wrong 🙂

  35. It looks like we have full line-up of A38 Stage.
    Last Year it was 5 bands + electronic night.
    So this year:

    11.08: Kensington, Selah Sue, Future Islands, Babylon Circus (4 bands)
    12.08: Halestorm, Soja, Tyler the Creator, Enter Shikari (4 bands)
    13.08: Kadebostany, Ella Eyre, The Maccabees, The Ting Tings (4 bands)
    14.08: Dotan, Awolnation, Marina & the Diamonds, The Subways (4 bands)
    15.08: Jett Rebel, William Fitzsimmons, Paloma Faith (3 bands)
    16.08: Milky Chance, Passenger, Jose Gonzalez (3 bands)

    So 22 of 30 bands with dates and without dates are (7 bands):
    Jamie Woon


  36. And Main Stage:

    11.08: Florence, Gentleman(?)
    12.08: alt-j, Gogol Bordello
    13.08: Ellie, Interpol, Foals
    14.08: Avicii, Kasabian, The Gaslight Anthem (?), Dropkick Murhys (?)
    15.08: nothing
    16.08: Martin Garrix, Limp Bizkit.

    and without dates (I think this bands will be on Main Stage):
    Hollywood Undead

    If I am right we miss 9 bands on Main Stage.

  37. And one more thought:
    we still have no hip-hop band on Main Stage.
    Every year we have hip-hop band (or headliner).
    Last year it was Macklemore and Outcast, in 2013 Dizzee Rascal, 2012 Snoop Dogg.
    So Kendrick Lamar or another hip-hop artist are really possible to headline saturday 15.08.

  38. Dizzee rascal was not a headliner. He played 2nd on the main stage

  39. Speaking of which: Kendrick Lamar will play Life Festival in Poland (20-21 august).

  40. @Bender- sure, I wouldn’t say Muse were likely, I just think with them announcing dates all over the place late on you can’t rule them out. I’m not bothered because I’ve seen them plenty of times, but I know they’re a big deal for a lot of people.

  41. @ Noeliam: where did you see that kendrick will play this festival ? can’t find a link about it

  42. Kendrick Lamar was announced for Lowlands festival too (21-23 august).
    So far it’s just another American artist that starts touring Europe 1 week too late for sziget, the same goes for Linkin Park (first European date 20 august).

  43. Kendrick Lamar at Frequency. F@ck. He will be headliner at Sziget too, I think.

  44. even more interesting, tv on the radio will play frequency!! though i’m not sure the sziget organizers know who they are, it would be the most amazing thing to get them!

  45. Kendrick Lamar headlining…that would be so disappointing to me. If he is a headliner I really hope he is Saturday headliner cos Goran Bregovic is headlining World Stage that day and I can see him without losing anything I like.

  46. Have you listened to much of his music? His last two albums have been critically acclaimed by journalists from a number of musical backgrounds. Good Kid, MAAD City is particularly good. I can half see why people would want a more established act, but I’d rather see someone who is a the top of their game, and he is.

  47. @Eddie: yah, even as someone who very rarely listens to or enjoys rap, you gotta respect what he’s done. awesome lyricist and (from what i’ve heard) he puts on an amazing and energetic live show.

    top of the rap game, headlining festivals around the world… definitely a welcome addition to sziget’s lineup.

  48. @Eddie it’s my personal taste. I even saw him at Pukkelpop in 2013 but didn’t like him at all. I really don’t like rap and hip hop. But as I said before if he comes and headlines saturday night no problem to me cos I have Goran Bregovic as alternative on World Stage 🙂

  49. @Bender I understand you as I don’t like neither rap nor hip-hop (didn’t watch Macklemore’s set last year) but I’ve read so much good about him that I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt 🙂 But don’t say that he will headline saturday I still have hope for 2 good headliners 🙁

  50. Not a fan of most hip hop but Kendrick is different, the best west coast rapper for decades to make the big time and he would be a good edition not convinved he’s a headliner subbing at Leeds and Reading but it seems he probably would headline Sziget based on what people have said. Where’s John?

  51. I would like to see Kendrick but not as headliner of the main stage! co-headliner, special hip-hop stage just for him, whatever… I just can’t accept artists who are pushing buttons and not singing as headliners

  52. What constitutes a valid headliner at a mainstream music festival? He’s sold records, he’s critically acclaimed, he’s headlining other festivals. What else does he need to do?

  53. Eh? He does doesn’t he? And raps, surely that’s a more difficult skill than singing? And he does spoken word :-/

  54. talking fast is definitely hard and needs more skill than have a great singing voice!!!

  55. @NEVERTHELESS I agree, as I said before it’s just a matter of taste. Useless. If Kendrick will be announced half od us will be happy and the other half disappointed. That’s it. And, even if I don’t like him at all, he would be a more valid headliner than Ellie Goulding.
    Because we are forgetting that Ellie Goulding is headlining almost for sure. I can’t see Interpol playing at 17.45 and as we know Foals are playing an afternoon slot (17.45, they’re too big to open the Main Stage), Interpol are playing 19.30 so she’s playing surely 21.30.

  56. Does anybody know when we might have a new anouncement?
    Kinda miss John doe’s games. Haha

  57. Hmm I can’t find it on the website. I think it’s quite odd if they would already knew the exact spot for Foals in March because that means that they were already sure at that time that they won’t be able to get another closing act (likely an electronic act after Ellie such as Major Lazer) and that the 4th act would be smaller than foals.

    Personally I’m not that worried if Ellie is the headliner that day, as long as they will announce some big names for the 12th/15th/16th :).

  58. Legend says if five people write ‘John Doe’ he will be summoned with hints…

  59. Foals said themselves that they would be playing the afternoon if I remember right. John Doe…

  60. Balaton Sound had new names released earlier so the Sziget announcement shouldn’t be far from now.

  61. These are Balaton Sound’s new names: A-Track // Claptone // Habstrakt // Jan Blomqvist // Leftfield // Rae Sremmurd

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