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Share your Europe Stage bands knowledge!

Not much on the news front lately, but that’s no reason for us all to not find some useful info. One of our friends was suggesting that people should tell us more about Europe Stage bands from their countries, so we all know what’s worth seeing. So, feel free to do it in a comment to this post.

What band from your country is playing the Europe Stage (see the line up so far here), what are they playing and why would it be cool for us all to go see them?


21 thoughts on “Share your Europe Stage bands knowledge!

  1. Söhne Mannheims (GER):

    Style: r&b, pop, mainstream
    Visitors / concert: up to 14.000 each concert
    Highest chart position: number 1

    This is a strange one…: They are very popular in Germany, they play arena shows, but in a very mainstream way (I don’t know a single person openly liking them). It’s a kind of allstar band with people from several well known bands and solo artisits (Xavier Naidoo) and mainly singing in german.

  2. The Mono Jacks (RO):

    Style: alternative rock, indie rock, post-punk revival

    The band is the new project of Doru Trascau, the lead singer of another quality Romanian alternative band, who have been at Sziget twice in the past years, AB4. Influenced by bands like Interpol, White Lies and Editors, it’s a must see for fans of the genre.

  3. Puding Pani Elvisovej (SVK):

    Style: Indie, Electronic.

    They are an amazing, fresh, optimistic and dancy four piece. Puding Pani Elvisovej is one of the best Slovak bands and was awarded for being the best live band several times! Their concerts are energetic and really fruity. Their female singer has a wonderful voice and they rap from time to time. They sing in Slovak and English.
    Best songs to my mind:

    They are great fun 🙂

  4. Elvis Jackson (SLO):
    Style: ska punk mixed with metal

    The band played on numerous festivals around Europe and recorded their latest album with Billy Gould (Faith No More bass player). If you like ska and Metal(lica), then you’ll definitely enjoy the gig. There’s always also a lot of crowd surfing.

  5. de jeugd van tegenwoordig is nice. non-dutch people can just listen to the words. Dutchies don’t hear what they say eighter because they are stoned on stage even if they are not on Holland

  6. De wolff,

    Awsome band from holland,
    Freaky tunes, with a extraordinary style,
    Be there, they will shred the stage!!!

  7. De jeugd van tegenwoordig (NLD)
    Style: Hip-hop
    They are awesome, just One heck of party when it is steaming with people. But relaxed when there are just a few people watching… they are great, one thing, their lyrics are in Dutch. Not complicated though..
    they have won a lot of prizes, and they prefrom on the largest stages in holland (like lowlands)
    a few songs:
    sterrenstof (stardust)-
    tante Lien (aunt Lien)-

  8. i would like to recommend the amsterdam klezmerband they played a f*cking awsome show at sziget a few years back check it on you tube.
    they play gypsy klezmer etc party music like we say in holland they break the tent down.
    AKB will play aug 11 also playing that day rotfront i see a collaboration coming up.
    oh,yeah they play the roma stage not the europe sorry

  9. Here in Italy there are loads of bands in the underground scene, such as Jennifer Gentle, who were produced by sub pop, or Zen Circus, or Forty Winks, or Death of Anna Karina… Concerning other EU-Bands, I would like to to see “the most” a Swedish band from Umea, or Deus from Belgium, Belle and Sebastian from UK…

  10. Elvis Jackson (SLO)
    very big in slovenia and well known in some other countries. They had some good european tours and play a mix of ska,punk,metal,raggae,rock – with a VERY good live performances … the closest band to compare their style with would be Mad Caddies but EJ take it to a whole new level … very lively music with energetic live performances … a must see

    have fun 🙂

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