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Ska-P Sziget 2014 date known

The date for the Ska-P performance at Sziget 2014 is available on the band’s official website, in case you were only planning on visiting Sziget for a day. Or if you’ve just started planning your schedule early.

Anyway, according to the band’s official website, Ska-P will be playing Sziget festival 2014 on August 12.

The date is already in our Sziget 2014 lineup page.

4 thoughts on “Ska-P Sziget 2014 date known

  1. So rock and punk are reserved for day zero like the metal in 2012 before disappearing …. not good news for me.

  2. Good news but not as interesting as new name ^^
    Where are you john doe! I’m lebanese we are impatient by nature.

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