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Snoop will be a Dogg on the island

We told you about Snoop’s reincarnation into Snoop Lion in the last few days.

Still, if you were worried that you won’t be hearing the legendary rapper’s greatest hits on the island, you were wrong.

A statement posted on the official Hungarian Sziget site (Google translated version here) comes to clear things up for all of us.

The Sziget organizers have talked to Snoop’s representatives, clearing things up completely.

According to Snoop’s representatives, the show on the island will be a hits show.

(thanks, mellowmaniac!)

7 thoughts on “Snoop will be a Dogg on the island

  1. more news about this guy…
    I personally dont care if he will be snoopdog, snooplion or snoopgoat in sziget: I will go to see he Pogues and Katzenjammer, who are much more fun than him. Fiesta!!

  2. @david thanks for letting us know that, you have made my life complete

    some of us read stories when they interest us and dont read them if they dont….

  3. you guys are crazy… go write snoop dogg on wikipedia and then we’ll talk.. fuck he used to be a hip hop god together with dr dre!

  4. 1990 arrested for possession of cocaine, July 1993 traffic and firearm violations, August 1993 accused of being an accomplice to a murder got off with it as voluntary manslaughter with the help of Jonnie Cochran(of OJ Simpson fame) 1998, 2001 drugs charges, 2003 offered under age girls ecstasy and pot to take their tops off. TOP BLOKE I would say. shouldn’t be at Sziget should be in jail (and hes shit to boot)

  5. Aladi near enough every great muscian has been involved with drugs!! according to your message, Placebo, KoRn, Stone Roses, the Pogues etc should all not be playing as all their lead singers have been involved with drugs and/or drug possession..
    yeah hes done some other things because hes a studio gangster, but if he shouldnt be playing then im sure he wouldnt..

  6. haha cant argue too much with that, he was still an iconic hip hop star of the ’90’s though, dont get me wrong i would have much prefered a band to snoop but will be fun singing along to some of his old tracks, dont think ill be watching it all though as i want to watch the pouges too 😛

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