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Some interesting programme news

The French Official site has posted some stage information for the latest announced acts. Here it is.

Main stage:

– 30 Seconds To Mars

– Death Valley Screamers

– Rada


– Major Lazer

– Simian Mobile Disco

– Yeasayer

– Nina Hagen

– Charlie Winston


– Fear Factory

– Kamelot

Party Arena:

– Calvin Harris

Not added to a stage yet:

– Breakestra

– Young Punx

According to our friend Mellowmaniac’s estimations, the number of the acts still to be announced (at least), would be as follows:

– 5 international acts: Mainstage

– 2 international acts: WAN2 / A38

– 2 international acts: Rockstage

– 2 international live acts: Party Arena + all international DJs

20 thoughts on “Some interesting programme news

  1. Oke, only 5 more main stage acts, but how big wil the main stage artist be? Wil there be head liners with them?

  2. there are two different bands: “Rada” (Ukraine) and “Rada & Ternovnik” (Russia). Here ( ) wrote that on Sziget will play ukrainian band Rada. But on the French official site wrote about russian band Rada & Ternovnik.

    i think that on Sziget will play ukrainian band. About it also written here ( but before here was also written about Rada & Ternovnik)

  3. My guess is that Toy Dolls, K.I.Z., Lyapis Trubetskoy, Subsonica, Death Valley Screamers and / or Rada & Ternovik will be the opening acts. Faithless, Muse and Iron Maiden are definitely headliners…

    This way we should get two more headliners (I think 30stm will be a co-head) and three medium-sized bands.

  4. @chudo_pahan:

    You just made my day! I really couldn’t believe that the russian band was set to play on the mainstage! 😉

  5. @chudo_pahan: it’s strange that you can’t find too much reference on the Rada Rada Romanovskaya they mention on the site. Or maybe it’s just that we don’t speak Russian…
    @Mellowmaniac: Kasabian could be a co-head, too…

  6. The ukrainian Rada band would definitely fit better! 😉

    Concerning co-heads: I think 30stm and Kasabian are 99% co-heads. The Hives, The Specials and Billy Talent could be co-heads. The Specials seem to be co- heads very likeley

  7. Just looking at The Gaslight Anthem’s schedule and they have nothing planned between the 13th & 19th August where they are playing in Germany & Austria, possibly they could be added to the line-up? 😀

  8. Chances that Gaslight Anthem will come to Sziget are close to none: They are playing festivals on 11., 13., 14. and 15.08.

  9. yeah, but TGA won’t travel from Norway to Sziget, and then back to Western part of Germany.

    anyway why are these noname bands doing the main stage? this is a joke.

  10. Raised Fist are playing Pukkelpop, might be a (great imo) rumour for this year’s Sziget..

  11. Sziget France (Facebook) just announced bands for Meduza:

    – D-Bridge
    – Insta:mental
    – SP MC
    – Aeroplane
    – 3D Disco
    – Baskerville
    – Flore feat. Rodney P
    – Smokeeaters

    (no surprises)

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