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Spotify has a surprising all-time number one

Last month, music-streaming app Spotify released a peculiar number one song in the form of ‘Lean On’, which was performed by Major Lazer. The song was a huge hit in the U.S., New Zealand, Australia, and pretty much everywhere in Europe.

What makes the song’s feat amazing is that the global phenomenon had not only surpassed Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking Out Loud’ to be the “most streamed song” last month on Spotify, but its speed in accumulating hits in just a short time was nothing short of astounding. Sheeran’s ‘Thinking Out Loud’ was released in 2014. ‘Lean On’ was featured on Spotify this year but it has over 100,000 more plays than Sheeran’s flagship song.

Proof of Major Lazer’s massive success was his invitation to this year’s prestigious Sziget Festival in the Hajogyar Shipyard in Budapest. He, along with major artists around the world, performed at the 7-day island festival, which is one of the biggest and longest music events in Europe. Major Lazer performed on the sixth day of the event.

Spotify is one of the most popular music apps around the world due to the fact that it makes music more accessible to the public. iTunes may allow people to purchase mp3-format songs for $0.99 each but Spotify allows users unrestricted access to millions of songs for less than a $5 subscription per month. Apps like Spotify are one of the reasons why mobile usage today is in high demand, as well as the cause for the shift in consumer needs from laptops to handheld devices, as asserted by Gaming Realms – an expert in software development intended for online consumption. With Spotify, people don’t need to visit a shop and buy CDs anymore as they can simply stream and download the music for less.

Do you think Spotify will be an industry leader still in 10 years time and continue to shape how we consume music?

33 thoughts on “Spotify has a surprising all-time number one

  1. Congratulations!! There’s probably better but I had so much fun that I can’t say that they don’t deserve it 🙂

  2. The 2014’s lineup was huge -> Won Best Major Festival
    The 2015’s organization was perfect (with a weaker lineup) -> Wins Best Lineup

    What the fuck?

    Anyway congratulations to Sziget management for both Sziget e Volt prizes.

  3. I’m sure you haters have a better festival with better festival, yes? No. Besides, awards are based on voting and voting is done by people. Simple.

  4. not a hater, but a big fan of sziget, been there six times. but last year I visited werchter instead. nothing to compare with sziget. and that’s just sad.

  5. Werchter beats Sziget on the lineup, Sziget beats Werchter on every other aspect. That’s it. If Sziget would put all the money in just 3 stages lasting only 4 days and increasing the price of almost everything, I’m sure could put on an even better lineup than Werchter. But that’s the point. If you’re lucky and have the possibility of doing more than one festival you can do both a festival based only on music (like Werchter) and Sziget, if you can’t you have to choose between concerts and overall experience. When I was younger and I could only do one festival I just went to Sziget, now that I can afford more than one festival I also do Primavera Sound for the extraordinary variety of it’s lineup and Sziget for the experience itself. Actually this year I’ll also go to Sónar, Rock Fest (another festival in Barcelona, just metal), Balaton Sound and Sos 4.8. But if I had to chose just one festival to go I’d definitely chose Sziget without a doubt.

  6. If you look at the line-up of the new Best Major European Festival, which is Untold Festival, you’ll see that it was really crap.

  7. Bender, I totally agree, but then you have only one week to spend on festivals, like me, you must choose:) if sziget had a line-up like it was 5-7 years ago, it will be okay, but last years for me it’s too weird. don’t like any dj’s on stage or edm acts.

  8. That’s the point. Is better to spend 3 days running from a stage to another or 7 days with less concerts to see but a whole island to live? For me the second option beats the first without a doubt when you really have to chose. And ok, I agree when you say there’s to much EDM at Sziget, but without Avicii I’d probably have never seen The Gaslight Anthem in their last tour, for example. I had a very good alternative 🙂

  9. it’s four days and yes, for me it is better, than just hang on an island:) yes, if you are there for the first, second or third time, it is interesting and fun, but after six years it is always the same, good, but same. so I really want to concentrate on bands I like, instead of finding that sziget feeling. also have been for five years in roskilde camping, so nothing new to discover in that area. to be honest, never been in tent on an island, but nearby cheap hostel, but with bed, shower and toilet:) it’s too hot for me, to try sleeping in the tent in hungary. not used to temperatures like that. no hard feelings!:)

  10. It doesnt smell like quickly news here…or? The last anouncement was from 4 weeks ago….

    Nothing new here…john???

  11. Volt: Slayer ? Damien Rice ? SIGMA live ? GusGus

    nothing interesting for me

    so Sziget will announce new names next week?

  12. Don’t worry… Rammstein will come to Sziget 🙂
    primavera, nos alive announcing tonight/tomorrow, also a few other festivals (cactus in belgium, field day). We will have some names in january 🙂

  13. Sad for Slayer, would love to see em live for once in my life. But I also think Sziget will never call a thrash-death metal band in this actual meta

  14. “A North American jaunt is expected to take place in July.” (about Radiohead). source: consequenceofsound

  15. There’s more: “Everything in its Right Place” – Radiohead will be playing at ?#?NOSalive? on July 8th.

  16. Radiohead would be huge and it would totally fit in the shape that it seems they wanna give to sziget this year (you know, like the Indie pop the last year, this one seems more focused on lo-fi, shoegaze, noise music, with Sigur Ros, M83 and even Chvrches, in such a way)

  17. I think that Sigur Ros and M83 are one-offs… unfortunately. We should have the end show by next announcement (Tiesto or Dimitri Vegas or Hardwell).
    I’d rather have Fatboy Slim, Faithless or The Chemical Brothers for the DJ spots.

  18. Moderat already have a Budapest date in April, but they’ll be playing in Germany during Sziget week, so I expect a late announcement for them, like in May or early June.

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